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    Published January 30, 2019

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Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Can Cooler

Coleman is on top of the camping chair market. Their Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Can Cooler is great for your camping trip. Why? It is a durable folding chair with cooler attached. The maximum weight capacity reaches up to 325 pounds. As a result, this chair is built for just about anyone. Not to mention there is a spacious 24-inch seat that is super comfortable. Sit back and relax at your camping site in a really cozy camping chair.

A soft head cushion at the top delivers an extra touch of comfortability. Rest your head on the cushion while you read a book or listen to the radio. It puts you in position to look out ahead at a scenic view during the day. At night, tilt your head up and see all of the stars above. This is one of the more impressive camping chairs on the market.

Storage and transportation are always key when it comes to a camping chair. Luckily, this chair weighs just under 8 pounds. So it is pretty easy to carry on and very light on your body. Don’t forget, you have to move around heavier camping equipment like your tent. So you do not want to burn up your energy lugging around a 20-pound camping chair.

This portable camping chair features a fold up design. Plus, you get a nice little carry bag as well. Put this folding chair with cooler attached right into the bag. This frees up space for all of your other camping gear and equipment. Meanwhile, carrying around the chair is much more convenient.

Often, customers focus so much on the extra features that they overlook the small details. For example, this is a quad camping chair. What does this mean? The chair has four feet that plop out and firmly plant into the ground. A quad design provides great strength and a sturdy design. All the while, it is unlikely to fall over and cause an injury or severe pain. This type of stability is ideal for anyone that gets in and out of their camping chair often.

This particular Coleman chair is number one on our list of the best camping chairs for a reason. The storage is absolutely out of this world. It all starts with a unique feature, the 4 can cooler. Yes, this camping chair fits a total of four cans of your favorite beer or soda. Best of all, the insulated design keeps drinks cold at all times. Even in the hot summer sun when drinks go flat. Keep a cold one on deck during your next camping trip with this high-quality camping chair. Also, there are side pockets big enough to store away snacks, a magazine, and even a thick book!

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Coleman is a top of the line brand. Their camping chair products are not just good, they are very innovative. So you get to enjoy creative storage all during your next camping trip. You will absolutely love this camping chair!

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