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Romantic Camping Meals: Three Simple Ideas

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 18, 2019

Couples that camp together are going to enjoy a more passionate relationship. Why? Daily stress and anxiety can creep into your relationship. Especially when you get little to no time away from work. As a result, it is wise to spend time camping with your partner. Even better to create some romantic camping meals as well. Not an outdoor chef? Do not worry. The Camping Chair has just what you need.

Cooking a romantic meal while camping is easier than you think. After all, cooking while camping is definitely easier than you think. A camping trip can destress you and your partner. Less stress leads to more enjoyment, happiness, and passion. Make a nice romantic meal using our three ideas below. We guarantee it will make your camping trip absolutely amazing.

Brunch is one of the more romantic camping meals and is super simple to set up.
Brunch is one of the more romantic camping meals and is super simple to set up.

1.Romantic Brunch

First and foremost, brunch is for the less experienced cooks. Are you not a chef at home? Some people just don’t have the talent. There is no shame in this and there is a way around your lack of ability: brunch. Basically, brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch. The big appeal for brunch is that it lets you sleep in past the normal breakfast time. Get rest until about 11 and then wake up to put together a nice brunch before noon.

What are the essential components of a yummy brunch? Fruit, bagels, eggs, and drinks. Lucky for you, we live in a modernized society. There are plenty of portable cookers and coffee makers for you. That way, you can scramble up some eggs and deliver a jolt of morning caffeine. On the other end, fruit is super easy. Just buy fruit on the way to the campground to ensure it is as fresh as possible!

2.) Light Evening Meal With Drinks

Is your partner a big fan of wine? Well, a light evening meal is one of the most romantic camping meals out there. All the while, it is also relatively easy. Find some nice crackers and cheese for the trip. Put the cheese in a cooler and it will last for quite some time. There are plenty of other good snacks that go with this meal as well. This includes chips and salsa, chips and guacamole, strawberries, and cherries. Cherries are known to be a natural aphrodisiac.

Go above and beyond with some fondue and bread. Bring a little skillet type of cooking utensil with a deeper bowl. Put it over the fire and let the fondue cheese melt. Then, dip the bread. This is one of the most extravagant snacks. Best of all, you can sit back in your camping chair and enjoy it. Throw your drink of choice in there including wine, beer, or liquor!

3.) Cook Or Skillet Dinner

Finally, this is the most popular idea for romantic camping meals. After all, it is definitely the easiest. Especially if you choose a campsite with a grill area. Some campgrounds boast a fire pit that can be used as a little cooking area. Set up a skillet over the fire. Then, you can cook up some delicious meat, fish, pasta, and more.

If you love grilling then really find a campsite with grilling gear. It is much easier than you think. You can also just buy a portable grill that sets up at the campsite. We truly believe grilling is probably the simplest form of cooking. Just spice up the meat or fish, then cook it on the grill. All you must do is avoid burning the food. Yes, it is really that easy. Plus, dinner is a great time to consume some wine with your loved one! It sets the mood for you to enjoy a night in one of the best camping bed for couples.

Cook a romantic dinner over the fire or on a campsite grill.
Cook a romantic dinner over the fire or on a campsite grill.

Final Thoughts On Romantic Camping Meals

Camping trips are great for your long-term relationship. It creates a strong connection between yourself and the partner. Plus, you get away from the stress and anxiety of everyday life. Leave your woes behind for a weekend with your loved one. It will do wonders for you both.

You do not need to be a professional cook to create romantic camping meals. Instead, stick to one of our three ideas above. Read back over our camping meals to create a romantic mood during your next camping trip. You and your partner will absolutely love it.

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