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Best Sleeping Bags for Babies (Review & Buying Guide)

Marquebaby Unisex Baby Sleeping Bag

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    Published March 17, 2019


  • Best Sleeping Bags for Babies (Review & Buying Guide)

  • #1 - Kyte BABY Sleeping Bag

  • #2 - Footmuff Baby Sleeping Bag for Stroller

  • #3 - Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Sleeping Bag

  • #4 - Woolino Baby Sleep Bag Sack

  • #5 - ECORE Stretchy Sleeping Bag

  • #6 - Marquebaby Unisex Baby Sleeping Bag

  • #7 - Baby DeeDee Khaki Sleeping Bag

  • #8 - Berocia Waterproof Universal Baby Sleeping Bag

  • #9 - BABYINABAG Sleeping Bag Winter Model

  • #10 - Lemonda Winter Outdoor Tour Sleeping Bag

There is a lot of stress that comes with a newborn baby. This includes caring for the baby yourself on top of scheduling appointments with a pediatrician. Not to mention all of the sleepless nights you occur. Get ready for a full work day on 0 hours of sleep. It is bound to happen. But, it will not always be this way. Especially when you transition from swaddling to normal sleep. Traveling with a baby does require certain gear. Like one of the best sleeping bags for babies on the market. Lucky for you, The Camping Chair tests all camping products to find nothing but the best. So find one of the best baby sleeping bags from our recommendations below:

10 Best Sleeping Bags for Babies

  • 1

    Kyte BABY Sleeping Bag

The Kyte BABY sleeping bag stands tall over all other options for a number of reasons. First, this is a safe and adjustable bag. The design provides safe positioning for children to grow. In particular, this can promote healthy hip development.

Now, the best part is that there are three tog ratings available. We will discuss tog in detail in our Factor of Focus section. But, this particular sleeping bag offers the following ratings: 0.5, 1.0, and 2.5. Thus, you can easily find the right tog rating for your camping trip!

Key Features:

  • Easy To Use Design

  • Soft Bamboo Material

  • Tog Rating: 1.0

  • Ages Available: 0 Months - 3 Years


Brand:  Kyte Baby
Model:  1401OC2
Weight:  4 oz

  • 2

    Footmuff Baby Sleeping Bag for Stroller

This Footmuff sleeping bag is very special. Why? It is a sleeping bag that fits onto a stroller. Now, check the specifications before purchase. Make sure it fits your stroller. If so, then this might be the best baby sleeping bag for you.

The versatility is seamless and super convenient. Meanwhile, the sleeping bag material itself is wondrous. The waterproof design on the exterior withstands the conditions of camping. On the inside, soft premium coral velvet lining keeps babies comfortable for better rest.

Key Features:

  • Machine Washable

  • Waterproof Design

  • Coral Fleece Lining

  • Ages Available: 6 Months - 3 Years


Brand:  Footmuff
Model:  BSB03-1
Weight:  1.5 lbs

  • 3

    Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Sleeping Bag

The cocoon shape of this sleeping bag delivers unparalleled comfort. Toddlers sleep all through the night without any issues. Mostly due to the 100% polyester filling. This material is comfortable, yes. Most importantly, it is super durable!

The inside features more than that polyester material. Instead, there is a soft quilted interior matched by a 100% cotton exterior. Not to mention the super soft, Italian-made polar fleece. Best of all, shoulder straps keep them safe. Customers on Amazon love this particular sleeping, according to the overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Key Features:

  • Wearable Duvet Blanket Design

  • Multiple Sizes Available

  • Winter Tog Rating: 2.5

  • Ages Available: 0 Months - 36 Years


Brand:  Baby Deedee
Model:  212
Weight:  12.6 oz

  • 4

    Woolino Baby Sleep Bag Sack

Woolino is more than a cool name for a sleeping bag brand. Instead, they create a sleeping bag unlike any other. This comes from the 100% Australian Merino wool. This wool is all-natural and is absolutely lush. Best of all, this material is completely hypo-allergenic for any children with allergies.

Find three sizes available on Amazon. Meanwhile, there is a Merino lining that delivers in all seasons. So you do not need to worry about buying multiple bags for the winter and summer. The Woolino Baby Sleep Bag Sack has just what you need all year long.

Key Features:

  • Hypo-Allergenic Design

  • Merino Wool

  • Year-Round Design

  • Ages Available: 0 Months - 3 Years


Brand:  Woolino
Model:  BasicSS0-6moGray
Weight:  1.17 lbs

  • 5

    ECORE Stretchy Sleeping Bag

Sleeveless designs are best for the summer time. In particular, this ECORE Stretchy sleeping bag is ideal for the hot summer. Think about it. It is no different from you wearing a sleeveless t-shirt. There is more airflow and the design is much more breathable.

Micro-fiber material combines together with a 6% spandex design. As a result, this sleeping bag is stretchy so babies can move. After all, babies love to move around.

Key Features:

  • 6% Spandex Material

  • Soft Design

  • Tog Rating: 1.0

  • Ages Available: 0 - 18 Months


Brand:  ECORE
Model:  606321946371
Weight:  8.8 oz

  • 6

    Marquebaby Unisex Baby Sleeping Bag

The Marquebaby Unisex baby sleeping bag is made of 100% Cotton lining, 75% Cotton, and 25% Polyester shell. This is a wonderful combination of durable and soft material. Meanwhile, the sleeveless design delivers exceptional breathability for warm summer nights.

Machine wash this sleeping bag at any given moment. It is no different than washing your normal clothes. But, the best part is near the bottom. There is a simple to use a zipper that starts at the bottom. That way, you can change a diaper without taking the entire sleeping bag off. Due to this convenience, we recommend this as one of the best sleeping bags for babies.

Key Features:

  • 100% Cotton Lining

  • Design Allows Easy Diaper Changing

  • Breathable Design

  • Ages Available: 0 - 18 Months


Brand:  Marquebaby
Model:  M11
Weight:  11.2 oz

  • 7

    Baby DeeDee Khaki Sleeping Bag

Baby Deedee already landed on our list once before, no surprise it pops up again. This time, this is a special baby duvet design. Therefore, there is a lightly quilted design that is ridiculously comfortable. Not to mention the special cocoon shape that comfortably wraps up children!

Want a helpful design during a dark night at the campsite? This sleeping bag is best for you. Include a glow in the dark zipper for easy accessibility. This is handy during a pinch when you need to change a diaper at night at the campsite!

Key Features:

  • All Seasonal Designs Available

  • Duvet Blanket Design

  • Tog Ratings: 0.6 to 2.5

  • Ages Available:


Brand:  Baby DeeDee
Model:  205
Weight:  15.8 oz

  • 8

    Berocia Waterproof Universal Baby Sleeping Bag

Another super versatile baby sleeping bag for travelers. This Berocia sleeping bag comes with a 210 waterproof encryption cloth. Therefore, the sleeping bag can stand up to the various elements. Best of all, the design fits nearly 99% of all strollers. Check the specifications to make sure!

Adjust the sleeping bag position in a stroller with the double shoulder strap perforation. Plus, the zipper starts at the bottom. As a result, you can easily change a diaper without any hassle.

Key Features:

  • Simple Zipper Design

  • Durable Material

  • Attaches To Stroller

  • Ages Available: 1 & Up


Brand:  Berocia
Model:  611536931975
Weight:  1.19 lbs

  • 9

    BABYINABAG Sleeping Bag Winter Model

This is the best sleeping bags for babies during the winter. Look no further than the tog rating of 2.5. This is absolutely impressive and delivers wondrous warmth all throughout the winter. Not to mention that there is a 100% jersey cotton inner lining and a 100% woven cotton outer shell.

The superior fit of this sleeping bag comes from the adjustable armholes. Baby's arms hang out the sides so there is no constraint. Even the fold-flat design comes in handy for diaper changing situations.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Arm Holes

  • Medium & Large Sizes Available

  • Tog Rating: 2.5

  • Ages Available: 10 Months - 3 Years


Model:  857635001700
Weight:  1 lbs

  • 10

    Lemonda Winter Outdoor Tour Sleeping Bag

Lastly, we recommend the Lemonada Waterproof sleeping bag. This is another super versatile option that fits right into the stroller. As always, check the specifications on the Amazon page. That way, you know which stroller it fits and does not fit.

Fleece fabric is all throughout the interior. On the outside, there is 210 waterproof encryption cloth. Thus, this sleeping bag delivers comfortability and a long lifetime of durability. Not to mention that it comes at a relatively fair price!

Key Features:

  • 210 Waterproof Encryption

  • Fleece For Soft & Warm Feeling

  • 100% Safe & Adjustable Design

  • Ages Available: 1 Year & Up


Brand:  Lemonda
Model:  636946286170
Weight:  1.21 lbs

Sleeping Bags for Babies Buying Guide

Some of the best sleeping bags for babies are versatile and can even fit in a stroller!
Some of the best sleeping bags for babies are versatile and can even fit in a stroller!

Why Buy Sleeping Bags for Babies?

As discussed earlier, there is plenty of stress surrounding how to raise your baby. This even includes the proper sleeping position. Unfortunately, some parents overlook the importance of the right sleeping position. Unsafe sleeping can be catastrophic. But, there are a few ways to properly protect children at night. Like getting them a sleeping bag for safety.

Generally speaking, experts recommend babies sleep right on their backs. No other position is safe for them. Not their tummy and not their side. Also, do not share a bed with them. Instead, get them a sleeping bag for traveling or even for their room. This provides them with a sleeping area that accommodates sleeping on the back. All the while, it can also keep them at the proper temperature.

It is imperative you pay attention to their temperature. Unlike you, a baby cannot automatically change their temperature. So they may overheat easily or even be incredibly cold. Look for the right sleeping bag for seasonal travel. We will discuss how to navigate this type of decision below in our Factors of Focus section!

Factors of Focus

1. Price

Always start with the price, no matter the product. After all, you are not responsible for buying just a sleeping bag. Babies can be expensive. You need to properly budget money for other essentials like diapers, baby wipes, formula, clothes, and so much more. Therefore, evaluate your budget. What is the most money you can part ways with? The answer determines your hard cap. Thus, you avoid overspending. If you have no budget, simply spend freely. Buy the best sleeping bag for your baby, regardless of the price.

2. Tog Rating

Tog ratings are not complex. Rather, the concept is super simple. This represents the overall thermal insulance, or thermal resistance, of the sleeping bag. Basically, this type of design reduces the flow of heat. Heat flow is a common cause of excessive, nighttime sweating for babies. In some cases, the results are harmful to the baby's health. So you need the right type of tog rating for a particular season.

Lucky for you, The Camping Chair always does all of the dirty work. So we have gathered enough information to help you understand tog ratings. First, start with the ideal tog rating for summer. Look for a 3.0 to 4.5 tog rating during the summertime. Second, the best spring and autumn rating is anywhere between 7.5 and 10.5 for the tog rating. Lastly, the ideal winter tog rating starts at 12.0 and ends at 13.5. See, it is not so difficult after all!

3. Size

Size is incredibly important. Think about size just like your own clothing size. Small clothing is tight and confines your body movement. This leads to incredible discomfort and unhappiness. On the other hand, large clothing hangs and is too much to deal with. Therefore, you need the right sized sleeping bag just like you need the right sized clothes. Again, you do not need to worry. Manufacturers usually deliver three sizes including small, medium, and large. All the while, they even provide age range recommendations too.

4. Material

Material, material, material. Make this your mantra. The material is important both on the inside and the outside. Look for exterior material that can stand up to the elements. This is key for any successful camping experience. Especially if it involves a waterproof exterior design. On the inside, find something cool and comfortable. Fleece and cotton are some of the best choices in our humble opinion.

5. Versatility

As you know by now, versatility can be advantageous. Like the versatility that comes from a sleeping bag that fits in the stroller. This adaptability is great for long hikes during a camping trip. Likewise, it works wonders during morning walks with your baby!

Camping with your baby is super easy with the right equipment and gear.
Camping with your baby is super easy with the right equipment and gear.

Final Advice On Best Sleeping Bags For Babies

There are so many benefits that come from finding the right sleeping bag for your baby. It makes camping so much easier and so much more convenient. It might even improve your everyday life too. The sleeping bag becomes an ideal area for sleeping even during the day. Babies grow to love sleeping in their little sleeping bag for an afternoon nap. Best of all, you will enjoy the convenience too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is Swaddling?

A: Some parents prefer to start with swaddling. This involves wrapping children up in blankets so they cannot move. No, this is no form of punishment. Rather, it is a simple way to restrict movement which is often a source of nighttime danger for babies. Some parents do not like swaddling at all. It is all up to you. Regardless, you can still end up in the same position: using a sleeping bag. There is plenty of information on how to transition from swaddling to sleeping in a sleeping bag.

Q: Can They Sleep In A Sleeping Bag Anywhere?

A: Generally, yes. But, it is best to start them off inside. Give them a safe little space on a bed. Put them in the sleeping bag and see how it goes. This simple training process better acclimates them to the future of their sleeping situation. Maybe they will fuss at first. Over time, they will not fuss as much!

Q: What Is The Best Way To Keep My Baby Cool In A Sleeping Bag?

A: Put them in new clothes before night and provide ventilation. If inside, this is less of a worry. You can simply get them a breathable sleeping bag and they will be okay. However, camping is obviously a bit different. As we discussed earlier, look at the weather forecast for your camping trip. Likewise, take into consideration the season too. Find the right tog rating for your particular season.

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