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Youth Camping Chairs (Review & Buying Guide)

Appomattox Kids Hanging Pod Swing Chair with Pocket

Redmon KIDS ONLY Beach Baby Umbrella Chair with Matching Shoulder Bag

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    Published April 1, 2021


  • Youth Camping Chairs (Review & Buying Guide)

  • #1 - Coleman Kids Quad Chair

  • #2 - Appomattox Kids Hanging Pod Swing Chair with Pocket

  • #3 - Redmon KIDS ONLY Beach Baby Umbrella Chair with Matching Shoulder Bag

  • #4 - Toy To Enjoy Outdoor Dinosaur Chair for Kids

  • #5 - KABOER Kids Outdoor Unicorn Camping Chair

  • #6 - Wilcor Kid Folding Camp Chair

  • #7 - Melissa & Doug Cutie Pie Butterfly Camp Chair

  • #8 - Spider-Man Youth Folding Chair

  • #9 - Pacific Play Tents Emerald Green Kids Super Folding Chair

  • #10 - Pacific Play Tents Ruby Red Kids Super Folding Chair

Youth Camping Chairs
For most kids, camping trips can be so much fun. If you want to make sure your child has everything they need for their time in the wild, make sure to check out our guide on the best youth camping chairs. Everyone needs a place to sit, even kids!

Looking at the Best Youth Camping Chairs

For Americans, camping is one of the most iconic shared cultural experiences that we have. Millions of us head out into the wild every year to take part in this classic tradition. If you ask us, there are few better ways to relax and have a great time. Even kids can take part! However, if you plan on bringing children along with you camping, it's important to make sure you have all the right gear for them.

One of the most important items to bring along for a child is a place to sit. Adult camping chairs are quite common, and we wouldn't be surprised if you have a few lying around the house already. Not as many people have youth camping chairs, though. If you need to buy one, or a few, the process of looking can be a little annoying. There are just so many options out there, and not all of the chairs are excellent quality. That's where we come in.

At Campr Click, we know all about camping supplies and gear. Because of that, we're happy to share some of our very favorite camping chair options for kids. Take a look at our list below to get some ideas, and then stick around and read our buying guide for some additional advice!

Top 10 Youth Camping Chairs

  • 1

    Coleman Kids Quad Chair

There is one of these youth camping chairs that we believe holds a place above the others we've seen. It comes from Coleman, too, one of the most reliable makers of camping gear. This seat is great for boys and girls alike, with a glow in the dark design that everyone will love. It also features a reliable quad chair leg design that is sure to keep them upright and stable. There's even a safety lock with the frame, making sure the chair doesn't fold in or collapse while your little one is sitting in it. Truly, it wasn't hard to come to the conclusion that this is the strongest option out there for families who plan on camping soon.

Key Features:

  • Glow in the Dark Design

  • Locking Steel Frame

  • Durable 600D Polyester Material

  • Recommended Weight Capacity: 160 lbs.


Brand:  Coleman
Model:  B01D4W6310
Weight:  3.7 lbs.

  • 2

    Appomattox Kids Hanging Pod Swing Chair with Pocket

If your child is unique, you might want to get them a camping chair that is just as one-of-a-kind as they are! This seat from Appomattox Kids has to hang from a reliable point, but offers a fun and interesting way to relax. There's a storage pocket inside, allowing your child to keep their favorite books, toys or other small items close by. It also features an inflatable seat cushion for extra comfort. Additionally, the hanging straps have been reinforced to ensure they don't tear. As long as you know there is a good place for you to hang this seat from, go ahead and pick it up for your next family trip!

Key Features:

  • Reinforced Hanging Straps

  • Features Useful Storage Pocket

  • Blow Up Seat Cushion

  • Recommended Weight Capacity: 170 lbs.


Brand:  Appomattox Kids
Model:  B07SVKNM3G
Weight:  3.1 lbs.

  • 3

    Redmon KIDS ONLY Beach Baby Umbrella Chair with Matching Shoulder Bag

There's only one chair that we could justifiably say offers the best value, and it's this pick from manufacturer Redmon. For a great low price, not only will you get a reliable camping chair for your son or daughter, but it even includes a sun shade umbrella! Whether sitting at the campsite or on the beach, it could come in handy to have one of these protecting them from the sun. The chair includes safety locks, arm rests, a cup holder and much more. We believe your child will definitely be excited if you pick up this chair for them to use on your trip.

Key Features:

  • Removable Umbrella

  • Includes Convenient Cup Holder

  • Easy to Transport with Matching Carrying Bag

  • Recommended for Ages 2-5


Brand:  Redmon
Model:  B01MY0J3O2
Weight:  3 lbs.

  • 4

    Toy To Enjoy Outdoor Dinosaur Chair for Kids

What young boy doesn't love dinosaurs? Even many girls find these extinct creatures fascinating, so this chair could be for either gender depending on your child's interests! The eye-catching design is one that we think kids will latch onto, wanting to sit in this seat long after you come home from your camping trip. Beyond its design, it also has all the other bases covered, with its reliable frame, premium fabric and more. There are even small flaps that protect your child's legs against accidentally getting pinched in the frame.

Key Features:

  • Tear-Resistant Fabric with Reinforced Stitching

  • Tough Metal Frame

  • Compact and Easy to Store

  • Cup Holder and Carrying Bag Included


Brand:  Toy To Enjoy
Model:  B087KQRB9S
Weight:  2.7 lbs.

  • 5

    KABOER Kids Outdoor Unicorn Camping Chair

Dinosaurs not your child's thing? What about unicorns instead? This chair offers a bright and colorful design, along with reliable construction that you can count on to keep your child safe and comfortable. It features a heavy-duty steel frame, cup holder, upright chair back positioning and more. Plus, it's super lightweight and easy to carry around. Show a picture of this chair to your little one. If they like it, feel free picking it up for your future camping outings. It's sure to get plenty of use around the campfire and more!

Key Features:

  • Oxford Fabric and Steel Frame

  • Mesh Cup Holder

  • Quad Leg Design for Stability

  • Recommended Weight Capacity: 225 lbs.


Brand:  KABOER
Model:  B07G2MZ5LF
Weight:  3 lbs.

  • 6

    Wilcor Kid Folding Camp Chair

Is there any chair more fitting for a camping trip than this adorable black bear seat? It's the right size for kids from the age of 2 all the way up to 6, allowing you to keep this chair around for years. It offers a pretty standard design compared to most camping chairs you'll find, except built for a child. It may not be the most comfortable seat around, but it does plenty to offer support and a place to rest. One of the only issues to be aware of is that some customers have a problem dealing with the folding mechanism of the chair. Apart from that, you should be in for smooth sailing!

Key Features:

  • High Strength Steel Chair Frame

  • Includes Carrying Bag

  • Durable Nylon Fabric

  • Recommended Weight Limit: 125 lbs.


Brand:  Wilcor
Model:  B0733DKVBH
Weight:  3.2 lbs.

  • 7

    Melissa & Doug Cutie Pie Butterfly Camp Chair

Next up we have another one of our favorite youth camping chairs. This butterfly-themed chair has a quad-style frame that offers up excellent stability. Additionally, you'll easily be able to wipe down the fabric if there's a spill, allowing it to stay clean even when away from home. It offers a cup holder along with an included carrying bag, and it should be light enough for your little one to carry it on their own. With great reviews online, you can feel confident picking this up for your child.

Key Features:

  • Very Easy to Keep Clean

  • Colorful Design Kids Will Love

  • Sturdy and Stable

  • Recommended for Ages 3-4


Brand:  Melissa & Doug
Model:  B07Y3VLW8K
Weight:  3.2 lbs.

  • 8

    Spider-Man Youth Folding Chair

For many years, Spider-Man has been one of Marvel's most popular heroes. He's as much of a hit with kids today as he was 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years ago. If your child is a massive Spidey fan, they will definitely love sitting in this camping chair. It has everything you'd expect out of youth camping chairs, including arm rests, a cup holder and stable design courtesy of its steel frame. It even includes a matching carrying bag, so your child can also feel like a superhero!

Key Features:

  • Official Spider-Man Design

  • Reliable Steel Chair Frame

  • Features Matching Transport Bag

  • Recommended Weight Capacity: 100 lbs.


Brand:  Disney
Model:  B007P62IB6
Weight:  2.6 lbs.

  • 9

    Pacific Play Tents Emerald Green Kids Super Folding Chair

Sometimes, simplicity is elegance. If you don't want to go for anything too fancy for a camping chair, this option from Pacific Play Tents should do the trick. It's a single shade of green, and does everything it needs to as a camping chair for kids. It's a great size, and is plenty stable with its steel frame. The textured chair feet will even help keep the seat in place. It's nice and easy to set up, so there won't be any worries there. Overall, it's a good choice if your child doesn't care too much about the design.

Key Features:

  • Kid-Sized and Great Value

  • Cross-Woven Polyester Fabric

  • Includes Safety Lock Feature

  • Recommended Weight Capacity: 100 lbs.


Brand:  Pacific Play Tents
Model:  B07KBSPCVX
Weight:  N/A

  • 10

    Pacific Play Tents Ruby Red Kids Super Folding Chair

Were you a fan of the last recommendation but would prefer it in a different color? Check out this red variation, made by the same manufacturer! It shares all the same features, including a safety lock, cup holder, steel frame and more. It lacks a cup holder, and doesn't feature any cartoon designs to catch your child's attention. If you're okay with those potential drawbacks, this is a great chair. With it, your child will have a comfortable place to get warm by the fire or relax at camp.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Red

  • Safety Lock Included for Steel Frame

  • Cross-Woven Polyester Fabric

  • Recommended Weight Capacity: 100 lbs.


Brand:  Pacific Play Tents
Model:  B07KBQBX8Z
Weight:  N/A

Youth Camping Chairs Buying Guide

Youth Camping Chairs
If you want to create some amazing lasting memories with your kids, a camping trip is a great way to go. You may even pass on a tradition that lasts for the rest of their lives!

Factors of Focus

Are you wondering what qualities a great camping chair will have? We're here to tell you! If you weren't able to find the right chair on our list, you can use these properties to tell if the chair you're looking at is worth your money or not.

Safety: Whenever you buy anything for your child, whether it's a new toy or a piece of furniture like these youth camping chairs, safety should play an important role in your decision. Take a close look at the chair before you buy it and make sure it's suited for your child. First, you want to make sure that the chair is suitably stable. It's also not a bad idea to look for safety locks, which are available on many camping chairs for kids. As a parent, it's up to you to decide if something is safe enough for your child.

Comfort: One of the main points of a camping trip is to rest and have fun. It can be hard to do that if you're stuck in an uncomfortable camping chair, and that applies to kids as well as adults. Check and see that the chair you buy offers some padding, or at least offers strong back support which is important even for kids. No one wants to buy a camping chair only for your child to never use it because it's uncomfortable for them.

Durability: Another thing you want to avoid in a camping chair is cheap materials. Buying a chair only for it to break after a couple of uses is a terrible thing. You can avoid this by making sure you pick out a chair that will last. If you choose right, you could have a chair that lasts for the entire time your child is able to fit in it!

Final Thoughts

Those are our thoughts on youth camping chairs! Hopefully you were able to find some options that suit your family. Camping trips are an activity that kids could remember for their whole lives. It makes sense for you to want to make the experience as great as possible. Make sure they come prepared with a quality camping chair! If you have any recommendations you want to share, our readers would love to hear them. Let us know in the comments, and be sure to have a blast while you're out camping!

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