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Camping Chairs with Footrest (Review & Buying Guide)

KHORE Automaticly Adjustable Recliner Folding Camping Chair with Footrest

CampLand Deluxe Padded Reclining Chair with Footrest

Happybuy Folding Camp Chair with Footrest

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    Published July 24, 2019


  • Camping Chairs with Footrest (Review & Buying Guide)

  • #1 - KHORE Automaticly Adjustable Recliner Folding Camping Chair with Footrest

  • #2 - Happybuy Folding Camp Chair with Footrest

  • #3 - CampLand Deluxe Padded Reclining Chair with Footrest

  • #4 - FUNDANGO Heavy Duty Compact Portable Outdoor Folding Reclining Camping Lounge Chair

  • #5 - Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair

  • #6 - ALLCAMP Folding Camping Chair

  • #7 - Camp Solutions Light Weight Backpacking Reclining/Lounging Camping Folding Chair

  • #8 - TravelChair Big Bubba Chair

  • #9 - VINGLI Outdoor Fishing Chair

  • #10 - Breathable and Comfortable Ozark Trail Ot Lounge Chair

For millions of Americans across the United States, memories of family camping trips are closely cherished after we grow up, often enough to make us want to start taking our families out on camping trips of our own when the time is right. That’s okay, because nostalgia isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Not all camping memories are pristine and completely pleasant, however. Alongside those long hours spent fishing on the lake with dad or lounging on the beach with mom, there are memories of stiff backs and unbearably uncomfortable camp chairs or, even worse, being forced to sit on fireside logs!

If, like many people, comfort is a key factor you take into account when deciding whether or not to take that next camping trip, you won’t have to wring your hands any longer. Camping chairs with footrest included are widely available online, and we’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of the best options out there to help you decide on the right fit for your camping experience.

Top 10 Camping Chairs With Footrest

  • 1

    KHORE Automaticly Adjustable Recliner Folding Camping Chair with Footrest

Our top choice out there for camping chairs with footrest is this wonderful piece of furniture coming to us from manufacturer Khore. The benefits of this chair go above and beyond what’s expected. Not only is the chair a recliner, but it features automatic adjustment, meaning there is no need to fiddle with some complicated latch to figure out how to recline. In addition to that, the chair is outfitted with a spacious organizing pocket to hold your phone, tablet or other accessories, as well as the required cup holder for your favorite drink.

The positives of this chair don’t just stop there. Made with a durable and high-quality load-bearing steel frame while weighing in at only 12 pounds, this reclining camping chair was built to last without denying the need for easy travel. Manufactured with strong 600D polyester fabric material, good luck trying to rip or tear this chair. This could be your camping chair of choice for a long time ahead.

Key Features:

  • Automatically Reclines as You Lean Back

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

  • Built-In Cup Holder and Mesh Pockets

  • Weight Capacity: 280 lbs.


Brand:  KHORE
Model:  K12
Weight:  12 lbs.

  • 2

    Happybuy Folding Camp Chair with Footrest

Next up in our number two position, we have this Happybuy folding camp chair with an extensive breathable mesh chair back, helping you maintain a cool and sweat-free rest, even in the middle of a summer heat wave. This reclining camping chair takes our pick for best value due to its lower price point without giving up most of the features you would want to hang on to in a chair like this, such as a cup holder and organizers.

The Happybuy folding recliner also has a higher weight capacity than many of the other chairs available on this list, which points towards the high level of design and stability that went into the product. Plus, if all that was not enough to convince you, the chair features an attached head pillow and adjustable height. This was a close contender for best overall choice, let alone best value, so if this one catches your eye, we cannot recommend it enough.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Height

  • Breathable Mesh Chair Back

  • Durable Steel Frame

  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.


Brand:  Happybuy
Model:  H11
Weight:  10.9 lbs.

  • 3

    CampLand Deluxe Padded Reclining Chair with Footrest

For our premium camping chairs with footrest pick, we have elected to go with this deluxe reclining chair featuring a comfortable cotton padding and a detached footrest. If you’re the type of person who prefers a stool in place of a full recliner at home, or if the idea of having a soft cotton pad to bring along sounds like it would add to your comfort and enjoyment of the trip, this is likely the selection for you.

The chair itself is made of a breathable mesh, and can be easily folded up, stored and transported wherever you need to take it. Having a detachable stool and the fact that the chair folds down just like a normal folding chair might mean that backpackers and hikers may want to avoid this pick, but those of you planning on taking a drive directly to their campsite should not have anything to worry about here. And hey, if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, manufacturer Campland offers a lifetime warranty with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Three Adjustable Reclining Positions

  • Removable Cotton Padding

  • High-Quality Steel Frame

  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.


Brand:  CampLand
Model:  CL12
Weight:  12.2 lbs.

  • 4

    FUNDANGO Heavy Duty Compact Portable Outdoor Folding Reclining Camping Lounge Chair

This intricately designed reclining and folding chair is made by Fundango, and is praised by customers for its ease of setup and its undeniable sturdiness. The chair’s legs are manufactured using a heavy-duty powder-coated thick steel and, along with the specially designed shape and frame of the legs, provide an immense amount of stability so you know you aren’t tipping over in this thing. The chair comes in an easily portable carrying bag too, making it incredibly simple to pick it up and go whenever and wherever you need it. With it’s standard cup holder and arm rests included, this is one camping chair you won’t regret buying.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Powder-Coated Steel Frame

  • Made Using Polyester Ripstop Fabric

  • Fits in Included Carrying Sack

  • Weight Capacity: 264 lbs.


Model:  F17
Weight:  16.5 lbs.

  • 5

    Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair

Up next we have this lovely Sport-Brella three-position reclining camping chair, which includes its own attachable umbrella to keep you safe from the pain and torment of sun burns on those hot and scorching summer days. If your camping destination is near a beach, it might not be a bad idea to spring for one of these luxury camping chairs with footrest and umbrella attachments. The umbrella isn’t just stuck in one position either. Just like the chair itself, you can shift the umbrella to rest in three separate positions! Like most of our other selections listed, this camping chair is surprisingly easy to store and carry, meaning it won’t be a burden should you decide to bring it along on your next camping trip.

Key Features:

  • Removable Footrest and Umbrella

  • Three-Position Adjustable Recliner

  • Extra Pockets and Cup Holders

  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.


Brand:  Sport-Brella
Model:  Recliner Chair
Weight:  13.5 lbs.

  • 6

    ALLCAMP Folding Camping Chair

For the taller campers among us, we have this extra-long 56 inch reclining camping chair. While many other camping chairs with footrest additions often come in at lengths less than 40 inches, leaving far too much of your legs hanging off the edge, this chair (courtesy of manufacturer ALLCAMP) ensures a little bit more support for the ends of your legs. Plus, the chair has a stronger weight capacity than most, further supporting this choice as the best camping chair for those with a height advantage. Featuring many of the standard features you expect out of a good camping chair plus the added convenience for tall folks, we’re positive this is a solid choice to bring around the campfire.

Key Features:

  • Made with Breathable 600D Polyester Fabric

  • Reclines up to 70"

  • Corrosion-Resistant Steel Legs

  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.


Model:  A8
Weight:  8 lbs.

  • 7

    Camp Solutions Light Weight Backpacking Reclining/Lounging Camping Folding Chair

This camping chair may look similar to some of the other models listed, but where it stands out is in its thoughtful design. The chair functions like a recliner at home, letting you rest your back at whatever angle works best for you. With its removable pillow attachment, good luck trying not to fall asleep in this baby!

The chair features a cup holder, a large zip-up organizing pocket and comfortable armrests, but some customers do warn that it might not be the best idea to take this chair to the beach, as several reviewers note that their chairs became stuck when sand got in the cracks of the folding mechanics. Just one thing to be aware of when making your purchase!

Key Features:

  • Built-In Headrest and Footrest

  • Easy Setup

  • Built-In Cup Holders and Side Pocket

  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.


Brand:  Camp Solutions
Model:  CS11
Weight:  11 lbs.

  • 8

    TravelChair Big Bubba Chair

For those in need of an all-around larger chair, there’s this beauty made by Travel Chair. Known as the Big Bubba, this chair features the longest length and one of the higher weight capacities out of all the camping chairs with footrest on our list, coming in at a length of 58 inches and capacity of 300 lbs. Specially designed for comfort and stability, the Big Bubba is a chair that will more than get the job done. Included with the chair are an attachable pillow and easy-to-use carrying case with a shoulder strap, so whether you want to take this bad boy to your daughter’s soccer game or haul it up a mountain, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Key Features:

  • Built-In Headrest Pillow

  • Powder-Coated Steel Frame

  • Includes Carrying Bag and Shoulder Strap

  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.


Brand:  TravelChair
Model:  TC12
Weight:  11.85 lbs.

  • 9

    VINGLI Outdoor Fishing Chair

If none of the previous options are speaking to you, we’ve got one you might want to try on for size. If you’re looking for a reclining camping chair that’s a little more appropriate for the wild rather than a sanctioned campsite or beach (though this chair would perform exceptionally in those conditions), this folding camping chair with a footrest attachment might be what you need. With its attractive and durable padded mesh design, you can bring a whole new level of comfort to the great outdoors, and with the chair’s slope-adjustable extending legs, you won’t have to worry about finding a spot on the ground that can accommodate your chair.

Key Features:

  • Padded Mesh Seat

  • Highly Adjustable Chair Legs

  • Easily Foldable

  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.


Brand:  VINGLI
Model:  Fishing Camping Folding Chair Plus Foot Rest
Weight:  27 lbs.

  • 10

    Breathable and Comfortable Ozark Trail Ot Lounge Chair

If you were a fan of the detachable footrest found in our premium pick but you aren’t in the market for a luxury padded camping chair, this Ozark Trail style chair will likely suit your needs. It’s essentially a high-quality but standard-featured camping chair, but it includes a magnificent folding footrest to bring along. After all, being out in the wilderness doesn’t have to mean you can’t put your feet up and get some wonderful outdoor relaxation!

Key Features:

  • Detached Footrest

  • Built-In Cup and Accessory Holders

  • 100% Polyester Fabric

  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.


Brand:  Generic
Model:  Ozark Trail Ot Lounge Chair
Weight:  N/A

Camping Chairs with Footrest Buying Guide & FAQ

One of the most common forgotten items when it comes to packing for camping are places to sit. Do not let your trip be ruined by a lack of comfort!
One of the most common forgotten items when it comes to packing for camping are places to sit. Do not let your trip be ruined by a lack of comfort!

Relaxation is Key to a Successful Vacation

Did you know that a vacation spent without fully relaxing will likely not have any effect on your overall happiness? That is exactly what was found by researchers in the Netherlands, and their findings were quickly published and read around the world. The results seem to suggest that better mental and physical relaxation and comfort are the most important factor when it comes to vacationing to improve your own well-being.

It's no surprise that most people around the world use vacations to relieve stress from work or their everyday life, but if you want your vacation to actually affect you in the long-term, you need to make sure your vacation is actually a vacation. One of the best ways to do that on a camping trip, in the physical sense at least, is to bring along a comfortable camping chair, and one of the camping chairs with footrest included here should help make sure you get to experience the vacation you've been dreaming of.

Factors of Focus: What Makes a Good Camping Chair?

1.) Support and Stability

When purchasing your new camping chair, the first thing to keep in mind should be how good it is at keeping you supported and stable. Many cheaper and flimsier camping chairs are known for tipping over with its occupant still seated, which is embarrassing at best and extremely painful at worst. Don't let that happen to you.

2.) Comfort

Almost as important as stability and support provided by camping chairs with footrest is the level of comfort. As previously mentioned, a vacation spent without getting to truly relax will have no long term benefit from your happiness. Staying comfortable during your trip is one small but integral way to contribute to a more restful and relaxing vacation.

Start planning your next camping trip now, whether you decide to go with a loved one, friends, or the entire family.
Start planning your next camping trip now, whether you decide to go with a loved one, friends, or the entire family.

Closing Thoughts

The saying goes that you can't put a price on happiness. If that's the case, a relaxing and comfortable vacation is a great bargain, as it can increase your happiness even after you return to your day-to-day schedule. Just be sure you bring along one of the many camping chairs with footrest or reclining capabilities we've recommended today, as they are sure to increase your level of comfort no matter where you bring them.

Whether you decide to go with a recliner or an included footrest, you'll be the center of attention when everyone else is stuck in their normal old chairs. Don't feel like you have to let them use yours, though! Just tell them to bring their own next time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long should a camping chair last before I will have to buy a new one?

A: This all depends on the quality of the camping chair. If it's made with a strong, durable steel, and tear-resistant fabric, these chairs have quite the long life cycle. If you do your part to take care of it, your chair has the potential of lasting upwards of 10 years or more.

Q: What should I do to properly maintain and clean my camping chair?

A: There isn't a whole lot of maintenance or cleaning required for camping chairs with footrest. Mostly, if something spills, you clean it up, and try to avoid dropping or hitting the chair in anyway other than the normal wear and tear that comes with moving and travel.

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