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Camping With Dogs In California: Ideas & Locations

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published March 17, 2019

Camping is on the rise with younger people in America. Millennials enjoy camping because it is inexpensive and plenty of fun. Young people would rather enjoy a memorable experience than buy material items. In particular, young people love to camp with their puppies. After all, dogs are more popular than ever before. Some families have multiple dogs to take camping. Therefore, there is plenty of work required. Luckily, The Camping Chair has all the information on camping with dogs in California. Read more below and plan the perfect trip with your puppy.

Camping with dogs in California is fun, easy, and super inexpensive!
Camping with dogs in California is fun, easy, and super inexpensive!

Camping With Dogs In California: Locations

You already have your hands full with packing away a camping chair for yourself. Not to mention providing your own puppy with a dog camping chair. Do not worry. We have gathered a few of the best locations. Pick one below and enjoy a fun camping getaway!

1. Doran Regional Park

Year-round camping awaits at Doran Regional Park. As a result, you can take your puppy there during each and every season. There is a 2-mile stretch of the beach which allows pups. Bring your pup to the beach but, keep the puppy on a leash. Set up a nice little picnic with your partner or your family. Enjoy yourself out on the beach and take to the water for surfing, if that’s your thing. Plus, you can travel there in an RV or set up a tent for a night of camping.

2. Gualala Point Regional Park

The name “Gualala” has a nice ring to it. Well, the park itself is absolutely wonderful. There are options available for hikers, beach lovers, whale-watchers, and energetic little dogs. Take to the visitors center for some great information on the area. You might even be able to fish, depending on the season. Take on nearly 3 miles of trails all along the coastal bluffs. The most impressive part is that the trail rests right above the Gualala River!

3. Hood Mountain Regional Park

Hood Mountain sounds cool, right. This 1750-acre wilderness park is right near Sonoma Valley and Santa Rosa. The peak of Hood Mountain is 2,730 feet in the air. Thus, it is the Mayacamas Mountains highest peaks. Reserve your own environmental campsite for serious fun. Especially if you love some hiking.

4. Stillwater Cove Regional Park

On the northern Sonoma Coast, there is plenty of fun to be had. Especially at the Stillwater Cove Regional Park. Hop in a kayak for an oceanic experience. Inland campgrounds offer a plethora of sites for campers. Plus, this is a year-round campsite. So travel to Stillwater Cover Regional Park during every single season.

5. Westside Regional Park

The Westside Regional Park offers nearly 50 campsites all throughout. Meanwhile, you enjoy an absolutely brilliant view of the bay area. A wheelchair-accessible kayak launch puts inclusion first. So everyone can enjoy themselves. Kayakers and fishers are going to love this particular location. Not to mention that you will surely enjoy yourself all the same. Plan a fun picnic during the day or take on the water!

6. O’Neill Regional Park

4,500 acres deliver so much fun for campers and pets alike. The wood forestry is obviously very beautiful. But, it is absolutely atmospheric as well. Walk across nearly 23 miles of trails that stretch across the 4,500 acres of the campground. There are even locations on the grounds for RVs. Take your little pup out to the RV site and enjoy security inside of the RV.

7. Bolsa Chica State Beach

In 1960, Bolsa Chica State Beach became a state beach for California. Surfers, sunbathers, and outdoor enthusiasts all absolutely love this beach. Not to mention casual campers and beachgoers. Take your pup to the beach and soak in the sun. There are a number of restaurants all along the beach front. That way, you can stop for some quick grub and escape in the shade.

8. Doheny State Beach

According to state data, over one million visitors come to the Doheny state beach. There are volleyball courts, picnic facilities, and even a five-acre lawn for pups to run wild. Plus, they can enjoy themselves out on the beach. The best part is that you can actually make an online reservation. That way, picking out a spot is super easy!

A camping trip with your puppy is plenty of fun for both parties involved!
A camping trip with your puppy is plenty of fun for both parties involved!

Rule & Tips For California Camping With Dogs

Now, there are certain rules and regulations that come along with dog camping trips. First and foremost, always check the rules and regulations before you leave. That way, you are up to date with any potential changes to the rules. After all, rule changes happen quite often. You do not want to run into trouble with park rangers or even the law. Some people take their dog rules pretty serious.

First, always keep your dog on a 6-foot leash. This is rule number one. Do not mess with this rule. A dog off the leash results in a ticket and you are booted from the park. Again, some people take the dog rules pretty serious and they will alert authorities about a dog on a leash. Keep them near at all times to avoid issues with the park enforcement staff.

Second, clean up after your pup. Never let them waste. Instead, pick up their poop with a poop bag. Generally speaking, parks feature poop bags that are completely free of charge. They want you to clean up! Finally, keep them in an RV at the RV site at night. You should not let them roam wild at night when you are not watching them.

Last Words On Camping With Dogs In California

All across the country, travelers must leave behind their dogs for a fun trip. No more! There are so many camping locations available for you and your furry little friend. Take them on an unforgettable adventure. They will bond with you more than ever before. All the while, you get to see their cute smile stretch from ear to ear!

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