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    Published February 2, 2019

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Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping Chair

The Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping Chair is one of the more versatile camping chairs on the market. First, this chair can go beyond just the campsite. Use it to watch fireworks or even to tailgate for your College football team. Second, it is also one of the best camping chair for bad backs. Thus, it can help people alleviate back pain in a number of ways. All the while, it gets the job done for both casual and experienced campers.

What is a dual lock camping chair? Basically, the bottom legs lock together. This feature keeps the camping chair firmly locked into one of two positions: open or closed. Lock the chair closed for better transportation and portability. That way, the chair does not randomly pop open as you carry it around. Not only can this be annoying, but it could jam your fingers. On the other hand, lock that chair open for enhanced stability and comfort. The chair will not collapse nor will it sink down.

The maximum Weight capacity of 300 pounds can generally support most campers. Plus, the dual locking design increases the overall stability and sturdiness of this support. Not to mention the simple design is rather attractive to most campers. Best of all, you pick from a number of different Rainbow color options. That way, you find a camping chair that matches the rest of your camping gear.

Like most of the best camping chairs, this chair comes with a convenient carrying bag. Thus, it is easy to store away our dual lock camping chair while on the go. Simply folding chair down into a compact size. Put it in the bag and you are all good to go. This frees up your hands to carry your camping bed and other essential camping gear. Use the bag’s strap and throw it right over your shoulder.

Now, this chair delivers great storage space for all of your items. Mesh zip-up pockets offer spacious storage areas for items like your smartphone, sunglasses, and other smaller sized items. Meanwhile, the mesh cupholders offer a nice spot for your drinks. Most camping chairs only offer one cupholder in the armrest. Instead, this caping chair provides you with two! Store a water in one cup holder and your special beverage in the other.

The big highlight in this camping chair is the big breathable mesh strip in the back. Camping is most popular during the summer. This is also when temperatures reach their highest point. For some, this leaves to plenty of the uncomfortable sweat. However, this breathable mesh strip let’s air flow in and out of the chair. As a result, you stayed cool and comfortable during your camping trip. Do not worry about embarrassing sweat stains anymore.

Finally, the durable diamond ripstop polyester is the last feature of note. Simply put, this material is built for all of the challenges of camping. This includes regular wear and tear along with whatever mother nature brings your way. We highly recommend this chair to any and all campers!

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