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Fun Things to Do While Camping in the Rain

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published January 19, 2021

Things to Do While Camping in the Rain
There’s no denying that rain can be a major damper on a good time. However, you don’t have to let it ruin your entire trip. Check out our advice on some things to do while camping in the rain!

The Best Things to Do While Camping in the Rain

Nothing can spoil a fun camping trip like bad weather. However, that does not have to be the case. It’s completely and totally possible for you to not only get through a rainy camping trip, but to still have fun! It’s all just a matter of packing the right gear, bringing some possible activities, and having the right mindset. Rain is a very common occurrence in our day to day lives. If you ask us, you’re better off at least planning for the potential of rain during your trip. That’s why it is never a bad idea to pack along some of the stuff we’ll be talking about in today’s guide.

We have plenty of ideas on fun things to do while camping in the rain, and we’re more than happy to share them with you. You’ll find solo activities here, as well as things that can be done as a group. Similarly, our suggestions apply to both adults and kids, so you can have fun no matter who you’re camping with! Stick around and take a look at some of our recommendations. If you have thoughts of your own on the topic, be sure to share them with us in the comments section at the bottom. We always love hearing what our readers have to say, and you may be able to help someone else out with your idea! For now, let’s go ahead and take a look at some fun rainy day activities while out camping.

1. Board Games, Card Games, Party Games

Whenever you’re going camping with family or friends, it’s a good idea to pack along some games for everyone to enjoy. You’ll likely find time for these even without any rain, but they will especially come in handy if you do happen to have some bad weather. Talk to your group and see if anyone has any ideas for what games they like to play. Depending on how many people you have, a classic board game may be a good idea. It’s also a great idea to bring along a pack or two of playing cards. That will certainly provide you with plenty of options.

It also feels like party games are more popular than ever before. There are plenty of exciting options out there made for groups both large and small. Games like Ultimate Werewolf, Cards Against Humanity, and even classics like Charades can help pass a rainy afternoon while still providing everyone with a good time. Camping trips are great for social bonding, and these games will allow you to achieve that even in the pouring rain. Let’s just hope your tent was set up properly to keep you all dry while you play!

Things to Do While Camping in the Rain
You may have to find some shelter to do so, but playing cards can be a life-saver when you’re looking for ways to pass the time during the rain. Plus, there are countless games available, with options for every size group.

2. Read a Book

We all know it can be hard to find the time to read at home, no matter how badly we want to. The schedule of our daily lives just tends to make it difficult. Thankfully, a rainy day outdoors can be a perfect time to hunker down inside your tent and dive into that novel you’ve been wanting to check out. Whether the rain lasts for an hour, or the entire day, you will at least be able to escape into another world. If you’re anything like us, it won’t be too much of a downer to get some time to yourself.

Just make sure you bring along a good book or two. Otherwise, you could find yourself with nothing to do if it rains! We have heard so many tales from campers who didn’t bring enough things to do while camping in the rain. Don’t let yourself fall into this category! It doesn’t matter if it’s a book you love and have ready many times before, or something you want to dive into for the first time. As long as it’s something that captures your imagination, it’ll work just fine.

3. Fishing

As long as you have the proper outdoor gear, a rainy day can actually be some of the best times for fishing. During these darker and damper days, many lake fish are much more active in the water. This should hopefully provide you with plenty of game to catch! Whether you’ve been fishing a thousand times before, or this is your very first time, it’s never a bad day to fish. It’s good for introspection, patience, mindfulness and more. Additionally, if you know how to clean and gut a fish, it could provide you and your friends or family with a nice dinner!

Just make sure to outfit yourself with a nice raincoat, a fishing rod and the rest of the equipment you’ll need. With that, it’s not too hard to spend a whole afternoon out on the water. As long as you have solid rainproof clothing, the weather shouldn’t even be too much of a bother for you! That just further emphasizes the importance of coming out camping prepared for anything. If you’re lucky, by the end of the day you may have had several magnificent catches to show off! If you decide to throw your fish back into the water, make sure to at least grab some good pictures to share.

Things to Do While Camping in the Rain
As long as you make sure your supplies and equipment are protected from the rain, bringing along something to paint, photograph or draw is never a bad idea. Even in poor weather, nature can be a fantastic inspiration.

4. Create Some Art

If you’re a creative person, the great outdoors can be an excellent place to gather inspiration and create something of your own. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, or artist, nature likely holds a special place in your heart. Before you leave for your trip, even if you don’t anticipate spending much time on it, go ahead and bring along your supplies. Don’t forget to pack along things to protect them in case it rains, such as plastic bags. As long as your items are properly protected from the elements, there’s no reason to leave them at home.

Depending on what your chosen medium is, you may either be confined to your tent, or free to wander around. While it might seem on the surface that the rain is a hamper on your trip, we hope that you can find a silver lining and draw some inspiration from the situation. Plenty of amazing art has been created in slightly unfortunate situations. Take advantage of the rain and get some art out there, no matter what it is!

5. Go on a Hike

This next option may not be for everyone. If you’re the type of person who really hates being out in the rain, it might not be a bad idea to stay under shelter. However, if you’re open to it, and have the proper gear, there’s nothing wrong with hiking in the rain! In fact, it’s one of our favorite things to do while camping in the rain. If you’re up to this, we recommend investing in some high-quality rainproof hiking gear. Your standard raincoat probably won’t be enough to fully protect you. There is plenty of exciting gear out there though, so don’t be afraid to take a look at some options.

Unless your very confident in your hiking abilities, we don’t suggest going out by yourself in the rain. Always try to have at least one friend or family member around. So the real trick might be convincing more people to come out into the rain with you! As long as everyone has the right supplies and equipment, it can be a great time. It’s a bit more adventurous, and you may even get a glimpse at some different wildlife than you otherwise would!

Things to Do While Camping in the Rain
If you have weather-appropriate clothing and the right gear, there is no reason you can’t hike in the rain. Some people even prefer the ambience and atmosphere compared to a hot, sunny day!

Always Pack for the Possibility of Rain

Before you go, we just want to talk a little bit about preparing for rain on your camping trip. There are a number of rain-proof items that we recommend bringing on every trip. If you pack this equipment, you should have a much easier time dealing with rain.

  • Heavy-Duty Tarp
    • We’d even recommend bringing two of these if you can fit. You can set up your tent on top of one, and use the other as a protective layer over your tent.
  • Sealable Plastic Bags
    • The small bags with zip seals are great to have on-hand for cell phones, chargers, and other water-sensitive items. You can never have too many of these around!
  • Waterproof Clothing
    • Always bring some of this, even if there’s no rain expected. We all know how big of a regret it can be if you run into rain and don’t have the right clothes. It’s always better to be prepared!

There you have it! You’ve now learned an assortment of things to do while camping in the rain. Additionally, you’ll have an idea of some useful equipment to bring along on your next trip. If you have any questions with us, or want to share some tips of your own, check out the comments section below!

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