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Camping With Back Pain (Three Keys To Comfort)

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 18, 2019

Camping is a popular activity for Americans. The great outdoors features endless hours of excitement, fun, and wonder. However, back pain potentially hinders this fun for some. It should not. Camping with back pain should not be a problem. So what can you do? The Camping Chair has set out to provide you with helpful tips and resourceful information. That way, everyone can camp without back pain getting the way!

Now, before we go any further, schedule an appointment with a family physician. Get all the information on your specific back pain as possible. Everyone has a different type of pain that comes from a different source. So you should not simply “push through” pain to enjoy camping. Now, without any more waiting, here are three important keys for your next camping trip with back pain.

Camping with back pain can be really painful without proper preparation and mindful actions.
Camping with back pain can be really painful without proper preparation and mindful actions.

1.) Pack Wisely

First and foremost, find good camping back that fits your body. For instance, a backpack might not be ideal for your back pain. But, there are bags available with wide padded shoulder straps. In some cases, a bag may provide you with back padding. This is going to be the best bet for long hikes with equipment. The padding helps deliver comfort and provides support all at once.

Avoid a bag that only offers one shoulder strap. This can unevenly weight on your body and cause an unnatural curve in your spine. Also, watch what you pack. Do not go crazy with a bunch of crazy items you do not need. This includes heavy electronics and other unnecessary items. STick to essentials and compact items when possible.

Leave plenty of space in your bag. That way, you know it is not super heavy and overbearing. Be sure to also pack proper medical equipment like painkillers and even hot/cold packs. Never underestimate how great that icy hot pack is for camping with back pain. Also, take helpful gear like the best camping chair for bad back or the best camping beds for bad backs. Each is built to alleviate pressure on your back during camping trips.

2.) Stretch & Take Breaks

During the car ride and upon arrival, be careful. Sometimes campers do too much in overexcitement. Sometimes a long car ride causes back pain as you are cramped in the car. Do not let this be the case. Instead, take frequent breaks on the car ride to the campsite. Pull over every hour or half-hour and stretch. Be sure to focus on the back area that is in pain.

When you arrive at the campsite, take a quick break. Do not immediately set up camp. Instead, sit back and relax for a little bit. Maybe walk around and work out any kinks in your back. Unpacking before a good walk and stretch can cause a serious stiffness in your back.

Need extra help and support? Find a foam roller online that is going to help your back out. Basically, foam rollers help workout any kinks in your back. Best of all, foam rollers are super simple to use. Lay down and simply roll back on forth on top of the device. It will help you stretch out your tight back instantly.

3.) Drink Water & Take Care Of Your Body

Yes, this sounds simple and redundant. But, many campers overlook the importance of water in general. In the human body, there is water between the discs of each and every other vertebra in the spine. Well, dehydration takes away the water and causes a serious ache. In hot weather, this becomes a big-time problem for anyone with severe back pain. So stay as hydrated as possible at all times.

Finally, just listen to your body. No, it will not talk to you. However, you can feel the aches and pains. Let this be an indication of breaks and rest periods. Never try to push through serious back pain. This guarantees the problem gets much worse over time. All the while, it can really ruin your camping trip. So be cautious and take your time during a camping trip. Do not feel pressured into going further if your body says no.

Closing Words On Camping With Back Pain

No longer should back pain get in the way of outdoor fun. Each key in this article aims towards a pain-free experience. At the very least, you minimize and keep back pain at bay. Every tip is just as important as the last. So is buying and preparing with the proper gear. The Camping Chair does more than provide information on the best camping chair.

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