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The Best Camp Games for Large Groups

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published January 19, 2021

Camp Games for Large Groups
Camping with a big group of friends can be an absolute blast. If you’re looking for some fun games that everyone can play while camping, we’ve got some options for you to consider. Check out these awesome camp games for large groups!

Our Favorite Camp Games for Large Groups

If you’ve ever gone on a camping trip with friends or family, we probably don’t have to tell you how much fun it’s possible to have. You can increase that fun even more with a party game or two to play around the campfire! Whether it’s day or night, at some point you’re gonna have some time to kill. With that in mind, we’ve put together a short guide that includes some of the best camp games for large groups. Some of these games are products that you have to buy, while others are possible to make up on your own!

In our list, we have included both adult-oriented and family-friendly games. It’s up to you to decide which is right for your trip. Most of the options we’ve included offer fun for both kids and adults, so you should have plenty of exciting options ahead of you! If you like these games, or have some suggestions of your own, don’t be afraid to share them with us in the comments down below! For now, go ahead and check out our recommendations.

Ultimate Werewolf

The first camp games for large groups that we want to suggest is a little game called Ultimate Werewolf. There are a few different versions of this game floating around out there, but the one we prefer is standard Ultimate Werewolf from Bezier Games. If you’ve ever played the game Mafia or any other hidden role games, you probably have a good idea of what to expect.

Each game, one member of your group will act as the moderator (don’t worry, there’s plenty of fun to be had in this role). They pass out a card to every person playing, with each card displaying a role. Players keep that role secret to themselves. Depending on which role you’ve got, you’ll be on one of two teams: the villagers or the werewolves. In order for the villagers to win, they need to correctly vote out the werewolf team one-by-one during the daytime rounds. For the werewolves to win, they need to eliminate enough members of the villager team during the nighttime rounds.

The game is simple to understand once you play a round or two, and it’s loads of fun. Perhaps best of all, the game works for up to 75 players, and it’s just as much fun for kids as it is adults. If you’ve ever wondered how good your friends and family are at lying, this game will give you an excellent chance to learn!

Cards Against Humanity/Apples to Apples

Our next selection is actually two different games. One of them is oriented for adults, and the other is for the whole family. They’re both very similar in many ways, just with different content matter. Apples to Apples was the first to come along of the two, and it offers a great time for everyone. In this card game, you’ll have a hand full of wacky nouns.

You and your friends or family will take turn being the judge as adjective cards are placed into the middle of the table. Everyone besides the judge will play one of their nouns face-down, and the judge will pick their favorite of the bunch. The judge is free to pick based on what makes the most sense, what made them laugh, or whatever else they want! It’s simple but provides hours of fun.

Cards Against Humanity is the same idea, except the cards are much raunchier. It’s a great time for adults who aren’t afraid to laugh at some ridiculous humor. Pick it up for your next trip with friends or adults-only family camping vacation!

Camp Games for Large Groups
Whether it is a card game, something you have to draw or write out, or something that requires neither, there are plenty of options out there for a good time while camping. Hopefully our recommendations resonate with you!

Never Have I Ever

Our next suggestion of camp games for large groups is a veritable classic. People have been playing this game for many years, and it features different rules and names depending on who you ask. That’s how things typically tend to go when passed down through word of mouth, and this game is certainly no different.

Never Have I Ever is typically played as a drinking game, and it works great when sitting in a circle around a fire. However, there is a non-drinking variation to play as well. You and your friends will take turns going around the circle, with one person saying “Never have I ever…” done something. It could be anything, from something as simple as “never have I ever swam in the ocean” to more adult-oriented statements. If you have done this thing, you take a drink (or put a finger up in the non-drinking version). This game is a great social way to pass the time, and get to know your friends a little better!


Next up, we’ve got another card game that is somewhat similar to Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples. The game is known as Superfight, and the goal is for players to combine a noun card with adjective cards and argue to the judge which combination would win in a fight. The game is just as ridiculous as it sounds, and even more fun. If you have friends or family members who have lots of creativity, this can be an amazing way to spend an hour or so. Once again, it’s pretty easy to play this game around a fire or a picnic bench. As long as you are all in the right mindset, you should have lots of fun coming up with absolutely insane combinations and making arguments as to how it could beat your friend’s combination.


Another classic is up next, and we’re willing to bet this is a game you’ve heard of. It’s been a part of American popular culture for a long time. For some, it may seem outdated. However, we’re willing to bet you can have a blast with it with the right group. As long as everyone is into the game and actually tries, charades can be loads of fun.

There are two versions to play. Your group can either act out a phrase syllable by syllable, or actually act out whatever it is you’re trying to get your team to guess. The latter is much more popular in today’s day and age, though the former is how the game actually got its start. It’s very easy to pick up and play this, and you can pretty much adjust the rules however you like. The basics are: split up into two teams, and then take turns acting out a phrase chosen by a member of the opposite team. If your team guesses in the time limit, you get a point! It’s truly that easy.

Camp Games for Large Groups
We have made sure to include plenty of family-friendly game options here on our list. If you decide to buy a game, just make sure to pay close attention to content and age recommendations.

Truth or Dare

Here we are with yet another classic party game: Truth or Dare. We doubt that we even have to explain the rules to this one, but we’ll give you a brief overview. Essentially, you and your friends or family go around in a circle, each person choosing ‘truth’ or ‘dare’ on their turn. Based on your answer, the rest of the group will then either ask you a question which you’re expected to give a truthful answer to, or dare you to do something.

You won’t need to buy anything for this game, which can be a huge bonus. However, many people have had varying experiences with this game over the years. Talk to your group and ask if this is something they’d be interested in playing. The good news is that you can easily decide on a whim if you want to play or not, and it won’t take long to explain the rules if anyone doesn’t already know them.

Who Am I?

The final game we want to share with you is one that you may recognize. It’s been seen in popular movies, such as Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglorious Basterds’ and more. It’s also available to purchase under the name Headbands, but we prefer the version you make up on your own.

The game is played in a circle. Everyone comes up with a person (or in some variations of the rules, a place or thing also works). You then write it down on a playing card, or anything that can easily stick to someone’s forehead. Attach it to the forehead of the person to your left, and make sure they don’t see what’s on the card. From there, take turns asking questions, trying to figure out the name written on your card. Whoever guesses first wins! You can also play by having whoever gets last loses, and keep going that way with that person having been eliminated. Whatever you prefer works, and it’s one of our favorite camp games for large groups!

Camp Games for Large Groups
Camping can be an excellent bonding experience for friends and family members. Bringing a few party games along is a great idea to pass the time, especially around the campfire.

Making the Most of Your Camping Trip

There you have it, folks! We’ve offered up a list featuring some of our favorite games for you to try. Most of these games work for a massive number of players, so you should find something no matter the size of your group. If you have any questions, or other games to suggest, share with us down in the comments section!

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