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Leaving Dog In Tent While Camping: The Do’s & Don’ts

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 3, 2019

Are you planning a family camping trip and want to take your furry companion along? Dog maintenance is hard enough indoors. Let alone going to the great outdoors where there are potential pests, different types of surfaces, and all kinds of animals. As a result, you need to understand the do’s and don’ts of leaving dog in tent while camping. That way, you enjoy camping without any worries about your dog’s safety.

Generally speaking, it is important to start with all of the essentials before anything else. This includes all doggy gear, equipment, and nutrition. You need your dog’s collar, leash, food and water containers,  treats, poop bags, a towel, a brush, a canine first aid kit, and their kennel/crate. Properly pack all essential before you even think about keeping a dog in a tent. Now, here are all of the facts you need on dogs, camping, and your tent.

Leaving Dog In Tent While Camping: Rule #1

First, it is important to think about the weather and the time of year. Usually, campers get out to the campsite during the summer. Obviously, this brings about warmer temperatures. Do not leave your dog in the tent without proper ventilation. This means unzipping the tent so that air flows in and out. In some cases, the tent itself can provide ventilation with mesh material. Mesh material features a number of holes and thin material. That way, air flows in and out of the tent.

The tent is one of the safest places for your dog at the campsite.
The tent is one of the safest places for your dog at the campsite.

Keeping Your Dog In The Tent While Away

What if you need to go away from the campsite and cannot bring your pup? Always try to keep someone around the pup. An unsupervised puppy will chew up garbage and might even nibble on camping tools. As a result, it is wise to bring their kennel/crate. Crate trained puppies will stay put in their crate while you are away. Best of all, the dog knows not to soil the crate. That way, they do not waste inside the tent.

Again, provide your puppy with ventilation. A closed off tent can heat up quickly during the day. Especially if there is no air flow in and out. Remember, puppies have fur all over their body. Thus, they heat up faster than humans. Provide them with food and water in their crate as well. Your dogs need nutrition and water is the best way to cool them down while avoiding dehydration.

Now, tent life during the day can provide one benefit. Especially if you stay with your pup. Tents provide sun protection from the sun. A long day of play can work your dog up and makes them warm. Well, the shade cools down your puppy along with their water supply!

Leaving dog in a tent at night along with you and your family is safe and convenient for everyone!
Leaving dog in a tent at night along with you and your family is safe and convenient for everyone!

Leaving Dog In A Tent At Night

The safest time for leaving dog in a tent is during the night. Why? Because you are with the dog. So if there are any problems you are within arms reach. Much like humans, dogs suffer anxiety. Unfortunately, this anxiety worsens when the environment changes around the dog. As a result, your first camping trip might be a lot on your dog. Keep them close at night to help calm any potential separation anxiety.

The best part is that you can provide your dog with a little bed. Plus, this bed can double as a camping chair for dogs. Therefore, your dog has a place to sleep at night and a lounge spot during the day. Sit back and relax at the campsite in your own camping chair while your dog sprawls out and naps for hours on end. Best of all, this chair delivers a number of benefits.

Your dog’s camping chair prevents overheating and protects your pup. At night, the ground gets really cold. As a result, the camping chair keeps them from discomfort. Furthermore, a camping chair keeps them away from the potential pests at a campsite. Wild animals can carry random diseases and parasites. A dog sleeping in a tent is much safer than sleeping anywhere else.

Closing Thoughts

Worried about leaving dog in a tent? Just be attentive and reasonable. Again, do not leave your pup in a tent alone during the day. Ventilation can help but it may not always be enough. Leave one camper behind to watch over your pup. It is always better safer than sorry.

Take care of your pup during your camping trip. Frequently check them out and provide constant nutrition. At night, let your dog sleep in a nice camping bed while you rest up!

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