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Best Reclining Camping Chairs (Review & Buying Guide) 2019

SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

GigaTent Outdoor Quad Camping Chair

AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Black Chair

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    Published January 22, 2019


  • Best Reclining Camping Chairs (Review & Buying Guide) 2019

  • #1 - SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

  • #2 - GigaTent Outdoor Quad Camping Chair

  • #3 - AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Black Chair

  • #4 - ALPS Mountaineering Escape Chair

  • #5 - Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

  • #6 - Happybuy Folding Camp Chair with Footrest

  • #7 - Kamp Rite Chair with Detachable Footrest

  • #8 - Seatopia Camping Recliner & Lounge Chair

  • #9 - OUTDOOR LIVING SUNTIME Folding Camp Chair with Detachable Footrest

  • #10 - ANIGU Mesh Lounge Reclining Folding Camp Chair with Footrest

Traveling is one of the most popular activities for Americans. In particular, camping is super popular. According to the 2018 Camping Report, more than 6 million new households in North American are camping since 2014. As a result, there are so many newbies camping out in the wilderness. A proper camping trip requires the proper camping gear. Including one of the best reclining camping chairs available. Luckily enough, this buying guide is made for all your reclining camping chair lovers!

The Camping Chair works around the clock to test camping products. Thus, we have put together a list of the top ten products on the market. You do not need to spend hours searching for a good reclining camping chair. Instead, read our great product recommendations below. After, check out our buying guide for helpful tips and information as well. Now, let us not wait anymore, here is our list!

The Ten Best Reclining Camping Chairs

  • 1

    SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

SwimWays Kelsyus canopy chair is a great chair for your camping experience. First and foremost, the fold-out ottoman design is absolutely relaxing. Lay back and enjoy the great outdoors without any hassle. All the while, the sun rest delivers up to 50+ UPF sun protection for sunny days. That way, your face is protected from the hot heat.

This frame supports a maximum weight of 250 pounds. This is more than enough strength for the average adult. All the while, The patented canopy design can fold down and fit right inside of the carry bag. Portability is essential for any camping experience. Especially when packing up your car!

Key Features:

  • Integrated Fold-Out Foot

  • 50+ UPF Sun Protection

  • Versatile Chair

  • Holds Up To 250 lbs


Brand:  SwimWays
Model:  80374
Weight:  15 lbs

  • 2

    GigaTent Outdoor Quad Camping Chair

This lightweight and portable reclining chair from GigaTent is expensive. But, it is definitely worth your money. Why? The lightweight design is ideal for life on the go. Pack up and get going in a matter of moments. Best of all, you can take this reclining camping chair on hikes. Prop it up on top of a mountain and soak in your accomplishment!

Camping chairs should come with a carrying bag for better travel. This GigaTent chair offers you a heavy-duty carrying bag with a shoulder strap! Throw it over your shoulder during a long hike for optimal convenience. Look no further if you want a high-quality camping chair for a premium price.

Key Features:

  • 600D Polyester Fabric

  • Built-In Cup Holder

  • Holds Up To 250 lbs

  • Compatible Design


Brand:  GigaTent
Model:  CC003
Weight:  9.25 lbs

  • 3

    AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Black Chair

AmazonBasics is a brand that surprises customers. After all, you may look past AmazonBasics as a basic brand. But, you are wrong. Instead, they have one of the best camping chairs with a footrest. Best of all, this is a really inexpensive camping chair while also being the strongest! The maximum weight of 330 lbs is absolutely impressive.

A double bungee support system connects together the weather-resistant frame. As a result, this chair does not collapse or wilt. All the while, enjoy extreme durability and a lightweight design. The cheapest reclining chair actually delivers the most strength out of all other options!

Key Features:

  • Weightless Feel

  • Relaxing Sensation

  • Double Bungee Support

  • Holds Up To 300 lbs


Brand:  AmazonBasics
Model:  LF60040-Black
Weight:  16.5 lbs

  • 4

    ALPS Mountaineering Escape Chair

APLS is a high-end brand for camping products. However, they do not have high-end prices. Instead, they manufacturer camping equipment for casual campers. Their Escape Chair is built for you to sit back and relax. Sit down and fish near a creek or read your favorite book in comfort.

The convenient footrest is complemented by two adjustable armrests. Change and alter the position to your comfort. All the while, you use a carrying bag for simple transportation. But, the stand out star is the powder-coated steel frame. This design delivers a long lifespan and great strength all at once.

Key Features:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Premier Camping Brand

  • Sturdy Powder-Coated Steel Frame

  • Foldable Design


Brand:  ALPS Mountaineering
Model:  8149007
Weight:  10 lbs

  • 5

    Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

The Sport-Brella reclining chair is made for sporty customers. Do you want something chic and sleek? Well, this is the best camping chair with a footrest for you. Yes, you get all of the standard features like great strength and durability. But, the stylish color set offers some nice color combinations!

Detach the footrest whenever necessary and reattach as you please. Meanwhile, the insulated drink pouch is not available with any of the other reclining camping chairs. Basically, this insulated pouch keeps your drinks cool in the hot sun. There is even a super convenient zipper pocket for random items like your phone.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Strong Design

  • Lightweight Steel

  • Versatile Design

  • 3-Position Recliner


Brand:  Sport-Brella
Model:  BRE03-620-01
Weight:  14 lbs

  • 6

    Happybuy Folding Camp Chair with Footrest

This Happybuy reclining chair boasts 600D Oxford Cloth and Mesh fabric. What makes this material so special? The 600D fabric is covered with water repellant material. As a result, this is the perfect reclining camping chair for inclement conditions. After all, you never know what mother nature brings your way. Weather can change at the drop of a dime!

Now, this material is also breathable and comfortable. Breathability keeps you cool and calm during the hot summer season. Remember, this is when you will likely camp. so you need material that does not stick to you and make you sweat. Thus, this is a great option for you and your family.

Key Features:

  • Breathable Mesh Material

  • Folds Compact

  • Wide Application

  • Holds Up To 330 lbs


Brand:  Happybuy
Model:  HB-600D
Weight:  13 lbs

  • 7

    Kamp Rite Chair with Detachable Footrest

This Kamp Rite chair comes with a detachable footrest. Also, this chair is made from 600D Polyester. As mentioned earlier, this is water-resistant and can stand up to rain. All the while, it is one of the stronger reclining chairs. The maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs is incredibly robust.

Cup holders are an absolute necessity for all camping trips. You need water to stay hydrated, along with your special beverages. Fold up this camping chair and store it away in the carrying bag. Best of all, you can take this camping chair literally anywhere. Get great mileage in all kinds of situations.

Key Features:

  • 600D Polyester Fabric

  • Footrest Section

  • Convenient Carry Bag

  • Holds Up To 300 lbs


Brand:  Kamp Rite
Model:  KR-600D
Weight:  12.1 lbs

  • 8

    Seatopia Camping Recliner & Lounge Chair

Yet again, another one camping chair for reclining, comes ready in 600D Oxford Fabric. Notice a trend here? Oxford fabric is not just comfortable, it is absolutely rugged. Take on the great outdoors and whatever weather comes your way. All the while, a breathable mesh back keeps you cool even in warm temperatures.

The easy to carry design is convenient and ideal for long camping trips. Plus, you receive a 1-year warranty with great customer service. That way, any problems are fixed immediately by helpful staff members. Finally, the maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs which is more than most reclining chairs!

Key Features:

  • Super Comfortable

  • Storage bag

  • Built-In Cup Holders

  • Holds Up To 300 lbs


Brand:  Seatopia
Model:  S-600D
Weight:  11 lbs

  • 9

    OUTDOOR LIVING SUNTIME Folding Camp Chair with Detachable Footrest

Storage and convenience are necessary during long camping trips. Especially if you like to read and write while sitting outside. Well, this Outdoor Living Suntime chair has plenty of storage space. Enjoy a mesh pocket, extra headrest, and cup holders too. You access all of the space you need without any problems!

The 300D polyester fabric with strong mesh support is great material. But, it is not as strong as the other options on this list. However, it does offer a moisture-wicking technology that is more than just breathable. This technology actively wicks away sweat for the most comfort possible!

Key Features:

  • 400D Polyester Fabric

  • Detachable Footrest

  • Shoulder Carry Bag

  • Holds Up To 250 lbs


Model:  OLS-400D
Weight:  13.2

  • 10

    ANIGU Mesh Lounge Reclining Folding Camp Chair with Footrest

This reclining chair comes fully assembled. Thus, casual campers are in luck. Meanwhile, the mesh footrest is so spacious and comfortable. Lay back and really kick your feet up. Comfortability is just a click away with one of the best camping chairs with a footrest. Enjoy yourself during a relaxing day or lay back and look at the stars during the night!

This is a great fishing chair. The sturdy design stands up to rapid and aggressive moment. All the while, a big storage bag provides space for your bait and fishing gear. You get comfort and performance for a pretty fair price.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Reclining Design

  • Breathable Mesh Material

  • Great Storage Space

  • Holds Up To 260 lbs


Brand:  ANIGU
Model:  De2070667556957531
Weight:  10.5 lbs

Buying Guide & FAQ for the Best Reclining Camping Chairs

best reclining camping chairs
The best reclining camping chairs are comfortable, cool, and convenient.

Why Buy A Reclining Camping Chair?

Generally speaking, camping chairs are a necessity for camping trips. But, this can be enhanced based on your camping activities. Camping chairs provide a comfortable and clean space for you and other campers to sit down. Now, reclining camping chairs are ideal for all the casual campers. That way, you relax, kick back, and enjoy all the beautiful scenery. Camping chairs with a footrest deliver you the most relaxing position possible!

Some campers want to do all of the extreme camping activities. This includes water sports, extreme hiking, and more. However, some campers enjoy reading or fishing. Leisurely activities like this are very popular. The best reclining camping chairs enhance your enjoyment. After all, you get to lay back and cast your fishing rod without any effort. On the other hand, reading your book is wonderful with your feet up.

Factors Of Focus:

Shopping is not fun for everyone. As a matter of fact, most customers want to shorten up their shopping time. This is why online shopping is so popular. You click on a product and it ships to your house. But, you can shorten up your shopping experience in a simple manner. Focus on the important factors below while shopping for the best reclining camping chairs!


Price is always the number one factor of focus, no matter what. The Camping Chair knows that no two customers are the same. As a result, everyone has their own budget. Create your budget and apply it to reclining camping chair prices. Remember, the price is not indicative of value. The priciest options are not the best products available. Likewise, super cheap products might skim on quality.


Material is a huge deal. After all, comfortable chairs are often made of a similar material. Generally speaking, the best material available is 600D fabric. Specifically, keep an eye out for 600D Oxford Fabric. This material is water-repellant, durable, and incredibly comfortable. Camping during the summer? Watch out for a breathable material that lets air flow cool you down.


Storage is essential in two ways: storage space for your personal items and storing away the camping chair. Usually, the best reclining chairs come with a carrying bag. Meanwhile, foldable design is ideal for camping situations. You are on the move almost all of the time. Therefore, you need a chair that breaks down quickly and is super lightweight. Think about your own strength to get the right weight.

Detachable Footrest

Some reclining camping chairs come with a detachable footrest and some do not. Now, this factor is not as essential as the others. But, it may be convenient for some campers! Think about what is best for your camping situation.

Enjoy a scenic camping experience with a great reclining camping chair.

Tying It All Together

Do not go camping without all of the essential camping items. This certainly includes the best reclining camping chairs. Relaxation is often the best part of camping. Especially if you are escaping from a bustling downtown area that is always busy. Kick back and relax out on your camping trip. The Camping Chair guarantees you will be happy with your new chair.

There are plenty of different camping chair styles available. After all, there are plenty of different camping situations for campers to get into. Thus, it is best to get the specific camping chair for your specific preferences. Some campers might want to block out the sun with an umbrella. Others may want to buy a camping chair with lots of cargo space. Luckily, The Camping Chair has what you need. Visit our buying guide to the best camp chair products on the market!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is The Ideal Weight Capacity For My Chair?

A: We encourage buying chairs with a weight capacity between 250 pounds and 350 pounds. Generally speaking, this weight should be enough for you and your family or friends. If not, then weigh yourself and get an exact number. That way, you are guaranteed to get the proper weight.

Q: Can I Use Reclining Camping Chairs Outside Of Just Camping?

A: Yes, you certainly can! As a matter of fact, every single chair on this list is incredibly versatile. Take your chair to the beach, to sporting events, and any other outdoor event. You can even put it right in your backyard.

Q: Should I Get A Detachable Footrest?

A: A detachable footrest is best for campers that want options. You can remove the footrest and sit upright. Then, reattach the footrest and lean all the way back. A few reclining camping chairs on this list do not come with a detachable footrest. So either way, you can still get a great camping chair!

Q: What Is The Ideal Carrying Weight In A Reclining Camping Chair?

A: The ideal weight is under 15 lbs. Now, this number changes depending on your strength. Are you super active and athletic? Well, you can take the weight up a few pounds for a heavier chair. If not, do not worry. Basically, all of our recommendations are under 15 lbs and easy to carry.

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