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Couple Camping Games: Four Fun Activities

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 18, 2019

Camping provides a number of great benefits. Specifically, camping can enhance and strengthen relationships. Especially if you plan out a fun and romantic trip. Generally speaking, the idea of camping is pretty romantic on its face. you and your partner enjoy a weekend away from people and everyday problems. Free yourselves from work obligations and people you do not like. All the while, enjoy some great couple camping games.

Are you not the creative type? Do not worry. Here at The Camping Chair, we want to help campers optimize their time in the great outdoors. This includes providing ideas on great camping games and activities along with buying guides on camping gear. So here are four exciting camping activities and games for couples!

1. Card Games & Board Games

The best part about card games and board games is that you can play them literally anywhere. This includes your camping bed for bad back and even your camping chair. Card games like Poker and Jackblack are always fun. Plus, they are also easy to learn how to play. Not to mention that a deck of cards is pretty inexpensive.

On the other hand, board games are the safest bet. First, board games are incredibly easy. Second, everyone loves board games. This ranges from Monopoly to Candyland and even to Yahtzee. Anyone and everyone loves to get in on some board games. Take the fun to another level with a couple of drinks!

Cars are an inexpensive option with great value when it comes to couple camping games.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Now, a scavenger hunt is definitely one of the more difficult couple camping games. However, the results are worth the effort. Not only is a scavenger hunt a great deal of fun. It is also going to impress your partner. Show off some creativity with careful planning and thoughtful scavenger hunt goals.

Scavenger hunts are easier at a campsite you know well. However, you can still enjoy a scavenger hunt at a new location. Just find a map of the campsite. Keep it general during the hunt. This means marketing large landmarks, rivers and ponds, and other attractive areas around your campsite. That way, you get to enjoy the great outdoors during your fun games.

3. Enjoy The Sounds Of Nature

Not everyone lives in a rural area. Campers from metropolitan areas often deal with unpleasant sounds. This can include the honking of car horns, police sirens, and noisy apartment neighbors. As a result, it is fun to sit back and listen to the sounds of nature. Best of all, one small tweak and you get to play a very fun camping game.

Basically, you play an alternative to “I-Spy”. Rather than spying with your eye, listen with your ears. Try to find the sounds of running water, animals, and more. In some cases, you might even get lost in the peace and quiet. New sounds can excite you and your partner while opening up your eyes to the beauty of nature.

4. Look Up At The Stars

Stargazing is less of a game and more of a romantic activity. Plus, is is the easiest to do among all other couple camping games. All you need is a tent, a camping bed for couples, and a list of the consetellations. Check each box and prepare yourself for a night of awe and amazement!

The best part of looking up and finding constellations is the romantic element. Sure, this is not exhilarating like a scavenger hunt or jumping off of rocks into a big lake. But, the end goal is to create a romantic mood during go trick. So do one of the more exciting games during the day. Wind down with a card game or boardgame. You might even want to cook romantic camping meals. Then, cap the night off with an hour of star gazing.

Star gazing is not just fun. It is absolutely romantic.

Tying It All Together On Couple Camping Games

As you will learn, sometimes camping is really less about what you do and is more about where you are. Yes, camping couple games enhance the trip. Especially when it comes to the overall fun and excitement. However, the true enjoyment comes from being with someone you love. In particular, freeing yourself from the stress of everyday life by being away from it all. So plan out your next trip and make sure you think of some romantic and fun activities. You will enjoy yourself while providing a romantic getaway for your partner.

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