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Camping With A Dog Where Does He Sleep?

  • BY Lawson Robinson

    Published February 3, 2019

Want to bring your furry companion along on the next family camping trip? According to the 2017 & 2018 National Pet Owners Survey, nearly 85 million families own a pet. So you are not the first person to try camping with the family pup! Instead, many have tried with great success. All you need are a few helpful tips and some resourceful information. When camping with a dog where does he sleep? This is a great question to ask and The Camping Chair has all the answers!

First and foremost, there are a lot of different options for sleeping space. We will discuss each option and the benefits included. But, always pack doggy essentials for your camping trip. This includes your pup’s collar, nutrition, treats, poop bags, their leash, and even their crate/box. Each and every item plays a vital role in a successful camping trip. Now, here are some helpful tips on where your pup should sleep.

How Trained Is Your Dog?

Every dog has a different level of training. After all, dog training is on the owners and no one else. Highly trained dogs might be able to sleep in their very own little doggy tent. This smaller-sized tent provides enough space for your pup to feel comfortable. All the while, they can sleep safely. Your dog can even play with their toys and eat their food in the tent.

Tent training a dog is much like crate training a dog. As a result, it requires a dog to conquer their separation anxiety. Super young puppies should not be put in their own tent. Furthermore, untrained dogs should not be put in a solo tent either. They may waste inside of the tent and cause a ruckus. Instead, it may be best to let them sleep in the family tent.

Dogs can sleep anywhere and everywhere. But, it is important to provide them with a safe sleeping spot in your tent.

Tents, Dogs, & Your Camping Trip

Every camper is different and as a result, every camping trip is different. Some campers prefer solo trips with their dog. Other campers take the whole family. When camping with dog where does he sleep? Your tent is the safest and best spot for the pup. The tent keeps them close and comfortable so they do not whine or bark. Plus, they will not wander away from you and your site.

Now, you need the right-sized camp tent to accommodate your dog and all other campers. For family trips, you should get multiple tents. Then, the kids can sleep with the puppy. This is ideal in two ways. First, your kids will love their alone time with the puppy. Second, it lets you and your partner enjoy the best camping bed for couples. Get some free time for a couple camping games after every lays down.

Finally, the tent is the best space because it does not upset your puppy. You cannot chain them up outside of the tent. Nor should you put them in their crate outside of the tent. This will cause a puppy to become scared and anxious. Furthermore, it leaves them alone out in the wilderness with potentially dangerous animals and pests.

Camping With Dog Where Does He Sleep: Camping Chairs

There is one spot that is best for your puppy to sleep while camping. In their very own camping chair for dogs. Buy them a nice chair that doubles as a bed and you are all set. Best of all, most tents are big enough to accommodate for this bed. Especially if you bought a tent big enough for you and the dog already. The dog camping chair will take up just as much room as a regular camping chair.

The best part of using a camping chair for your pup involves their safety and protection. At night, the ground becomes very cold. Leaving dog in tent while camping at night for sleep is wise. Small puppies are more prone to getting cold because they have less body mass. All the while, your puppy needs a safe spot to sleep. Sleeping on the ground next to you might be cute but could be potentially dangerous. Worst of all, it could lead to your pup wasting right next to your pillow!

When camping with a dog where does he sleep? Right with you and your family.
When camping with a dog where does he sleep? Right with you and your family.

Closing Advice

Once you use a dog camp chair, everything is so much easier. Your dog sleeps all through the night without any issues. In turn, you get more sleep as well. This leads to more energy throughout the day and more camping activities. Plus, dogs are much happier when you treat them well. What says love and affection more than their own sleeping spot in the tent? Stop stressing over camping with a dog where does he sleep? Instead, buy the proper camping equipment for your dog today.

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