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Camping Mattress for Back Problems

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 3, 2019

Are you avoiding a camping trick due to back pain? Failing to find the proper alleviation of all that stress and tension. You are not alone. Nearly 8 out of 10 people in Americ deal with random back pain at some point in their life. Unfortunately, for some, this is a chronic problem that persists over a long period of time. This can hinder and prevent participation in some of your favorite activities. One of those activities is camping. But, finding camping mattress for back problems is a step towards the right path.

A camping mattress is a camping essential just like a camping chair.  However, this piece of equipment has one goal more than anything else. Relieving back pain and delivering a sound night of sleep. In some cases, back pain prevents people from sleeping. This leads to nights of anguish and pain. Get a mattress and other helpful gear for you back like the best camping chair for bad back. That way, you can get back to enjoying trips outdoors once more.

If you choose a sleeping pad, find a thicker option for your back.
If you choose a sleeping pad, find a thicker option for your back.

How Can A Mattress Help With Back Pain?

You spend 8 hours, give or take, a day sleeping. This is basically one-third of your day. Experts believe that a mattress can provide some alleviation. Especially if you find the perfect kind of mattress. Unfortunately, the information surrounding the different types of mattresses and back pain is a bit cloudy. Older thoughts and beliefs are now overturned by recent studies.

Generally speaking, Americans are unhappy with their night of sleep. This does not even begin to factor in sleepers with back pain. So finding a good camping bed goes beyond just back pain. However, a good mattress will help you stay comfortable and calm all throughout the night. That way, you have enough energy to get out and enjoy yourself the next day.

Camping Mattress for Back Problems: Firm Or Soft?

The best camping beds for bad backs are made with one of two types of cushioning. A camping bed delivers either a firm feeling or a soft feeling. As mentioned earlier, the information surrounding the benefits of each type of mattress is a bit confusing. So here is how you can choose between a soft or firm mattress.

Firm beds do not conform to your body. You body conforms to a firm bed. As a result, it creates a feeling that is not just uncomfortable but also unnatural. For some, this may help out a lot. The adjustment in body positioning helps straighten you out. After all, poor posture and spinal curves can cause a lot of pain. Thus, a firm camping mattress for back problems is super helpful. On the other hand, a firm mattress may not be ideal for all bad back campers. One study shows that bad back sleepers got a bad night of sleep on a firm mattress. So you must be cautious.

A soft mattress delivers some serious comfort for most sleepers. As a matter of fact, people fantasize about a soft and cozy bed. However, a soft bad is potentially dangerous for bad back campers. Your body sinks down into a soft bed, much like a hammock. Thus, your spine curves in an unnatural manner and puts tension on your back.

An air mattress is one of the more convenient options. But is it the best camping mattress for back problems?
An air mattress is one of the more convenient options. But is it the best camping mattress for back problems?

Camping Mattress For Bad Backs: Which Design Is Best?

There are three significant types of camping beds. This includes a cot, a sleeping pad, and an air mattress. A cot rests above the ground thanks to an elevated design. Thus, the suspension alleviates pain through a firm design. An air mattress is exactly what you think it is. A mattress completely filled with air. For some, an air mattress might be a little too soft. But others might find it suitable. Finally, sleeping pads are some of the more prevalent options. A sleeping pad is good on the ground or can be put on top of a cot for extra support. Find the right camping mattress for back problems and get back to camping again!

Final Words

You do not need to suffer through restless nights during camping trips. Especially not where you can easily find a camping mattress for bad backs. There are other great exercises and stretches that can help as well. Get one of the best camping beds for your bad back today. That way, you get to enjoy camping as you did once before!

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