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Fun Things To Bring Camping

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published January 22, 2019

Americans absolutely love camping. Plus, there are so many great campsites across the country. Specifically, camping is super popular amongst younger generations like millennials. Why? Young generations use their creativity to enjoy time away from civilization. This includes physical activities like hiking, swimming, and just simply relaxing. However, there are some cool items available to take with you on camping trips. As a result, The Camping Chair has your informational guide to all the fun things to bring camping!

Now, make sure you take all of the normal necessities. This includes a tent, sleeping bags, food, and other proper provisions. However, once you depart from the necessities you start to have some fun. Read through all 6 of our fun item recommendations below. We guarantee it will spice up your next camping trip.

1. Flashlights

This is the easiest item to bring with you on a camping trip. Why? You can buy a flashlight literally anywhere. Best of all, you can bring batteries along with you to use. However, there are even rechargeable batteries as well. Flashlights are great for young children that can play flashlight tag and other games. But, flashlights are also great for adults.

Flashlights allow safe travel late at night. This is handy during a camping trip deep in the woods. After all, there is no natural source of light nor is there is an unnatural source of light. Traverse across a big hike at night with some helpful flashlights!

2. Smores & Fire Equipment

Smores are the most obvious camping item to bring along. Everyone loves smores. Furthermore, everyone loves to make smores. This is true for both full-grown adults and young kids. Therefore, we encourage campers to get all of the necessary smores parts. This includes the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

Now, some campers can start a fire with sticks and some wood. However, not everyone is a boy scout. As a result, you might want to buy helpful fire starting tools. There are plenty of safe and convenient options available for purchase. Thus, you can start up a fire safely for some great late night fun!

Absolutely everyone loves delicious smores over a big fire!
Absolutely everyone loves delicious smores over a big fire!

3. Hammock

A hammock is super fun and super easy to set up. But, a hammock usually only holds one or two people. We recommend a hammock for camping trips with your partner. But, a hammock is still one of the fun things to bring camping. After all, children weigh less and can squeeze into a nice-sized hammock.

Traveling with more than one person? Do not fret. Who says you can only take one hammock? No one. Instead, you can take multiple hammocks. But, you do need to find a proper spot for each hammock. Be mindful as you pack for your next camping trip.

A hammock is one of the most fun things to bring camping for relaxation.
A hammock is one of the most fun things to bring camping for relaxation.

4. Gotenna Wireless Communication Network

You have probably never heard of Gotenna. However, Gotenna is deemed a popular device from Vice, The Washington Post, and PC Magazine. Simply put, this device sets up a peer-to-peer communication system. Thus, you communicate with your camping group, regardless of network conditions or lack thereof.

Why do you want communication while camping? Why not? This is incredibly handy, especially camping with teenagers. After all, sometimes teenagers want space away from their parents. Well, your teens can go down to the creek without any break in communication. Keep tabs on everyone in your camping group with one of the fun things to bring camping!

5. RAVE Sports Bongo Water Trampoline

Camping near a nice lake? Well, this is definitely one of the best items to bring. Adults, teenagers, and children all love swimming and water. Especially when a fun water trampoline is present. As a result, you and your fellow campers spend so much time having fun!

Children love trampolines and they also love water. Therefore, a water trampoline combines the best of both worlds. Best of all, you can deflate the trampoline into a compact and convenient size.

6. Fishing Gear

According to data, fishing is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities. As a matter of fact, 49 million Americans were fishing through flyfishing methods, in salt water, and fresh water. Thus, fishing equipment like fishing rods and bait are amongst some of the most fun things to bring camping. Especially if you and your fellow campers avid fishers.

The best part of fishing involves all of the relaxations. Some people do not like fishing and claim it is boring. For avid fishers, this is the primary appeal. Cast your reel and sit back and relax. You get to do nothing while also potentially catching a fish. All the while, you might even catch a fish for some food. If not, then you can hang up it on the wall as a trophy.

Special Item: A Guitar

Now, this is one of the many fun things to bring camping with an exception. You need to play the guitar. However, if you can play then the guitar is absolutely a great idea. Why? Because everyone loves music! If you can play great songs then it delivers some serious enjoyment. Especially if you have a good singing voice!

Guitars are also a great way to bring everyone together while delivering some ambiance. Use your fire equipment to start up a fire in just a few moments. After, a few strums from the guitar and everyone surrounds the campfire. As mentioned earlier, smores are a fabulous item to bring camping. Well, a late night fire with some smores definitely improves with fun guitar tunes.

Wrapping It All Up

Across the country, campers continue camping. As mentioned before, millennials are taking this trend forward. Thus, The Camping Chair knows that more and more newbie campers need helpful advice. Even experienced campers need help tweaking and enhancing their camping experience. Look back over our list of fun things to bring camping for extra help. Also, visit our buying guide to the best camping chair products for great recommendations!

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