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    Published February 3, 2019

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ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair Review

There are few brands more respected for their camping chair products than ALPS. As a result, the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair is great for all types of camping situations. All the while, the premier strength can hold a maximum weight capacity of 800-pounds. This is not just impressive, it is absolutely staggering. Look no further if you need one of the strongest camping chairs on the market.

Now, the quad design is ideal for sitting outdoors. Basically, this simple design features for camp chair legs. Each leg firmly plants into the ground to create stability and comfort. Plus, it is unlikely to blow over or fall over while you sit. This is key when it comes to not just comfort but safety as well. After all, who knows what mother nature might bring your way?

The lightweight design is wonderful for packing up and leaving a campsite. Furthermore, it is even handier when it comes to moving your tent and site. Sometimes, a camping trip involves multiple stops. Therefore, the lightweight design enables quick and easy movement. Get up and go whenever necessary!

Do not let the lightweight design fool you. As discussed earlier, this chair is ridiculously strong. The patented steel frame delivers all of the strength you need. Even if you do not need the 800 pounds strength support. The overall comfort and support are worth every single penny. Plus, it lets you sit with your child without any worries.

Next, the storage in this chair truly stands out. First, use the conveniently located beverage holders and storage pockets. There is one of each on both sides of this chair. Thus, Store your favorite drinks on both sides of the armrests. Put a beer in one cup holder I put a water jug in the other. That way, you enjoy your self and stay hydrated all at once. But, the storage space does not stop here!

Put your sunglasses or suntan lotion in the side pockets. You can even store your phone away there. That way, you never lose it. Best of all, there is one huge mesh back pocket. This back pocket features extra strength to support bulky items. This includes your favorite book or some food. Free up your hands for other important items. All the while, it protects your book from any potential dirt or mud.

Last but certainly not least, the high-quality material is built to last. The 600D Polyester fabric is obviously very durable. Meanwhile, it feels great and is super comfortable. Plus, this fabric delivers premium support. It is great for lounging after a day of outdoor activities.

Finally, the last highlight here is the convenient carrying bag. Fold down the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair in just a matter of seconds. Store it away in the carrying bag. Then, you can use the convenient carrying bag to move it with ease. Again, you need to set up more than just a camping chair at the site. It helps to have a convenient carrying bag.

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