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Easy Camping Meals for Large Groups

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 18, 2019

Planning a camp trip with your family and some friends? Feeding a big group is not easy. Especially during a camping trip away from home. Cooking a good camping meal requires both talent and innovation. Not to mention some super simple recipe ideas. Luckily, the Camping Chair has all of the easy camping meals for large groups.

Now, this list is divided into three categories. One category is for grilling or using a slow cooker product in an RV. This is better for traveling in an RV where you can access important utilities. Second, there is a category for cooking in a skillet over the campfire. Finally, the last category is for packaged food.

Grill & Slow Cooker Meals

Now, these meals are ideal for campgrounds with a grill or long RV trips. That way, you access all of the proper utilities and appliances. However, there are also the easiest meals for a large group. Why? Because it is really hard to mess up food on the grill. Also, you can hang out and cook in a camping chair. Relax and enjoy a few beers while the food cooks.

Burgers, Sausages, Chicken, & Hot Dogs: This is super simple. Each and every food speaks for itself. Burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and sausages are all super popular. So this is a great way to feed a lot of people. Best of all, you can do it on a budget. Get some spices together and season up the meat. Place it on the grill and let it cook. Then, you are all set. Yes, it is really that easy!

Ribs: Another popular idea for a large group of people. Now, ribs do take some work. You need to properly barbecue up the ribs for a full day before cooking. Really let the ribs marinate. In some cases though, there are pre-marinated ribs available. Just put down some tinfoil. Then, cook the ribs right on the tinfoil.

Salmon: Yes, salmon. This may be surprising to some. But, salmon is super popular across the United States. Plus, you can add some flair to the salmon. Put it in teriyaki marinade over the night. Let it soak up that teriyaki flavor. Put it in tinfoil on the grill just like ribs. Best of all, it is very nutritional for kids.

Sloppy Joes: Another super popular and easy camping meals for large group. Sloppy Joes are killer. Buy some shredded pulled pork from a local grocery store. Keep it in storage until you leave and then cook it on the grill. Kids love sloppy joes.

Skewers: Skewers are the most fun meal for big families on a camping trip. Bring along skewers physically. Then, set up vegetables and diced meats. Let everyone pick and choose their favorite vegetables and meat. They put their choices onto the skewer. Then, place all of the skewers onto the grill. Constantly rollover the skewers to evenly cook the food. Then, you are all done. This is one of the easiest camping meals available.

Skewers are one of the east camping meals for large group.
Skewers are one of the east camping meals for large group.

Campfire Pizza Logs: Do not let the name fool you. This is not cooked over a campfire. Roll out dough into a big rectangle. You can buy some refrigerated pizza dough. Put in a half-cup of pizza sauce, 8 oz of mozzarella cheese. Add all of your favorite toppings too. One end of the rectangle. Roll up the dough like a cinnamon roll. Pinch every end. It should look like a big log. Wrap up the sandwich in tin foil and freeze it. Thaw it out before cooking. Cooking on the grill for no more than 25-minutes. Flip it off. After, cut it open and serve to all. It is just like fresh pizza.

Campfire Roasted Apples: Another super simple idea. Plus, this is a nice little dessert. Best of all, kids enjoy the nutrition of apples. Dice up an apple and put it into tinfoil. Then, put the tinfoil over a grill. Let the apples cook. Then, you are done! Thus, you enjoy some warm fruit.

Chili: Chili is a great slow cooker idea. Now, slow cookers are only available in an RV. But, they are totally worth it. Get some chicken and dice it up. Then, get beans and some chili sauce. Put it all in the slow cooker.

Skillet Meals

Skillet meals are fun for one primary reason. You can cook it right over a campfire. Enjoy some fun skillet meals below.

Skillet Stir-Fry: Stir-fry is very filling. Get a big skillet or two skillets for a big group. Then, pour in rice, chicken, and vegetables. Cook it all up! Continuously mix up the food while cooking. That way, everything is evenly cooked. Everyone loves good stir-fry.

Skillet Pasta: Pasta is also very filling. Plus, pasta features literally anything and everything. As long as there are some noodles! Put the noodles in first. Then you can add some cheese, shrimp, chicken, whatever you want. Get the most out of a skillet meal by throwing in a bunch of ingredients!

Eggs: When it comes to easy camping meals for large group, eggs reigns supreme. First, breakfast foods are hard to get people to agree on. However, eggs are basically universally loved. Second, eggs are so simple. Just place them down and then cook accordingly. Scrambled eggs require scrambling. But, there are plenty of egg variations out there.

Fry some eggs in a skillet for a nice and easy camping meal.
Fry some eggs in a skillet for a nice and easy camping meal.

Pancakes: Make some pancake mix before you leave. RV campers do not need to worry about this. You can just bring pancake mix in the box. Pour the pancake mix into the skillet. Let it cook. Want to add some variation? Pour in the mix then add fruits/delicates. Chocolate chips are a fun addition to pancakes. Plus, you can add strawberries and cherries too!

Pre-Planned Foods

Want to get your easy camping meals for large group out of the way before leaving? Here are some pre-packed food ideas. Put together this food before heading out for the long camping trip.

Pasta Salad: RV campers, rejoice. You can put together a nice pasta salad a few days before departure. Best of all, simple refrigeration allows the pasta salad to last for days. Kids might not like it. But your friends do!

Camp Sandwich: Get a big, long loaf of bread from the store. Build it like a giant sandwich. Cut the sandwich into a bunch of smaller sections. This number depends on the people in attendance. More people? Cut more sections. It is super simple and convenient. Best of all, it will last for a very long time!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches: Every kid loves peanut butter and jelly. Unless they are allergic. Always check with joining families to double check. If it is all clear then stock up on some jelly and peanut butter. However, you can also just pre-make sandwiches. That way, they are on hand at all times. This is ideal for long hikes away from the tents!

Overnight Oats: Buy milk, oats, yogurt, and chia seeds. Adding bananas is your choice. Put them all into a big container, preferably with a top. Stir up the ingredients. Then, refrigerate it overnight. This is key. Do not do any shorter period of time. Add more liquid if necessary. After, add on some more fruit and nuts. You can even top it off with some fun cinnamon spices. Variations await!

Overnight oats are easy to make and serve as a tasty breakfast!
Overnight oats are easy to make and serve as a tasty breakfast!

Breakfast Burittos: This seems complex on the surface. However, it is super simple. Basically, gather together the breakfast burrito ingredients. Usually, this includes eggs, bacon, and sausage. Feel free to throw some extra ingredients in there though.  After, roll it all up into a burrito.

Banana Bread: Banana bread is super popular. As a result, there is no shortage of available recipes online. But, we encourage you to practice before going all in. After all, first tries can often result in failure. Plus, you can give it to your family. Get their feedback on whether or not they like your particular recipe. Then, bake up a batch before your next camping trip.

Energy Balls: Energy balls are not just easy to make. They are absolutely delicious. Best of all, it is super portable and ideal for camping. You can literally pack up ten energy balls without any worry. Take things up a notch for larger groups. Energy balls are the perfect meal for a long hike or a fishing trip. Plus, they are bite-sized and can serve as a mid-day snack. Not to mention they do not require any baking.

Final Thoughts On Easy Camping Meals for Large Group

Across the country, families camp together all of the time. Now, there are plenty of great camping meal ideas. But not all of them are easy. Luckily, each and every recommendation from The Camping Chair is super simple. You do not need to be a food expert to put together a delicious and nutritious meal. Plus, each idea on this list will deliver great results. Become the hero of your next camping trip.

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