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6 Fun Things To Do At Bonfires

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 18, 2019

Bonfires are a fun experience both away from home and right in your background. As a result, bonfires are a fun time for both adults and kids alike. Even those hard to please teenagers enjoy backyard bonfires. Not to mention a fun campfire experience at your campsite. But, you need to plan out some fun things to do at bonfires.

Remember, you are near a bonfire/campfire. So the activities are a bit limited. Furthermore, there is limited visibility. Luckily, there are a few fun activities that are super simple. Read below to learn how you can set up the best possible bonfire experience.

Cook Some Food

The easiest activity for a bonfire is also the most vital part of any bonfire: the food. You are already by a natural source of heat, the campfire or bonfire. So why not cook up some scrumptious food. After all, you are going to have to provide everyone with food anyways. Best of all, camping meals are generally pretty simple!

Avoid complex or difficult recipes. Stick to the basics. Get some hot dogs and sausage from the local store. You can even get burgers too.  Cook on the grill if the bonfire is in the backyard. If not, get some tinfoil and cook it over the fire with a makeshift grill!

Sausages are simple to cook but deliver in terms of taste!
Sausages are simple to cook but deliver in terms of taste!


Next up, a campfire and bonfire classic. There is not one person that does not like s’mores. This ranges from young children and toddlers to teenagers all the way up to grandma and grandpa. Therefore, s’mores are a no-brain in terms of fun things to do at bonfire. Best of all, it is relatively inexpensive.

Get skewers for anyone near the campfire. Put marshmallows onto one end of the skewer. Place that marshmallow over the fire. Then, cover it with a chocolate bar. Slide two graham crackers over the marshmallow and chocolate. There you have it! It is actually that easy!


Instructions are petty simple here. Especially in the year 2019. Back in the day, sing-alongs required a musician. Not anymore. Thanks to Bluetooth® speakers, this is easier than ever before. Teens sync their phones to the speaker. Then, they play all of their favorite music. All of the cool songs. Let them have fun. After all, you probably do not like the same type of music as your kids. Belting your jams might ruin the vibe and embarrass the kids!

Sing-alongs and music rank high among the fun things to do at bonfire.

Glow Stick Capture The Flag

Now, this is one of the more complex options out there. But, it is arguably the most fun activity. Especially for the youth. As a result, it is worth all of the work. Buy some glowsticks from the store. Then, use them as a flag. Capture the flag is relatively simple. Two teams want to capture each other’s flags. Divide up the group in two. Establish boundaries. This is best for the campsite where there is unlimited room.

Constellation Search

Stars are absolutely beautiful late at night. stargazing is beloved amongst all campers and outdoor enthusiasts. All the while, it captivates younger kids. Not to mention it is relaxing and calming. Enjoy casual conversations with your kids. Plus, your kids can chat with their friends.

Want to take things up a notch? Turn this into a game. Make a sheet for everyone near the bonfire. Create points for each constellation in the sky. Sit back in a camping chair and pick out constellations. Create a prize for the winner too. That provides plenty of fun and competition amongst friends and family.

Ghost Stories & Other Stories

Everyone loves stories. This is why people watch television. This is why people travel to the movies. People want a good story. Therefore, storytelling is a great idea for any campfire or bonfire scenario. However, it is one of the more difficult to pull off. Especially if are you a newcomer to telling a story.

First and foremost, find some good stories online. There are plenty of great stories out there. Second, practice telling stories. That way, you do not botch or butcher a scary ghost story. Finally, let your kids have fun. Maybe their stories are not great. Who cares? They will still enjoy themselves, regardless. Gather their toddler camping chairs around the campfire for some fun!

A bonfire provides a nice bonding experience between family members.
A bonfire provides a nice bonding experience between family members.

Parting Words On Fun Things To Do At Bonfire

At the end of the day, bonfires are remembered for being fun and relaxing. Adults, teens, and kids alike have memorable conversations and experiences. Bring the right gear and yummy food. Then, pick out fun activities.

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