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Camping Chairs With Shade (Review & Buying Guide) 2019

SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

ALPHA CAMP Mesh Canopy Camping Chair

Quik Shade Navy MAX Shade Chair

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    Published January 22, 2019


  • Camping Chairs With Shade (Review & Buying Guide) 2019

  • #1 - SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

  • #2 - Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair

  • #3 - Quik Shade Navy MAX Shade Chair

  • #4 - ALPHA CAMP Mesh Canopy Camping Chair

  • #5 - Kelsyus Kid's Blue Canopy Camping Chair

  • #6 - Sport-Brella Recliner Camping Chair

  • #7 - RYG Folding Camping Chair Set

  • #8 - GCI Outdoor 3-Position Quad Reclining Camp Chair with Sunshade

  • #9 - Kamp-Rite Chair with Shade Canopy

  • #10 - BeachMall Deluxe 4 Position Aluminum Camping Chair

Outdoor camping is a fun activity for participants of all ages. However, camping can come with potential hazards. Especially for newcomers camping for the first time. Improper planning and insufficient equipment can result in a disaster. Make sure you have one of the best camping chairs with shade. That way, you curve dangerous UV rays away. All the while, you avoid an intense sunburn.

Camping takes you to a number of different locations. Specifically, campers love to go to beaches. Not all beaches provide chairs with umbrella protection. This is where your shaded camping chairs come into play. Before we start, you should know one thing. The acronym UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and is a vital feature in any great camping chair with shade.

The Camping Chair has put together of all of the best camp chairs with shade. Read through every product and find your new camping chair. After, check out our helpful tips as well! We will not make you wait anymore. Here is our list.

The 10 Best Camping Chairs With Shade

  • 1

    SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

SwimWays Kelsyus original canopy chair is number one amongst all other camping chairs with shade. Why? It has the very best sun canopy compared to any other option. The UPF 50+ protection lets only one 1/50th of the UV rays to hit your skin. This premier protection prevents harmful damage and nasty sunburns. All the while, you enjoy a stylish camping chair!

A bagless design is convenient and minimalizes extra parts. Instead, the canopy is the carrying case! Use the shoulder strap to free up your hands for other camping tools. Best of all, the comfortable design is breathable and ergonomic. A cup holder also keeps all your favorite drinks right where you want them.

Key Features:

  • 50+ UPF Sun Protection

  • Bagless Carrying Design

  • Breathable Comfort

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 lbs


Brand:  SwimWays
Model:  80379
Weight:  12 lbs

  • 2

    Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair

Quick Shade specializes in creating great camping canopy chairs. So obviously their Quick Shade adjustable canopy folding camp chair is a great pick. The portable design lets you pack up and move out quickly. Avoid approaching rain clouds with plenty of time to spare. Plus, this chair is still durable and supports a maximum weight of 225 pounds.

600D material is durable and tough. But, this material is different from others. This 600D polyester fabric features water-resistance and stain-resistance. Keep your chair looking fresh at all times with no maintenance at all.

Key Features:

  • 600D Polyester Fabric

  • Ergonomic Comfort

  • Versatile Chair

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 225 lbs


Brand:  Quik Shade
Model:  150255
Weight:  10 lbs

  • 3

    Quik Shade Navy MAX Shade Chair

Bargain hunters, you are in luck. Quick Shade Max Shade chair is absolutely amazing. Spend less money and receive more performance. The huge canopy delivers maximum shade from the sun. Completely immerse yourself in shade and escape the hot heat of the sun. Adjust the shade protection by tilting, lowering, or raising the umbrella. All the while, you save a bunch of money!

Two fabric and mesh cup holders offer plenty of beverage space. Store your water canteen in one and your special canteen in the other. Best of all, you benefit from 600D water and stain-resistant material. Do not let one spill ruin your camping chair. Instead, protect your wallet with a long-lasting camping chair.

Key Features:

  • 600D Polyester Fabric

  • Stain-Resistant

  • Dual Cup Holders

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 225 lbs


Brand:  Quik Shade
Model:  160070
Weight:  10 lbs

  • 4

    ALPHA CAMP Mesh Canopy Camping Chair

In some cases, expensive price tags are worth every single penny. This is true for the ALPHA CAMP mesh canopy camping chair. First, you benefit from 50+ UPF protection and a cool shading sensation. Avoid the overbearing heat and enjoy a cool breeze. Plus, there is a special little storage spot for your phone!

Now, this product is the premier choice for a reason. The high-grade material includes an anti-rust hammer tone powder coating. As a result, water and frequent use do not wear it out quickly. Instead, you enjoy daily visits down to the beach without any issues. Meanwhile, breathable mesh lets you stay cool, no matter what!

Key Features:

  • Simple Set Up

  • UV Ray Protection

  • Anti-Rust Hammer Tone

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs


Model:  AC
Weight:  15 lbs

  • 5

    Kelsyus Kid's Blue Canopy Camping Chair

Camping with your kid? Then you need the kid-sized camping chair with shade. The Kelsyus Kid's canopy chair is the best option available. Provide your kid with 50+ UPF safety. After all, kid's sunburns are absolutely horrific. Note the maximum weight capacity is 75 pounds.

The lightweight design is right under 5 pounds. As a result, your child can carry it with the snap-lock buckles. You do not need an extra carrying bag. Instead, the canopy transforms into your very own tote bag. Portability is essential for smaller children. You cannot expect them to lug around a 10 or 15 pound camping chair with shade.

Key Features:

  • 50+ UPF Protection

  • Back-Pack Portability

  • Extended Sun Canopy

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 75 lbs


Brand:  Kelsyus
Model:  80316
Weight:  5 lbs

  • 6

    Sport-Brella Recliner Camping Chair

The Sport-Brella Recliner Chair is one of the most versatile products on our list. First, this is a wonderful camping chair with shade at face value. At the same time, this chair is great for backyard cookouts and local outdoor sporting events. Recline and relax without any worry about the hot sun and terrible UV rays. The canopy has a 3-way swivel and metallic undercoating to premium protection.

Ultra-strong steel delivers great support that reaches up to 250 pounds. But, this chair is not heavy and cumbersome. Instead, the steel creates a lightweight design that is only  14 pounds. Additional features include an insulated pocket, cup holders, and big storage pockets. Throw up to four drinks inside the big storage pocket at once.

Key Features:

  • UPF 50+

  • Insulated Drink Pouch

  • Reclining Design

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 lbs


Brand:  Sport-Brella
Model:  3251
Weight:  14 lbs

  • 7

    RYG Folding Camping Chair Set

The Raise Your Game brand name is not a household name. However, their RYG folding camping chair set is one of the best camping chairs with a big shade. The 3-way swivel umbrella features a metallic undercoating to deliver UPF 50+ protection. Do not let overwhelming heat ruin your camping experience. Protect yourself and your kids with a good camping chair.

The water-resistant and stain-resistant fabric is protective and provides high-quality value. Well, the RYG chair has both features along with a heavy-duty aluminum steel frame. This frame can support a total weight of 250 pounds. Best part involves the simple installation and easy transportation.

Key Features:

  • UPF 50+ Protection

  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Frame

  • 3-Way Swivel Design

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 lbs


Brand:  Raise Your Game
Model:  RYG250
Weight:  12 lbs

  • 8

    GCI Outdoor 3-Position Quad Reclining Camp Chair with Sunshade

The GCI Outdoor 3-position quad reclining champ chair with sunshade is supportive and stylish. Best part, the seat sits at a level of 18-inches for a great reclining design. Adjust the 3-position reclining feature for ideal relaxation. Hit the beach for a long nap during your camping trip. You will not leave with a nasty sunburn.

The included carry bag provides the best type of transportation. Collapse the chair and tote it back to your campsite. Enjoy UPF 50+ protection and a nice cupholder all at once. Stay refreshed and stay out of the sun!

Key Features:

  • UPF 50+ Protection

  • Easy Portability

  • Fast Set Up

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 lbs


Brand:  GCI
Model:  75115
Weight:  11.5 lbs

  • 9

    Kamp-Rite Chair with Shade Canopy

A steel frame delivers a total weight capacity of 300 pounds. As a result, the Kamp-Rite chair with shade canopy is strong enough for anyone and everyone. Best of all, the canopy can be moved out of the way. That way, you balance out time in the sun and time in the shade.

Quad style camping chairs are some of the safest camping chairs available. The quad legs stick firmly into the sand or dirt and will not budge. However, the real star here is the waterproof canopy design. Avoid water damage if the beach randomly rains out. After all, weather can change in an instant!

Key Features:

  • Waterproof Design

  • Steel Frame

  • Converts Into Quad-Style Chair

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs


Brand:  Kamp-Rite
Model:  CC463
Weight:  11 lbs

  • 10

    BeachMall Deluxe 4 Position Aluminum Camping Chair

Last but not least, the Beachmall deluxe 4 position aluminum camping chair boasts plenty of shade. However, it is not as rough and rugged as our other recommendations. Instead, this is better for beach-loving campers.

Take a trip to a campsite near a big natural body of water with a beautiful beach. Pick a spot and then adjust the reclining across four different positions. Meanwhile, a 3-position canopy delivers premier shade protection.

Key Features:

  • 600D Polyester Fabric

  • Rust-Resistant Aluminum Tubing

  • Zipper Cell Pouch

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 lbs


Brand:  BeachMall
Model:  BM250
Weight:  8 lbs

Buying Guide & FAQ For Camping Chairs With Shade

Natural shade is hard to find. Especially if you do not have camping chairs with shade.
Natural shade is hard to find. Especially if you do not have camping chairs with shade.

Why Buy Camping Chairs with Overhead Shade?

As mentioned earlier, the number one reason for buying shaded camping chairs involves UV rays. Simply put, UVA and UVB rays are two of the three main types of UV rays. Unfortunately, they are also the most dangerous UV rays. Experts believe that these harmful rays often cause skin cancer. So you need to protect yourself and your family at all times.

A camping chair with shade is more important for family campers. Children are susceptible to serious sunburn because they are not informed like their parents. As a result, you must monitor them constantly. Allow time out in the sun and demand time under the canopy. Balance out the sun time to avoid danger and a gross sunburn.

Factors of Focus: Shade & Camping Chairs

Hours of shopping is no fun. Instead, it is downright stressful. Do not fall victim to a bad shopping experience. Use our factors of focus to go and find one of the best camp chairs with shade!

1.) Price & Budget

The Camping Chair believes that price and budget stand above all other factors. Why? Because you do not want to empty out your bank account for camping chairs. Evaluate your budget and avoid any overspending.

Usually, price is not always indicative of quality. However, some of the best camping chairs with shade have a hefty price tag. Thus, customers looking for the best shade should be ready to spend some cash. Luxury comfort and UV ray protection do not come cheap in all cases.

2.) Canopy Design

The canopy design is the number one feature to focus on in a shaded camp chair. First, make sure the canopy delivers enough shade. Our most valuable recommendation, the Quick Max Shade, provides the most shade for your dollar. However, a canopy can do more than provide shade.

In some cases, a canopy folds into a carrying bag for your chair. This is incredibly convenient. In other cases, the canopy is a 3-way adjustable umbrella that adjusts and moves for you. Furthermore, you need to find a product with UPF 50+ protection. As mentioned before, this guarantees the best sun ray protection!

3.) Material

Good camping chairs are built to last. However, the very best camping chairs feature water-resistant and stain-resistant material. After all, your kids will use these chairs with you. We all know how dirty kids get! Look out for 600D fabric that is thick and incredibly robust. This is the best material for your camping chair.

4.) Portability

Finally, a good camp chair is portable and easy to move. Watch for a collapsible design and a carrying bag. In some instances, the camping chair features a simple backpack design. The key is finding a nice chair that is lightweight and easy to move, no matter what!

Your beach front campsite is not complete without a source of shade.

Last Words On Camping Chairs & Shade

Do not deal with a repugnant sunburn because you were not prepared. Instead, take five minutes to find a great canopy camping chair. Our top ten list is filled with nothing but the best camping chairs with shade. Thus, you point, click, and buy a guaranteed high-quality product.

A camp chair with shade is built for more beach-centric camping trips. However, some options can be taken just about anywhere. Want a good camping chair overall? Head on over to our buying guide on the best camp chair. We guarantee you find a great product today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Else Can I Do For UPF Protection

A: Buying the best camping chairs with shade is not your only solution. Instead, look for sun protective clothing. There are helpful and protective clothing combinations available. This even reaches out to beach-centric swimwear. Obviously, another important step involves sunscreen. Yes, this seems simple. But, many campers forget to pack their sunscreen. Always apply sunscreen before a day in the sun.

Q: When Are UV Rays Most Dangerous?

A: The worst time for UV rays is in between 10 A.M. and 4 P.M. Remember this while planning your daily camping trip activities. Want to visit the beach during this time? Then you definitely need a shaded camp chair. If not, you might end up with a really harsh sunburn at the end of the day. Sometimes, even the strongest sunscreen available may not deliver enough protection.

Q: Does Time In The Sun Offer Benefits? 

A: As a matter of fact, yes it does! Again, this is only in moderation. This means spending some time in the sun and some time in the shade. Experts state that UV rays trigger Vitamin D in the skin. Vitamin D strengthens your bones and enhances your immune system all at once. As a result, limited time in the sun can be very healthy. Plus, it creates a beautiful tan on your skin. However, you must be mindful of the time spent in the sun.

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