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Tips for Living in a Tent Permanently

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    Published April 1, 2021

Living in a Tent Permanently
One of the best things about living in a tent permanently is the ability to pick up and move at your whim. You just have to make sure you pick out the right place to set up camp.

Living in a Tent Permanently

The standard life of a steady office job and a house with a well-manicured front lawn is just not for everyone. If you’re looking to move around at your will, living in a tent is an option you could consider. However, you must make sure that you are fully prepared for this kind of lifestyle. It’s not for everyone, as it can be pretty rough at times. If you are sure that this is something you want to do, we’re here to offer some advice for living in a tent permanently. Take a look at the information below and you may find that it comes in handy later on. Just like the standard American dream life isn’t for everyone, neither is living in a tent. Make sure that this is something you truly want before attempting it, and make sure you have a backup plan. With all that in mind, let’s go ahead and get into some of our tips!

1. Carefully Pick Your Site

The single most important piece of advice for living in a tent permanently is to choose your location very carefully. Finding the perfect place to set up involves a large number of factors. First, you want to pick somewhere flat, but not at the bottom of a hill or anything. This is because you want to avoid water pooling up where you’ve pitched your tent.

Along with that, you’ll need to find a location that is either at a sanctioned campsite (free or paid) or you’ll have to find somewhere out of sight. Make sure you aren’t on anybody’s private property, as that is just asking for trouble. You’ll also want to stay out of view of the authorities, who make give you trouble depending on where you’re at. Many places frown on ‘homeless’ folks, so that is something you must be aware of.

It’s also a good idea to look for a place that has running water nearby, if at all possible. At the very least, you want to be close to some source of water you can drink. Otherwise, you’ll need to find a way to stock up on drinking water as well as food. We believe this is the most important aspect of living in a tent permanently. If you set up your tent in the wrong spot, you could run into trouble very quickly.

Living in a Tent Permanently
There are some truly gorgeous locales in nature. If you get to pick where you’re living, it’s not a bad idea to pick some place that offers that natural beauty we all love waking up to.

2. Prepare Yourself

Along with picking the right location, it’s also very important that you are mentally and physically prepared for this challenge. Living in a tent permanently isn’t the same as camping for a weekend. It will certainly take a toll on you, and you’ve got to make sure you are ready for that. If you aren’t in a time-sensitive situation, it’s a good idea to work out and get into great shape before moving into a tent. If you’re going to be living alone, you’ll also need to get used to spending all that time by yourself. It’s not for everyone. Spend some time determining if this living situation is really right for you before you make any major decisions!

3. Choose the Right Gear and Equipment

Before heading out into the great outdoors, it’s very important that you have everything you’ll need to get by. Obviously this includes a tent, but it goes beyond that. Do you have cooking supplies? Matches? Some sort of bed or camping pad? These are all incredibly important for your livelihood. If possible, spend some time saving up money before you make your move. Then you’ll be able to buy some equipment that will make your time living in the tent much more manageable or even enjoyable! Make sure that you have a tent fly, a place to sit, something to drink out of and more! There’s a lot of preparation you’ll need to do if you really want to get yourself ready for this experience.

Living in a Tent Permanently
Choosing where to set up your tent is an important decision. Make sure to take into account all the factors we mentioned, such as the legality of where you set up camp, and do some more research on your own if you still aren’t sure!

4. Learn Outdoor Survival Skills

There are a number of skills you can learn that are certain to help you out while living in a tent. Do some research before you make your move, and also pick up a Boy Scouts manual or something along those lines. A book like that will have tons of information that you should find useful, from determining the best place to pitch your tent to the basics of how to build a fire. Reading through one of these books will also give you a good idea of what to expect when living in a tent permanently. You’ll need to really familiarize yourself with these tips, because there are many to learn, and they all could come in handy.

Final Thoughts

There you have our tips for living in a tent permanently. It’s a big decision, and probably not one you came to lightly. It can be a grand adventure, but there are also dangers to be aware of. If you have any experiences of living in a tent long-term in the past, feel free to share any more advice you may have in the comments section. Beyond that, make sure you take in all of our advice and keep yourself safe and comfortable! This lifestyle is not for everyone, but it is definitely possible to make it work. Hopefully you found these tips useful! Good luck, and be safe out there!

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