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Camping with Toddlers Sleeping: Do’s & Don’ts

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 18, 2019

Sleep is a vital part of everyone’s life. This is true for adults both old and young. However, sleep is particularly important for young toddlers. Even on long camping trips away from home. Experts recommend up to 13 hours of sleep a day for kids until they reach a minimum age of 3. They even recommend nearly 11 hours for children between the ages of 6 and 13. As a result, parents long for tips on camping with toddlers sleeping and more.

Now, toddlers sleeping during a camping trip is not rocket science. Instead, it takes patience and determination. Furthermore, it requires proper gear like a toddler camping bed and a toddler camping chair. Then, you can apply some of the tips below to help out the sleeping process with toddlers. Learn all about the do’s and don’ts.

Camping With Toddlers Sleeping: Pick A Spot

Your tent or their own tent? This is a big decision to make. Now, wait until they are of the proper age for this. Young toddlers that are only 2 years old should not be by themselves. But, eventually, they can sleep in their own tent. Wait until the time is right for this. You do not want to rush through the process.

Are they sleeping in your tent? If so, size matters. A small tent bothers more than just the baby. A small tent bothers you. Sure, your toddler might get a restful night of sleep. But you will not. Make sure the tent is big enough for your own camping bed, your camping chair, and more. After all, you might have to make room for your dog’s camping chair!

Camping with toddlers sleeping might be tough at first. But, it gets better with time!

Do Not Get Upset

Toddlers are fussy. It happens. They are even fussy in your own home and in their own bed. So imagine what it is like during their first camping experience. They are not only away from home. They are away from their bed. The one place that they sleep in, no matter what. This leads to potentially sleepless nights and more. Just relax and take it one second at a time.

Parents calm down their kids more than anyone else. So keep a calm demeanor while camping. Are they homesick? Bring some of their favorite toys. Bring some of their favorite snacks. Little actions like this go a long way. It will calm their nerves and their separation anxiety being away from their home!

Do Keep Them Warm

Warmth, warmth, warmth. Make this your mantra. Sure, it may not be super chilly for you. But, children and toddlers are so much smaller. Thus, they do not have as much natural body heat. Pack accordingly based on your locations. Remember, even hot areas get cold at night. Summertime is the most popular time of the year to camp. It is also a time of the year where the temperature can dip when the sun sets. Always provide your child with as much warmth as necessary.

There are two keys when it comes to warmth. One involves clothing. The second involves the sleeping arrangement. Provide them with a great toddler bed. This comfortable sleeping space puts them to bed. Keep them close too. It will let them feel the warmth of you and your partner. Plus, it helps them feel safe and secure during the night.

Warm clothing makes a big difference. Check the weather at the campgrounds. Pack warm wool clothing if necessary for the night time. You don’t need to get ready if you are always ready. Therefore, a successful camping trip all rests within the planning process!’

Do Tire Them Out

Camping activities are a great tool for wearing out toddlers. Play all day and provide them with proper rests. Then, nighttime sleeping becomes super easy. They are less cranky and less anxious. Plus, they fall right asleep in the bed. As a result, we encourage parents to plan fun outdoor activities.

If they do stay up a bit late, spend time with them. Remember, this is a camping trip. Not a boot camp. Late night hangouts with parents can create an unbreakable bond. Plus, it creates unforgettable moments too!

Camping with toddlers and getting them to sleep takes time, patience, and lots of hard work!
Camping with toddlers and getting them to sleep takes time, patience, and lots of hard work!

Final Advice

Again, we cannot reiterate this enough. Be patient and take your time. Toddlers do not sleep well on the first night of their camping trip. They may not even sleep well during the entire first trip. But, things get better with time and repetition!

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