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Making a Camping Cooking Equipment List

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    Published February 25, 2021

Camping Cooking Equipment List
With the right equipment, you wont have to settle for anything less than great food while out camping. Use our camping cooking equipment list to make sure you bring along everything you need!

Stay Organized with a Camping Cooking Equipment List

Whenever we start planning a trip, whether it’s camping or another type of vacation, we always make a list of the things we want to bring along. Doing this ensures we aren’t scrambling last minute to bring along everything we might need. If you start working on a list a few months before you leave, you’ll be able to continue adding things as you think of them. You’ll also have more time to think about what you don’t need to bring, which is just as if not more important.

One thing that is often forgotten about when planning a camping trip is the cookware. That’s why we always make a camping cooking equipment list. Start by thinking about what food you want to bring along, how many people you’ll be with, and how long you’ll be staying. Each of these factors can inform what you bring along. From there, it’s up to you to figure out what equipment you need. Below you’ll find some of our recommendations. These are some of the most common items you’ll find on a camping cooking equipment list, and they should come in handy for cooking over the fire. Once you figure out what you need to bring, take a look at our recommendations for the best camping cookware for family for some ideas on what to buy!

1. Frying Pan

If you’re only bringing one piece of cooking equipment with you on your trip, we’d recommend a good quality frying pan. The frying pan is a very versatile piece of equipment, allowing you to cook a huge variety of meals, from eggs to steak and tons of items in between. You’ll have to choose what kind of frying pan you want, whether it’s a lightweight non-stick aluminum pan or a heavy-duty cast iron frying pan. No matter what you choose, you should find yourself glad that you packed it along when you’re eating delicious meals each night with that classic cast iron seasoning taste.

There are tons of different frying pans to choose from. If you want our advice, we’d go with a good cast iron option. Though it’s heavy, it will offer a ton of taste to your food, and does great cooking over the fire. Check out this scout standard sized cast iron pan from manufacturer Lodge if you’re looking for a reliable choice.

2. Pots

If you’re not able to cook something over the fire in a frying pan, there’s a good chance you can use a pot instead! These are great for making soups, stews, pastas and other liquid-y dishes. One of the benefits of cooking in a pot is that you can often get the stuff set up and then leave it on its own to cook for a good long while, while frying pans usually require more attention. The trick is to find the right pots for camping. It has to be something that’s durable, can be used over fire with ease, and won’t take up too much space in your car. One of our favorites is this set of pots from Stanley. You’ll be able to cook a great many dishes in this cookware, and your friends or family will love you for bringing it!

3. Plates, Cups and Utensils

Unless you plan on only cooking finger food, you’ve also got to make sure everybody has plates, utensils and something to drink out of. It’s up to you on whether you want to go disposable or not, but there are some ways to stay environmentally friendly by bringing reusable materials and washing them on your campsite. Most often, however, people are probably going to opt for single-use plates, utensils and cups. Regardless of which one you choose, just make sure you don’t forget them at home!

Camping Cooking Equipment List
If you want to ensure everyone has a great time on your camping trip, its important to bring along the right food and cookware. Stay organized with a list to make sure nothing important gets left behind!

4. Strainer

If you plan on making a pasta dish, or anything else that involves boiling, you’re probably going to need a strainer of some kind. It’s very easy to forget about this piece of equipment, but it can be very important to a good meal depending on what you’re making. Some cookware sets include pans with a built-in strainer, such as this one from GSI Outdoors. Not all meals will require a strainer, though. When you’re planning out your meals, make sure to think about whether or not you’ll need to bring on of these along.

5. Kettle

Here’s another item that often gets left behind: a kettle. If you don’t drink tea, you may be wondering why you might want to bring a kettle along. If you’re not going to have easy access to hot water, you definitely want one of these. Whether it’s for morning coffee or simply to wash your hands and face, hot water is a must. With a quality kettle, you’ll be able to heat up water easily, and you’ll know as soon as it’s hot enough.

Prepare Now, So You Won’t Have to Worry Later

One of the worst feelings is arriving at your campsite only to realize you left something important at home. You can avoid this by making a camping cooking equipment list, and gathering up everything you need long before you leave. The items featured on our brief list are just some of the most popular choices to bring along. Exactly what you will need depends on you and the people around you. Decide on what you’ll be cooking, and then bring along equipment that works for what you’re making. We hope this was helpful in getting you started! Make sure to let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions, or want to share some exciting camping recipes.

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