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    Published February 2, 2019

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ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Folding Camp Chair Review

ALPS and Coleman sit atop the world of camping chairs for both adults and toddlers alike. Specifically, the ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous Folding Camp Chair. First and foremost, this is our pick for the most valuable camping chair available. Given the price, no other chair performs at this level. Nor can they provide the durability, convenience, and comfortability. So look no further if you are a bargain hunter!

Now, this is more than just a great camping chair. Due to the low design, it is perfect for a number of different events. This includes outdoor concerts, outdoor sporting events, lounging in the backyard, and trips to the beach. So this is a good chair for campers that love staying near the beach. That way, you enjoy the best of both worlds.

The lightweight design delivers impressive support and strength. The maximum weight capacity for this chair is 300 pounds. Obviously, this is more than enough weight for most campers. Plus, this type of strength creates a very comfortable chair. Meanwhile, you still get to sit down low to the ground.

What is the difference between this type of low to the ground design and a normal chair design? The answer is simple. A low center of gravity creates more stability. Your body weight is closer to the ground and thus, it is less likely to fall over or topple over. This keeps you safe and comfy at all times. So there are some real advantages to a low center of gravity camping chair!

A unique feature in this chair is the TechMesh fabric. Basically, there is a large mesh strip in the back of this chair. Mesh material is known for its breathability. Every little hole allows airflow both in and out. Therefore, you enjoy a slight breeze or a nice and strong source of cool air. Get comfortable in even the hottest months. After all, camping usually takes place during the summer season.

There are two remaining features to highlight. First, the compact folding design is wondrous. Setting up at the campsite is not easy. There are plenty of moving parts. For example, you must set up the tent before anything else. Then, you get into all of the extra camping gear. Likewise, tearing down is just as arduous. Therefore, buying a chair built with a compact design is wise. Plus, the simple folding design it’s quick and easy. Not to mention there is a nice carrying bag included!

Finally, this chair delivers on the most important aspect of any camping chair. The high-quality material is absolutely amazing. Again, do not let the low-profile design fool you. The powder-coated steel frame rests underneath your chair. This is the source of all strength.

As mentioned earlier, there is no other camping chair more valuable than this. Save money and get a premier product all at once. That way, you can put money towards all of your other camping gear. Remember, this low-profile is good for both adults and the youth!

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