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Dog Friendly Swimming Holes Florida

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    Published March 17, 2019

Traveling with your pup can be an absolute blast. However, it can also be really tough. You need to properly pack for yourself and your dog. This means packing away your camping chair and their doggy camping chair. But, you need to properly plan out the trip too. Most importantly, you need to find the right location for you and your dog. Unfortunately, not all state parks and swimming holes welcome dogs. One of the best locations for traveling with pups is definitely Florida. Especially considering all of the dog friendly swimming holes Florida. Read through all the best puppy spots below!

Dog friendly beaches are a population destination in Florida.
Dog friendly beaches are a population destination in Florida.

Dog Friendly Swimming Holes: Parks & Camping Locations

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1. Dog Wood Park

Dog Wood Park is a leash-free zone for pups. Thus, they can be let off the leash during your visit here. Let them run around and exercise for a well-adjusted lifestyle. This helps them maintain a strong sense of control. Best of all, there is a big swimming lake for puppies too!

2. Lighthouse Point Park

Nature trails, pavilions, fishing, and swimming await. But, the best part is obviously the lighthouse. Take in a grand sense of history and enjoy some beautiful scenery all at once. Then, take a long hike with your puppy. You never know what a fun hike might encompass. Plus, you wear them out for a long night of restful sleep.

3. Smyrna Dunes Park

Now, the Smyrna Dunes Park is one of the coolest parks. According to the Volusia County website, this park is made of five different ecosystems. This includes a saltwater marsh, a scrub zone, dunes, river, and ocean. Each ecosystem just as fun as the last. Explore new areas with your puppy. You can hop in the water after a long walk to cool down. In some cases, you can even rent a boat to head out onto the water.

4. Myakka River State Park

The Myakka River State Park is the largest state park n Florida. Keep your puppy on a 6-foot leash at the park. Also, check their site for further rules and regulations. Enjoy all types of fishing and boating await you and your family pup.

5. Crystal Isles Campground

Lastly, this is the best dog friendly swimming holes Florida for RV campers. Travel in your RV to this campground and hang out in a boat or near the beach. There is so much to do with your family and puppy.

Your dog will absolutely love a fun day at the beach!
Your dog will absolutely love a fun day at the beach!

Dog Friendly Swimming Holes Florida: Beaches

Florida offers more than just swimming holes for campers. Instead, Florida contains a prominent number of dog friendly beaches. So you can mingle with other dog owners while your pup plays with new friends!

1. Fort De Soto State Park: Dog Beach & Paw Playground

Fort De Soto state park is one of the most popular locations for pups in Florida. Best of all, there are separate locations for bigger dogs and smaller dogs. Therefore, small dog owners never need to worry about the safety of their pup. As always, follow the rule of keeping your pup on a 6-foot leash. But, there is something super special about this beach. On the beach, take the leash off of your dog! Then, let them run and jump and swim for plenty of fun!

2. Pier Park Dog Beach

This is the only dog friendly beach in Panama City. This beach delivers a safe area for doggies during the day. Enjoy outdoor restaurants that are placed all along the beach. Run with your pup then stop for some grub. Check for the rules on the website before you visit.

3. Jupiter Beach

The Jupiter Beach has been dog friendly since 1989. As a result, it is a historic location for little pups. 2.5 miles of the beach delivers hours of endless fun for your doggy. Spend the day at the beach with your dog. But, read the rules before you go.

4. Gulfside Beach

Looking for a nice beach to picnic with your dog? If so, then you need to check out the Gulfside Beach. Plot out a delicious picnic for yourself, some friends, and the dogs. There are even barbecue grills available too. That way, you can really go all in on the food!

5. Walton Rocks Dog Beach

Last but not least, the Walton Rocks Dog Beach might be the best dog friendly beach in Florida. Why? Because it features an off-leash rule set. So you can let your puppy loose out on the beach. No need to worry about the leash!

Tips On Camping With Your Dog

First and foremost, you need a leash almost all of the time. Yes, there are beaches where dogs are allowed off the leash. However, you still need a leash for all of the other areas. Generally speaking, the off-leash areas pertain only to segments of the beach. So do not automatically take the leash off right when you arrive. Wait until you are in the proper, designated area.

Second, think about the wildlife. Florida is not like many other places. There are crocodiles and all types of bugs to look out for. Be mindful of your puppy at all times. Be cautious and careful too. You want them to have fun, yes. But, you also want them to be as safe as possible!

Last Thoughts On Dog Friendly Swimming Holes Florida

Here at The Camping Chair, we care about camping experiences. Obviously, we want to deliver high-quality information on camping gear. But, that information is useless without the right camping locations. Always properly plot out your camping trip before leaving. Avoid winging it. Life throws curveballs and you always want to be ready.

Florida is one of the best locations to camp and travel to with a family pet. Not every area welcomes dogs like Florida. This is why there are so many off-leash zones! Always check before you leave to go on a camping trip. Every state has different kinds of rules and regulations.

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