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29 Fun Camping Games For Families

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 18, 2019

Camping experiences are memorable. Especially when they involve your family. This is true for both parents and adults. In particular, children will never forget their first camping experience. As a result, it is important to plan properly for the trip. Yes, this includes packing the right camping chair for yourself and your kids. Plus, you need to pick and choose meal ideas before you leave. But, the most overlooked part of the camping experience involves fun games for the entire family.

Not everyone is creative. Thus, creating fun and creating fun and exciting games is not easy. Not to mention when the pressure is high. After all, no one wants to disappoint their family during a camping trip. Here are 29 fun camping games for families:

Glow In The Dark Capture The Flag

This is arguably the best camping game available. Now, you do need to buy this. But, it is worth every single penny. Especially if you camp with your friends and their families. The bigger the group, the better the game. Establish clear boundaries for the playing field. Then, enjoy a fun game of capture the flag.

Squirt Gun Race

Get a table and put a line of plastic cups on top of it. Fill up squirt guns with water. Then, count down from 3 to 1 and say go. Each participant shoots their cup. The winner is the first participant to knock off their cup. This is an easy game that only requires water, water guns, and cups.

Squirt Gun Battle

Time for an all-out war. Give everyone a water gun. Make sure you fill them all the way up. Then, let loose! Every person for themselves. Pack towels and bathing suits for this activity. That way, everyone can change out of their wet clothes.

Squirt guns offer endless hours of fun for little kids.
Squirt guns offer endless hours of fun for little kids.

Flashlight Tag

All you need here are some flashlights and batteries. This game follows the simple rules of tag. However, the variation of flashlights is super fun. Make one person “it”. They close their eyes and stand for ten seconds. Everyone scatters and then the “it” person chases them. One flash of the light and you are tagged!


Get one limbo stick and you are all set. Limbo is an iconic game popular in any kind of party or get-together. Two people hold a stick. Everyone else lines up in a single file line. Then, each and every person must go under the stick. Failure results elimination. The last person standing is the winner.

Portable Cornhole

Portable cornhole speaks for itself. It is easy to transport. Plus, it is super easy to play. Each team throws a sack across at cornholes. It is super fun and super convenient.

One of the fun camping camping games for families is portable cornhole!
One of the fun camping games for families is portable cornhole!

Glowstick Ring Toss

Find some glow stick rings and a stick. Put the stick into the ground. Everyone tries to land their glowstick ring onto the stick. Whoever gets the most wins! Best of all, this is a nice do-it-yourself game. So not every item must be bought.

Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of simple to find items. This can include the simplest of ideas like a certain colored-object. Think about the age range of your family. The younger the children, the simpler the game. But, this is one of the best camping games for families. Create hours of fun for you and your kids.


Uno comes with instructions. Everyone knows this super popular game. Play Uno at any given time too. It is a convenient and portable card game. Enjoy yourself at the campsite and away!

Uno is one of the many fun camping games for families.
Uno is one of the many fun camping games for families.


The game Mafia is super fun. But, the instructions require explanation. One person is the Mafia. One person is the FBI. Everyone else is a citizen. The FBI needs to find the mafia. Meanwhile, the mafia actively eliminates one player per round. The FBI needs to find a mafia before everyone is dead. Each round involves everyone closing their eyes except for the Mafia. The Mafia eliminates someone strategically.


Now, this is a game that requires very little explanation. Everyone finds something new and unique. Perfect for youngsters.

Simon Says

This is super popular and super easy. One person is Simon. They say “Simon Says” and give a command. Everyone else does the command. But, if Simon gives a command without “Simon Says” you are eliminated for doing it. This is a game that has no price tag. But, it delivers on plenty of campsite fun.

Red Light, Green Lights

This is a super fun game that involves no purchase. One person is the stop light. Everyone else lines up. This game works just like a stop light. The stoplight says green light. Everyone moves. Yellow light represents a potential change. The stoplight says red light. Everyone stops. Whoever moves is eliminated. The winner becomes the stop light!

Regular Horseshoe Toss

Cornhole and horseshoe toss are like members of the same family. Toss the horseshoes onto the stick. This is unlike the glow in the dark game earlier. You can play this during the day.

Horseshoe throwing is fun and some campsites feature built-in playing areas.
Horseshoe throwing is fun and some campsites feature built-in playing areas.

Spot It! Party Game

This is a super fun game. Basically, there are 55 cards in this game. Each card contains similar symbols. Match the symbols first to win. This provides hours of fun both during the day and late into the night.


This is a cooler version of the horseshoe toss. There are two collapsible black and blue bucket targets. Throw the hacky sacks into the bucket to win!

Toasted Or Roasted

Toasted or Roasted is one of the most fun camping games for families. Basically, you use the marshmallows inside of the pouch. Whoever cooks their marshmallow first is the winner. Be careful not to burn the marshmallow!

Glow In The Dark Bowling

This is a do-it-yourself game. Put glow sticks inside of water bottles. Get a normal ball like a kickball. Then, just bowl! Do this at all times of the day. But, it is the most fun at night.


You know what Jenga is and how it works. Jenga is a blast. Likely, your kids will love this game. Best of all, it is super cheap and easy to transport. Remember, you need room for your camping chair and your kid’s camping chair.

Jenga is portable and fun. You can even find jumbo-sized Jenga products!
Jenga is portable and fun. You can even find jumbo-sized Jenga products!

Flashlight Freeze

Much like earlier, all you need are some flashlights and some batteries. As a result, this frees up space for your furry friend, the family pop in the car. Not to mention their camping chair.


You know how to play charades. One person acts. Their partner guesses!

Charades are a great activity for your family during a long camping trip.

What’s The Time Mr. Wolf?

Now, this is one of the more complicated game. But, it is super fun with a big group. Basically, this is a spin on Red Light, Green Light. One person is the wolf. Everyone else lines up. Everyone says “What’s The Time Mr. Wolf?”. The Wolf responds with a time. If the time is 5 o’clock, players take 5 steps forward. Repeat this until players get close. At will, the Wolf can say “Dinner Time!”. This lets the Wolf chase all of the players. Whoever is caught becomes the Wolf!


Bingo is always a good time. Plus, everyone can play this game. Explain the rules to your kids. Also, you can find some cool bingo games out there!

Heads Up!

Heads Up! is an application for your smartphone. You hold the phone to your forehead. The phone displays a word. Then, everyone else needs to give you clues. You guess as much as you can. Whoever gets the highest number of correct guesses wins!


The famous game speaks for itself. Best of all, you can play tic-tac-toe with just a few sticks and some cones/rocks. Plus, it stimulates brains through strategy.

Tic-tac-toe can be played anywhere. Even in the sand!


You can find a portable hopscotch game out on the market. But, you can also make a hopscotch game. Play in the dirt or sand and enjoy fun with your kids.


Marco-Polo is super easy to play and involves water. Pack some bathing suits for the trip if this is the game you want to play. Remember towels too!


Checkers and Chess are easy. Well, chess might be a bit challenging. However, both games are fun and educational. How? They stimulate brain activity through strategy. The entire goal of the game revolves around strategic movements. Spend time with your kids. All the while, they develop a great offer strategy.

Checkers and Chess can be taken just about anywhere!
Checkers and Chess can be taken just about anywhere!

Parting Advice On Fun Camping Games For Families

The best camping games deliver hours of fun for you and your children. Create memories that will last forever with your kids. All the while, impress them with plenty of fun games. Therefore, planning some fun camping games for your family is a wise idea. Not to mention packing in the right camping bed and camping gear.

Now, it is important to remember the length of the camping trip and your mode of transportation. After all, phone games cannot take up too much room in the trunk.

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