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Finding State Parks That Allow Dogs

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    Published April 1, 2021

Locating State Parks That Allow Dogs

Did you know that it’s actually quite common to find state parks that allow dogs? While not all of them are able to cater to pet owners who want to go camping, many of them will definitely be able to accommodate you. It’s all just a matter of finding the right state park so you can plan your trip. In today’s brief guide, we want to offer some advice on finding a state park that works for your situation. Additionally, you’ll find some general tips for camping with a dog that may come in handy! Stick around, and be sure to leave some of your thoughts down in the comments for our readers to check out!

Check Out Official Websites

One of the best ways to find state parks that allow dogs is simply by taking a look at their website. These days, every state park across the country should have a website of some kind. You’ll be able to find plenty of useful information there on camp sites, trails, seasonal availability, and (most importantly in this case) their rules for dogs. Many state parks have no problems allowing you to camp with your dogs. However, there are often regulations that need to be followed. Additionally, many state parks do not allow dogs on their hiking trails. Remember that this is not always the case, though! It will definitely pay off to check out the websites of state parks in the area you plan on visiting. They may have their own rules that are better suited to your plans. Just make sure to do your research and you should find exactly what you’re looking for!

State Parks That Allow Dogs
Going camping with your dog, whether alone or with the whole family, can be a real adventure. If you are hoping to stay at a state park during your trip, be sure to double check the place you’re going is one of the state parks that allow dogs. Otherwise, you could run into a problem when you arrive!

Tips for Camping with Dogs

Once you have found a state park that seems like a good fit, it’s time to start planning out the rest of your camping trip! If you’re bringing your dog along, there are a number of things you’ll need to be aware of while camping, and there’s plenty of gear that you could find useful. Check out this section for some advice!

The most important rule for camping with a dog is to keep an eye on them at all times. Unless they’re on a leash being held by someone or something, it’s possible that they could see something in the distance and bolt off at any time. That would be a disaster, and something you want to avoid at all cost. One of the best ways to avoid this, and ensure you don’t have to hold your dog’s leash 24/7, is by buying a metal stake and leash set. This will let you keep your dog safely in the confines of your campsite without you needing to watch over them all day. Just make sure the stake and leash are both secure!

If you’re going to be camping near other people, it’s a good idea to get to know them at least a little bit. If your dog happens to get off their leash or something along those lines, it can help to have friendly people nearby. They might be able to help you grab the dog before they get too far, or at the very least will hopefully be able to tell you where the dog went. Plus, you could make a few new friends while you’re out there!

The Most Important Camping Gear for Dogs

Staying hydrated is key for anyone while camping, and that certainly includes dogs. Whether you’re camping near a place with access to clean water, or you plan on bringing your own, always make sure you bring along a water bowl for your pup. Also be sure to check it many times throughout the day to keep it filled, especially on particularly warm days. Dogs need a lot of water, especially when they’re physically active. As a matter of fact, people do too! This is unrelated to camping with your dog, but many people are underhydrated throughout the day without knowing it. Make sure you drink enough water for yourself as well!

On a similar topic, you’ll have to bring plenty of food for your dog as well as a food bowl. It should be possible for you to keep the same eating schedule they have at home, allowing them not to miss a beat when it comes to meals. Whether they eat wet food or dry food, both should do fine when out camping as long as you have a reliable container for it.

Finally, one last minute accessory that will definitely come in handy while visiting state parks that allow dogs is a harness for your dog. While it’s possible for you to attach a leash to a collar, it can often be uncomfortable for the dog, especially if they often pull on their leash. As long as you pick up a harness that fits properly, it will no doubt be more comfortable for them.

State Parks That Allow Dogs
Its always important to keep a close eye on your dog when you’re out in the wild. Bringing along plenty of gear for your pup isn’t a bad idea either! Whatever you can do to prepare before leaving will help you out in the long run.

Final Thoughts on State Parks That Allow Dogs

Picking out the right campsite if you’re camping with a dog should be easier than in the past. Not only do many state parks allow it, but the information should also be pretty easy to access. If you’re not able to find any details on the state park’s website, a quick phone call to the office should help you out.

Do you have any particular parks in mind that you’d like to recommend? Let our readers know in the comments so they can check it out for themselves! Good luck in your search for the right park, and make sure to stay safe out there whenever you’re camping.

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