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Best Bonfire Finger Foods

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    Published February 25, 2021

The Most Delicious Bonfire Finger Foods

Whether you’re just at home in the backyard, on the beach of a beautiful coast, or deep into a dense forest, a bonfire is always a great time. It’s an activity that brings families and friends closer together, and it’s been a touchstone of our culture for countless years. However, what is a bonfire without some great food? Whether you’re looking to get a nice meal in, or just some quick snacks to keep everyone fed, we have some suggestions for bonfire finger foods that you might want to consider for your next get-together or trip. After all, who wants to bother with plates and forks when you’re out sitting by the fire? Take a look at these ideas, and make sure to let us know if you have any of your own thoughts or recipes in the comments section at the bottom!

Bonfire Finger Foods
Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to marshmallow cooking. However, the ideal standard for these bonfire finger foods has to be golden brown all the way around. These marshmallows above are looking a little too crispy, if you ask us!

1. Marshmallows

Sometimes, classics are classics for a reason. Case in point: marshmallows. Whether in combination with chocolate and graham cracker, or completely on its own, it is one of the iconic bonfire finger foods. While it doesn’t exactly have tons of nutritional value, there’s just no denying that it’s tasty. Roasting marshmallows is a time-honored tradition. It’s a shared experience from childhood that millions of Americans share, and one that we proudly carry into the future.

Some people like to use metal skewers to cook the marshmallows over the fire, while others are perfectly fine with picking up a stick off the ground and using that. That’s just the beginning of choice, too. You’ll have to carefully determine how long you want to cook your marshmallow, as well as what position on the fire you’ll keep it at. Whichever method you decide on depends on how you want your ‘mallow cooked. We prefer golden brown all around, but some like them barely cooked and others want theirs burnt. It’s up to you to make a decision! No matter what you choose, it always goes well with a piece of chocolate in between two graham crackers. For some people, it just isn’t a bonfire without s’mores. They’re the ultimate bonfire finger foods.

2. Hot Dogs

Next up, we have another food that can easily be roasted over the fire. While it isn’t exactly what we would call ‘healthy,’ it definitely does offer some more nutritional value compared to marshmallows. Hot dogs! Another classic American food, hot dogs can simply be roasted on a skewer over the fire for a few minutes and placed into a bun for a great bite to eat. Make sure you don’t forget to bring the buns, along with condiments like ketchup and mustard. It’s up to you to decide what level of quality to go with on the hot dogs. Usually, we like to opt for some slightly more expensive dogs. The difference in taste is huge.

If you’re feeling like going all out, you can also bring along a pot and some canned chili to warm up and make some chili dogs! It all depends on whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full meal. Hot dogs are fast, they’re tasty, and they’re easy to keep cold with some ice and a cooler. Whether you’re at home or at a campground, they’re a great pick.

3. Kebabs

Looking for something that covers most of your nutritional bases? Try making a kebab over the fire! This is a great choice because it allows everyone to assemble their own kebab with the ingredients they like and cook and eat at their own pace. It’s also simple as can be to cook! Just position all your desired pieces on the skewer and let them roast! Some of the most popular ingredients to choose are chicken, onion, green peppers, steak, and red peppers! However, you can choose almost any combination of meat and veggies for your kebab.

In our opinion, this is one of the absolute best bonfire finger foods. If you’re the host, you don’t have to do much other than assemble all the ingredients. There’s also very little clean-up, with only small wooden skewers left behind to throw out! Plus, even picky kids can eat these, choosing what they want to leave off their skewer.

4. Pizza

Sure, you could always order a pizza, but where’s the fun in that? The next time you have people over for a bonfire, or pack up for a trip into the woods, try getting supplies to make your own pizza over the fire! It’s a great food to eat with your hands, and the process is not very hard. Check out this recipe courtesy of AllRecipes for an idea on how to cook your bonfire pizza! The only problem with trying to make a pizza while camping is that it can often include a variety of temperature-sensitive ingredients. If you bring them along in a cooler, we’d recommend making this on the first night of your trip so there’s no chance the ingredients can go bad! However, if you’re just having a bonfire at home, feel free to pull this out without worry. Your guests will have a blast making their own custom pizzas right over the fire. Just make sure you have all the right supplies!

5. Nachos

Salty tortilla chips. Gooey melted cheese. Savory onions. Tangy black olives. Satisfying black beans. While your specific nacho ingredients may vary, there’s no denying that it’s a delicious dish that can easily put together over a fire. While it may be on the slightly messier end of things, nachos are definitely a finger food. They’re also one that you can easily cook right over the fire. After all, unless you’re making homemade chips, the hardest part is already down! Use a cast iron or other fire-safe pan to heat up your nachos over the fire, and let everyone have at it as soon as they’re all warmed up! It’s an easy process, and serves as a great fireside snack for all ages.

Bonfire Finger Foods
If you are heading out camping, make sure you bring along food that won’t go bad. If you bring meat or dairy products, make sure they are kept in a cooler with plenty of ice!

6. Shrimp

Is there a better finger food than shrimp? It’s small, affordable, usually not messy, and absolutely delicious! Plus, you can buy it pre-cooked or cook it right over your fire, depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for. It also serves just as well as a full meal along with some sides as it does a snack. Shrimp is versatile, and that’s why we think it is one of the best bonfire finger foods. On top of all that, it’s pretty healthy for you! The only drawback is that if you’re camping you’ll need a way to keep these suckers cold. A cooler will work, but make sure they stay at their optimal temperature. You don’t want anyone getting sick because of some seafood that you let sit out! When prepared right, however, you have a completely tasty meal on your hands.

7. Tacos

Our next food is a favorite among people all across North America and beyond: tacos. While they originated in Mexico, this delicacy has since taken on a number of different forms. Essentially, take a tortilla, add some protein and veggies, along with an optional sauce, and you’ve got a taco! You can make tacos with fish, chicken, ground beef, potatoes, tofu, or almost anything else you can think of! They’re also easy to carry around and hold, and can be cooked over a fire. If you’re looking for an easy meal but don’t want it to look like you’re phoning it in, tacos are a fantastic choice. As always, if you’re camping, make sure to keep meat, cheese and other temperature-sensitive foods in the cooler until you’re ready to use them! If you follow that advice, you’ll be certain to have a stunning meal ahead of you.

8. Sliders

Everyone loves sliders! They’re the perfect snack for when you’re hungry but not ready for a full meal. While they’re traditionally made of ground beef like a typical hamburger, there’s no rule that says you have to stick to that. If you’re entertaining vegetarians, you can even make non-meat sliders using veggies or plant-based replacements! Feel free to grill these and eat them around the fire, or even make them on the fire itself! This versatile finger food means you can pretty much select whatever ingredients you have access to. Just make sure you grab plenty of slider buns from the grocery store! Your guests may end up eating multiple sliders each, so don’t go light on the buns.

9. Potato Wedges

French fries are a favorite among Americans, but they’re not always easy to make at home let alone around the fire. Potato wedges are a great placement to consider! Start by looking at some recipes for cooking potatoes over the fire, such as this one from the Food Network. Instead of following their recipe all the way through, simply cook the potatoes and then cut them up into wedges. This lets everyone eat at their own leisure, and it’s not difficult to cook the potatoes at all! Just make sure you have some good dipping sauces at the ready, like ketchup, sour cream or ranch. This is another choice that both kids and adults can definitely get into, so it’s great for family get-togethers. Don’t forget to keep some salt and other seasoning on-hand if you’re not at home! It’ll really add some flavor to these things.

Bonfire Finger Foods
Did you know that it’s actually possible to cook different types bread easily over a fire? Take a look below for one of our favorite options: a sweet bread that’s a hit with both kids and adults.

10. Cinnamon Rolls

This last one may be the most ambitious of our bonfire finger foods. However, it’s sure to pay off when all of your friends or family are impressed with your ingenuity. There are a few different recipes you can find online for how to make these, but the one we’d go with comes from Almost Supermom. You can make these truly delicious sweet treats in just a few minutes, using store-bought crescent rolls and some basic home ingredients. If you’re confident in your baking and have some extra time on your hands, you could even try to make the dough from scratch. It’s a skill that many people around the world have become re-acquainted with in recent years, so why not give it a shot? If you master this recipe, it could become a mainstay for your family and friend bonfires in the future.

Tips for Cooking Over the Fire

Making a meal or some snacks over the fire is something that anyone can do. It just takes a little bit of guidance, as well as plenty of care and attention to safety. One of the best ways to start, especially for kids, is with our top recommendation for bonfire finger foods: marshmallows. It teaches the concept of placement on the fire, as well as knowing when to pull your food off the fire when it’s ready. You can apply those same ideas to everything you cook on the fire! It’s all about finding the sweet spot for heat without direct contact on flames. Additionally, make sure you keep a safe distance from the fire, and avoid touching any metal that’s been in long contact with the heat.

Equipment for Bonfire Finger Foods

There are a few items that are a good idea to buy if you plan on cooking over the fire. A cast iron pan is our go-to for most foods. Skewers are also a great investment, for marshmallows, hot dogs and more. If you’re looking for some ideas on the best cookware to buy for your family, we’ve written on that exact topic elsewhere on our site! Check it out right here

Final Thoughts

Now you know what our favorite bonfire finger foods are. Did we miss any of your favorites? Make sure to share in the comments to contribute to our community! We believe that cooking over the fire with friends or family can contribute to a great time, and make some lasting memories. That’s not even talking about the delicious food you’ll get out of it! Good luck with your future cooking!

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