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Camping With A Bad Back: The Do’s & Don’ts

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published March 17, 2019

Back pain bothers so many Americans. Worse, it hinders some Americans lives. According to the American Chiropractic Association, 50% of all working Americans state they deal with back pain every single year. Furthermore, many Americans no longer participate in previous activities due to this back pain. Unfortunately, this includes camping. But, this is not right. Especially when camping with a bad back is possible. Read through the do’s and don’t below to learn all about camping and coping with a bad back.

Do Pack The Right Gear

First and foremost, think about your back pain or get a professional evaluation. Is it bad posture? Unfortunately, bad posture is often a source of back pain. Luckily, this is fixable. Especially when you buy the right type of bad back camping chair. Why? Because this camping chair features lumbar support. Lumbar support is going to be your new best friend!

Lumbar support is found in all of the best camping chair for your bad back. Why? Lumbar support actively reshapes your posture. In turn, this alleviates and lessens back pain. All the while, you can also take a good camping bed for your bad back. This design helps reduce the stress on your lower back. After all, camping requires a lot of energy. You need restful sleep and a healthy back!

Camping with back pain takes lots of preparation and the proper camping equipment.
Camping with back pain takes lots of preparation and the proper camping equipment.

Do Stretch Frequently & Take Breaks

Long car rides cause discomfort for everyone. Let alone causing discomfort in your bad back. Take frequent stops during a long road trip. Get out of the car. Stretch out your bad back and loosen up. Do not confine yourself into the car the entire time. Switch off on driving duties with your friend or partner. Arriving at the campsite with bad back pain is worst case scenario.

Second, take proper breaks during the camping trip. Do not go too crazy on the first day. Instead, properly plan out your trip. Spread out the intense physical activity over the entire trip. That way, you spend a certain amount of time every day hiking, swimming, and more. Then, balance out this time every day with low-key activities. This includes simple walks, laying down, and taking it easy!

Camping With A Bad Back: Do Not Pack Too Much

Overpacking is the easiest path to back pain. Especially amongst the alpha males in the family. Do not overdo it. This is going to really hurt your back and ruin the camping trip. Instead, pack cautiously and be mindful of your body. This is easier than you think. Especially once you consider the essentials.

Sure, you need all of the normal equipment. This includes your own camping chair. However, this can also include a toddler camping chair or a toddler camping bed. Experts recommend a bag that is anywhere between 10% and 15% of your body weight. That way, it is not overbearing and too heavy. Remember, you need to carry equipment like a camping chair with shade or a reclining camping chair.

Do Not Become Dehydrated

Yes, this seems very obvious. However, people often suffer through dehydration without realizing it. Especially during long camping trips with your family. After all, you are responsible for more than yourself. Why is dehydration dangerous?  Small discs in the spine are made of nearly 75% water. Over time, less water shrinks the performance of these small discs.

Less water in the discs causes them to shrink, physically. The disc location is right in between every other vertebra. Each disc soaks up the impact of daily wear and tear. As a result, dehydration can easily trigger some serious back pain. This certainly includes long days at the campsite and long days on the hiking trail. Pack the proper amount of water and protect yourself!

Back pain strikes anywhere at anytime. Ease the pain by simply drinking lots of water!
Back pain strikes anywhere at anytime. Ease the pain by simply drinking lots of water!

Do Not Lift Too Much At Once

Again, this is obvious on the surface. But, it is an easy aggravation of back pain. One lift of heavy items and your back is done for. Be careful and cautious. Lift slowly, carefully, and do not do too much. Balance out unpacking and setting up with frequent stretches. Pack a back brace if you own it. Remember, this camping trip is more than one day. So pace yourself and do not go all out in the first day!

Closing Words On Camping With Back Pain

Back pain should not stop you from camping. Instead, you can work through the back pain. But, check with a physician before planning your trip. They can provide recommendations for your back along with helpful stretching tips. Pack the right gear and protect your body!

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