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Comfy Camping Beds (Review & Buying Guide)

Etekcity Upgraded Air Mattress

Wilpo Memory Foam Camping Mattress

Wilpo Memory Foam Camping Mattress

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    Published July 24, 2019


  • Comfy Camping Beds (Review & Buying Guide)

  • #1 - Etekcity Upgraded Air Mattress

  • #2 - Wilpo Memory Foam Camping Mattress

  • #3 - MOVTOTOP Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

  • #4 - OlarHike Queen Air Mattress

  • #5 - DRMOIS Oversized Camping Cot

  • #6 - Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

  • #7 - ANCHEER Folding Bed Camping Cot

  • #8 - Kamp-Rite Original Tent Cot Camping Bed for 1

  • #9 - KingCamp Double Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad Triple Zone with 2 Pillows

  • #10 - IFORREST Sleeping Pad with Armrest & Pillow

The past 20 years or so have been earth-shaking in terms of the way our everyday lives have changed. The advancement of technology, most notably the internet and mobile smart phones, has rendered much of our old lives out of date or out of style. One major thing that seems to have fallen a little bit to the wayside is camping. Though it still has its fair share of strong supporters (us included), in pop culture at large camping isn't quite what it used to be.

We believe part of the reason why lies with folks not wanting to leave their home comforts behind, even for a few days. Well, in many ways, you no longer have to. Finding comfortable camping beds is easier than it's ever been, with a huge variety of options available online. Take a look at this assortment of the best comfy camping beds money can buy, and you're sure to enjoy your next nature excursion even more than you already do.

Top 10 Comfy Camping Beds

  • 1

    Etekcity Upgraded Air Mattress

The key to finding the best option when shopping for comfy camping beds is striking the right balance between support and portability. Nobody wants to haul out a huge mattress out to the woods with them. That, among many other reasons, is why we've chosen the Etekcity Upgraded air mattress as our pick for the best comfy camping bed out there. With its incredibly easy to use air valve, reasonably compact size and high quality non-toxic tested material, this air mattress stands out to us as something we know we would love to bring with us camping. The mattress comes with a one year warranty that can be increased to two years by calling in and confirming your purchase, meaning you've got a few seasons of guaranteed use, and likely far longer. Don't pass up this excellent way to get a good night of rest while out camping with the family or a group of friends.

Key Features:

  • Includes Carrying Bag

  • Built-In 2-in-1 Valve

  • 1-2 Year Warranty

  • Weight Capacity: 650 lbs.


Brand:  Etekcity
Model:  E16
Weight:  15.9 lbs.

  • 2

    Wilpo Memory Foam Camping Mattress

For our premium pick, we've chosen a lightweight memory foam mattress that comes in three sizes for your convenience. This pad is light and incredibly easy to carry, store and transport, making it a fantastic option to bring along with you camping. The dense memory foam matches roll up tightly and are bound by straps, keeping them compact enough to squeeze along in the car or truck.

If you've got a back that gives you pain, it's understandable to want to steer clear of camping. But if you get a hold of one of the many comfy camping beds like this, we think you'll fall back in love with camping once again.

Key Features:

  • High Density Foam

  • Non-Slip Waterproof Bottom

  • Easy to Transport and Clean

  • 3 Sizes Available


Brand:  Wilpo
Model:  Single
Weight:  11.7 lbs.

  • 3

    MOVTOTOP Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

If you’re looking to grab one of the most comfy camping beds at a great value, look no further than this camping pad courtesy of manufacturer MOVTOTOP. With its ergonomic design and over an inch of soft foam padding, this light and sturdy camping pad is perfect to lay down on the floor of the tent along with a simple sleeping bag. If what you’re looking for is an inexpensive camping pad that will prevent you from having to sleep on the cold hard ground, we recommend going with this self-inflating camping pad, which also includes a 100% lifetime replacement guarantee from the manufacturer.

Key Features:

  • 1.2" Thick Ergonomic Foam

  • Water- and Tear-Resistant Material

  • Very Lightweight

  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty


Model:  M3
Weight:  2.8 lbs.

  • 4

    OlarHike Queen Air Mattress

Next up we have a queen sized air mattress from the company OlarHike, with an easy to use built-in air pump that makes this a standout choice despite not making our top three. The mattress includes a carrying bag and repair patches, making it perfect for camping, and features a two year return and refund warranty just in case something does happen to go wrong with it. The mattress is made using a thick and tough fabric, so you won’t likely have to worry about tears any time soon. If you need to sleep two in a large tent, this is a fantastic option for you.

Key Features:

  • Built-In Air Pump

  • Comfortable Velvet Top

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.


Brand:  OlarHike
Model:  Queen Air Mattress
Weight:  18.8 lbs.

  • 5

    DRMOIS Oversized Camping Cot

For many campers with back issues or sleeping problems, staying off the ground entirely is a more enticing proposition than staying put on the floor. That’s when cots come in handy, and we recommend taking a look at this large yet easy to transport oversized cot, perfect for your next camping excursion. Made with durable and comfy oxford fabric that’s rated at 1200D, this cot is breathable, easy to clean and is made with environmentally friendly materials! Setup is a breeze, so you won’t have to worry about struggling to get your bed set up while the rest of the group is out having fun.

Key Features:

  • Steel Tube Structure

  • Ergonomic Design

  • 1200D Oxford Fabric

  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.


Brand:  DRMOIS
Model:  Oversized Camping Cot
Weight:  15.8 lbs.

  • 6

    Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad

The Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad comes in next on our list, and it’s a totally reliable option for a lightweight camping pad that can pack down incredibly tightly so you can take it with you anywhere. For campers who like to pack light, this blow-up sleeping pad folds down to an extremely compact size, about the size of a water bottle. Despite all of that, the pad manages to deliver a comfortable sleeping experience that you can take with you into the most rugged of wildernesses. There’s also an included lifetime replacement guarantee, so you won’t need to worry about ruining your camping pad overnight.

Key Features:

  • Extremely Lightweight and Durable

  • 1.2" Thick

  • Heavy-Duty Ripstop Nylon Fabric

  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty


Brand:  Sleepingo
Model:  S1
Weight:  14.5 oz.

  • 7

    ANCHEER Folding Bed Camping Cot

Here we have another cot for your camping comfort, that packs up neatly into the included carrying case so you can pack your car most efficiently. This steel frame cot folds up like a breeze, making it easy to setup and store. With 600D polyester fabric and its x-frame design, this cot is a reliable option for you to use at home or on the go in a situation like camping. Avoid sleeping all over rocks and slanted ground even in your tent by propping yourself up off the ground. It’s sure to make for a better night of sleep than in just a sleeping bag.

Key Features:

  • Steel Frame

  • Carrying Bag Included

  • 600D Polyester

  • Weight Capacity: 260 lbs.


Model:  A17
Weight:  17 lbs.

  • 8

    Kamp-Rite Original Tent Cot Camping Bed for 1

For the self-sufficient survivalist types out there, we present to you this all-in-one tent and bed shelter that is perfect for the adventurous solo camper, or just somebody who likes a little bit of their own privacy. This shelter will protect you from light to moderate rain and functions like a cot that will provide you with a level of comfort you wouldn’t normally be able to find out in the woods, desert or mountains. This setup includes a one year manufacturer’s warranty, and comes in either gray or green varieties, giving you a little bit of choice when it comes to the style of your shelter.

Key Features:

  • Shelter Included

  • 84" Long

  • One Year Warranty

  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.


Brand:  Kamp-Rite
Model:  KR27
Weight:  26.6 lbs.

  • 9

    KingCamp Double Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad Triple Zone with 2 Pillows

If you want a firm but comfortable camping pad that offers support and relaxation for two, or one who tends to move around in their sleep a lot, we recommend this King Camp Triple Zone sleeping pad. The mixture of air and foam allows the pad to inflate on its own when you open up the air valves, so despite its generous size the pad folds up quite small, making it an ideal size to bring along on a camping trip to cover lots of space in your tent. If you’ve already got some comfortable sleeping bags, this is likely all you need to enjoy a night of good rest during your time spent camping.

Key Features:

  • Self-Inflating Foam

  • 75D Polyester

  • Carrying Bag and Repair Kit Included

  • 1.6" Thick


Brand:  KingCamp
Model:  KC10
Weight:  9.7 lbs.

  • 10

    IFORREST Sleeping Pad with Armrest & Pillow

Our final pick as one of the most comfy camping beds on the market is this sleeping pad that includes arm rests and a pillow. This air mattress pad is easy to blow up, folds down to a small size and is made from a strong material that should not succumb to the elements any time soon. If you’re not satisfied with hauling an air mattress around but want a similar level of comfort at a smaller size, take a look at this little beauty before you head out on your next trip.

Key Features:

  • Durable and Compact

  • Armrests and Pillow Included

  • 190T Polyester and Sponge Material

  • 100% Replacement Guarantee


Model:  IF3
Weight:  2.8 lbs.

Comfy Camping Beds Review & Buying Guide

With "glamping," you can go camping as extravagantly as you could possibly think of. Then again, is it really camping if you are not roughing it at least a little bit?
With "glamping," you can go camping as extravagantly as you could possibly think of. Then again, is it really camping if you are not roughing it at least a little bit?

The Benefits of Buying Comfy Camping Beds

There are a myriad of positive consequences of buying a new camping bed or sleeping pad to bring along with you the next time you and your family or friends plan a camping trip. For one, if you've ever suffered from back pain you know how bad it can ruin your day, and you know how important it is to have a proper comfortable place to rest.

Even if you don't deal with chronic or occasional back pain, sleeping on the ground without anything to support you is not healthy for your back, and why would you want to jeopardize the fun of your camping trip by having a sore back all day? You aren't cheating by getting yourself a nice place to rest on your trip. Nobody's saying you have to go as luxurious as the pictures above, but having a nice air mattress or foam pad will do wonders for your level of comfort at a reasonable cost in space.

Factors of Focus: Finding the Perfect Camping Bed

1.) Support

So what do you look for when you're on the hunt for comfy camping beds? The first thing you want to look for is a bed that's not too slim or flimsy. In a foam sleeping pad, you want at least a good inch of thickness off the ground, and with air mattresses you want to make sure they aren't prone to leaks and that they are adequately supportive. The best way to check up on this is to read customer reviews or follow our recommended picks.

2.) Mobility

With a camping bed, you want something that you'll be able to pack up and haul to your campsite without too much of a hassle. That means you're going to want something lightweight and ideally with some sort of carrying case or bag included. You can still get away with packing very lightly while bringing along a comfortable place to sleep at night.

3.) Size

Finally, you'll want to consider the size of bed you'll need. Is it for you, or you and someone else? How big is your tent? Do you want a larger mattress or a smaller camping pad? These are personal choices that will strongly affect which camping bed you end up going with. Don't buy something that's too big to fit in your tent!

There's nothing like waking up in the morning in a beautiful natural locale. Well, unless you don't have a comfortable place to sleep.
There's nothing like waking up in the morning in a beautiful natural locale. Well, unless you don't have a comfortable place to sleep.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully we've helped you narrow down your search through the many available options there are out there. We've given you some tips on how to pick out the best options available if any of our picks don't suit your fancy, but we think you'll find something for you among our list. Camping can be a serene and beautiful experience, as long as you provide the right self-care throughout your time there. Getting a nice and comfortable camping bed can be what reignites your love for camping, or takes it to another level. No more sleepless nights and grumpy mornings in pain. We're so excited that we're already planning for our next trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I choose between a camping pad, an air mattress or a cot?

A: It all comes down to personal needs and preference. Everyone has their own taste and prefers something different, but the most important part is having something to sleep on at all. A sleeping pad requires a sleeping bag, while a cot and air mattress require either a sleeping bag or blankets. Of course, you'll need a pillow no matter one. But as long as you have one of them, the rest comes down to personal choice.

Q: What's the best time of the year to go camping?

A: This answer depends on where you live and what you're looking for. Many people surprisingly go camping deep into the winter, but for most people that is not advisable. The best time to go camping is between the months of June and September, though you could probably get away with a May trip if you really wanted to. The farther south you go, the warmer weather you're likely to find!

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