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Toddler Camping Chair (Review & Buying Guide)

  • Your guide to this review today is by product expert Nick Bulanda

    Published February 2, 2019


  • Toddler Camping Chair (Review & Buying Guide)

  • #1 - Coleman Kids Quad Chair

  • #2 - Redmon for Kids Folding Camp Chair

  • #3 - Helinox Mini Camp Chair

  • #4 - Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Outdoor Folding Camping Chair

  • #5 - Kelsyus Kid's Canopy Chair

  • #6 - Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Butterfly Folding Camping Chair

  • #7 - Wilcor Kids Folding Camp Chair

  • #8 - Lucky Bums Youth Folding Arm Chair

  • #9 - OZARK Trail Youth Folding Chair

  • #10 - Lucky Bums Moon Camp Outdoor Chair

Camping with your family is not possible without the right camping gear. This goes beyond just your own camping chair or camping bed. Instead, it extends to your toddler's equipment as well. This includes a toddler camping bed and a toddler camping chair. This type of equipment goes hand-in-hand. They both provide a comfortable and safe place for lounging and relaxation.

Toddler camping gear separates a good trip from a bad trip. Children need a comfortable space to sit. Just like you do. A blanket on the ground is not really clean enough. Plus, it puts kids close to bugs and dirt. Young kids cannot resist picking up dirt and getting dirty. It is best to put them in a camping chair built just for their size. Read each product review below and check out the helpful information after.

The Top 10 Toddler Camping Chairs

  • 1

    Coleman Kids Quad Chair

Coleman is a premier brand for camping chairs in general. Thus, it's no surprise they stand above the competition with the best camping chair for your toddler. The Coleman Kids Quad Chair is both comfortable and convenient. The portable design is complemented buy a nice carry bag.

The side pockets are great for camping trips. Put books, snacks, and wipes all in the storage space. Everything you need is right within reach. Plus, there is a nice mesh cup holder for the toddler's drinks.

Key Features:

  • Quad Chair Design

  • Coleman Brand Name

  • Convenient Cup Holder

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 160 lbs


Brand:  Coleman
Model:  2000025292
Weight:  4 lbs

  • 2

    Redmon for Kids Folding Camp Chair

A Redmon Kids Folding Camp Chair is one of the most durable chairs available. This all starts with the 600D PVC coated polyester. This material is not just strong and durable, it is also Super comfortable. For the first time ever, your kids actually want to sit down.

The heavy-duty steel frame resists scratches. Remember, kids break just about everything. So you need a strong and robust camping chair like this one. Best of all, the price tag is very affordable.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Camp Chair

  • Convenient Carrying Bag

  • 600D PVC Coated Polyester

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 160 lbs


Brand:  Redmon
Model:  9006BL
Weight:  3 lbs

  • 3

    Helinox Mini Camp Chair

The Helinox Mini Camp Chair is best for all the big spenders out there. Yes, this product comes at the premium price. But, this price fits the performance. The proprietary aluminum alloy frame design delivers premier strength and lightweight design all at once.

600-weave rip-stop polyester is ridiculously durable. Thus, it stands up to the wear and tear of camping and toddlers. All the while, the machine-washable design is great for kids. They are bound to get dirty!

Key Features:

  • 600-Wave Rip-Stop Polyester

  • Lightweight Design

  • Convenient Carrying Case

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 200 lbs


Brand:  Helinox
Model:  AX-AY-ABHI-77684
Weight:  1.1 lbs

  • 4

    Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Outdoor Folding Camping Chair

This is one of the more stylish options out there. The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Outdoor camping chair features a special caterpillar design. Best of all, there is a nice little carrying bag. Plus, this bag matches the overall chair design.

An easy to open and close design is ideal for traveling and camping. Set up this chair in less than 30 seconds. Then, focus on your own reclining camping chair and camping gear. Not to mention this product comes at a fair price.

Key Features:

  • Cleanable Design

  • Matching Carry Bag

  • Easy Open & Close

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 125 lbs


Brand:  Melissa & Doug
Model:  6174
Weight:  1.1 lbs

  • 5

    Kelsyus Kid's Canopy Chair

The Kelsyus Kid's Canopy Chair is for all the bargain hunters. Why? You get the most performance for the best price. This is one of the few chairs with a canopy. Specifically, the canopy delivers 50+ UPF protection. This is not common when it comes to a toddler camping chair.

Lightweight steel makes up the frame and the fabric is super rugged. Meanwhile, the padded shoulder straps make a backpack-style design. Kids can even carry it themselves! This frees up your hands for a bad back camp chair.

Key Features:

  • Canopy Design

  • Padded Shoulder Straps & Backpack Design

  • 50+ UPF Protection

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 75 lbs


Brand:  Kelsyus
Model:  80316
Weight:  5.6 lbs

  • 6

    Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Butterfly Folding Camping Chair

This product is very much like the previous Melissa & Doug camping chair. However, this particular camping chair boasts a nice Butterfly design. The versatile construction is ideal for camping, trips to the beach, and hanging in the backyard. Get great mileage out of this chair.

Every surface on this chair is cleanable. Just wipe it with a warm cloth. Meanwhile, the matching carrying bag is both stylish and convenient. The combo is irresistible thanks to the great price tag attached. Look no further if you want a great deal today.

Key Features:

  • Special Design

  • Handy Cup Holder

  • Sturdy Metal Frame

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 125 lbs


Brand:  Melissa & Doug
Model:  6173
Weight:  3.6 lbs

  • 7

    Wilcor Kids Folding Camp Chair

This is another great camping chair for toddlers. The Black Bear design looks great. All the while, it lasts for a very long time. Strong Nylon material is both comfortable and rugged. So it is built to stand up to the tests of mother nature and your toddler.

A heavy-duty carry bag delivers wonderful portability. Fold up the chair and put it in the bag. Yes, it is really that easy. Not to mention the convenient cup holder in the armrest.

Key Features:

  • Special Bear Design

  • Heavy-Duty Carry Bag

  • Comfortable & Strong Nylon Material

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 125 lbs


Brand:  Wilcor
Model:  CMP0267
Weight:  3.6 lbs

  • 8

    Lucky Bums Youth Folding Arm Chair

Lucky Bums delivers amazing camping chairs for adults. Likewise, their youth folding chair is great for toddlers. The sturdy design is balanced out with wonderful comfort. Solid steel makes up the frame but is not too heavy. Remember, you still have to carry your camping chair with shade and other gear.

The safety lock mechanism is the real star here. Unfold the chair. Then, engage the safety lock. This mechanism keeps the chair locked in place. Toddler's move around a lot. This safety mechanism prevents a potential disaster!

Key Features:

  • Solid Steel Frame & Lightweight Design

  • Safety Lock

  • Foldable Design With Carrying Bag

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 150 lbs


Brand:  Lucky Bums
Model:  308NAS
Weight:  4.6 lbs

  • 9

    OZARK Trail Youth Folding Chair

The OZARK Trail youth folding chair is built to be as tough as nails. The high-quality 100% Polyester material is robust and durable. Plus, the chair rests on top of a durable steel frame. All the while, this chair maintains a lightweight, portable design.

Now, the true highlight is the great design. Stylish arrows drape over the material. This creates a unique and distinct look. Also, there is a built-in cup holder with a super convenient carry bag.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality 100% Polyester Material

  • Durable Steel Frame

  • Built-In Cup Holder & Carry Bag

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 225 lbs


Brand:  OZARK
Model:  O-225
Weight:  3 lbs

  • 10

    Lucky Bums Moon Camp Outdoor Chair

Another Luck Bums product graces this list, not to our surprise. Their Moon Camp comfort chair is sleek, cozy, and unique. This is an awesome chair for toddlers. It feels more like a portable bean bag and less like a chair. They will absolutely love it.

The foldable design takes just a few seconds to fold down. Best of all, there is a nice carrying bag included. Pack up in just a few moments. Then, throw the chair over your shoulder.

Key Features:

  • Double Layer 600D Oxford Material

  • Seat Padding

  • Foldable Design with Carry Bag

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 150 lbs


Brand:  Lucky Bums
Model:  LB-150
Weight:  5 lbs

Toddler Camping Chair Buying Guide & FAQ

Take your toddler on the next camping trip with a good toddler camp chair.
Take your toddler on the next camping trip with a good toddler camp chair.

Why Buy A Camping Chair For Your

 Toddler ?

Buying a camping chair for a toddler is not that different from buying one for yourself. As a matter of fact, is more important for a toddler to have a camping chair than anyone else. Parents sit on the ground without any problem. However, toddlers are likely to play with the dirt and random sticks and get that stuff into their food.

A chair keeps toddlers off of the ground. Also, it gives toddlers a nice spot to nap. Toddlers burn up a lot of energy in general. Let alone on a camping trip with others. Provide them with a comfortable and cozy camping chair.

Factors of Focus

1. Price & Budget

As always, price and budget reign supreme. Luckily enough though, the price is not something to worry about here. Generally speaking, most products are fairly priced. So you can get a wonderful new chair for a solid price tag. However, take time to set up a budget. After all, there are a number of other products to buy like a camping chair for dogs.

2. Material

The material is key in any camping chair. Let alone a toddler camping chair. Toddlers cannot necessarily control themselves. As a result, they break a lot of things. This ranges from toys, cups, and other various things. Thus, you need material that is built to last. It must withstand the wear and tear of both camping and a little kid!

3. Portable

Portability is arguably the most important feature in a toddler camp chair. Why? Because you need space in your trunk and something lightweight. What if you have a bed for you and your partner? Well, a huge toddler chair is a problem. Focus on a collapsible design and a carrying bag.

4. Easy To Clean

Finally, a simple cleaning process is super helpful. Remember, children are pretty dirty. This includes how they play. However, it also includes how they eat and drink. More often than not, kids might spill drinks and drop food. So you want an easy to clean toddler chair for camping. That way, you do not stress out over some dirt or ketchup!

The right toddler camping chair provides a fun space for relaxation!
The right toddler camping chair provides a fun space for relaxation!

Additional Tips for Camping with a Toddler

In addition to stocking up on the right gear, there are a few other tips we want to share with you that you may find useful. Camping with a toddler can be quite different from your standard trip. Here are some of the things we find useful when out with a little one.

Pick the Right Campground

Whenever you're out camping with a toddler, we recommend sticking to the confines of a campground instead of attempting wilderness camping. Unless you're very confident about your own abilities, and you know that you aren't very far from the nearest hospital or doctor, it's a good idea to stick to more civilized areas. Just in case anything goes wrong, you want to feel safe knowing you aren't in the absolute middle of nowhere.

Additionally, take a look at the campgrounds that are available to you. Some are going to be more toddler-friendly than others. Family campgrounds can be a great idea, especially if you also have older kids coming along. Basically, you want to look for somewhere that is quiet at night, and kid-friendly.

Bring Toys and Games

Make sure not to forget about some toys for your toddler. It's a good idea to bring some of their favorites from home; something that will be comforting to them in times of distress. Additionally, you may want to pick up a new outdoor-oriented toy for them to play with at the campground. We all know how much kids love playing with new toys, and it can help keep their attention occupied if you are concerned they might get bored or not enjoy camping.

We also suggest bringing out some family games that your toddler can take part in. After all, one of the big benefits to camping early in life is building some fond early memories, and games are always a good time for the family. Depending on your toddler's age and how far along they are in development, there are quite a few different outdoor games they might be able to enjoy. You can even teach them how to play a game like Cornhole to build some early motor skills!

Food and Lots of Water!

There are certain snacks and meals that are simply more suitable for camping. Think things like fruit (fresh and dried), nuts (if your child likes them and isn't allergic), and even chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows for some yummy s'mores! It's okay to splurge for some treats once in awhile as long as you're bringing healthy snacks too.

Additionally, remember to encourage your child to drink lots of water. Make sure there's plenty to go around by bringing bottled water or, even better, a large jug in the car with reusable cups or bottles. Staying hydrated is important when being active outdoors, especially for toddlers. It's also good to build these habits early on! Dehydration is something you want to avoid, and reinforcing drinking water throughout the day is definitely a positive.

Final Words

A good toddler camping chair separates a great camping trip from a bad camping trip. As a matter of fact, you need gear before you even pick a camping location. Get a great camp chair for your toddler today. Both you and your child will absolutely love it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Can I Find The Right Size For My Toddler?

A: Check the specifications, no matter what. Manufacturers recommend age groups and weight too. As a result, it is hard to go wrong. You can find all of this information in our buying guide. We highlight this in the features section beneath each review. Plus, this information is always available right on Amazon.

Q: Which Material Is The Best?

A: Generally speaking, the best toddler chairs for camping boast high-quality material. For example, every product on this list is made of durable and strong material. Look out for a steel frame that is lightweight. Likewise, search for 600D material or non-ripping material. There are plenty of great chairs made from robust material available.

Q: Do I Need A Carrying Bag With My Toddler Camping Chair?

A: 100% yes. Remember, toddlers cannot always carry their chair. In most cases, the chair is lightweight enough for the kids. But, if it is not then you must carry it. Therefore, a nice carrying bag can do a lot in terms of convenience. Free up your hands for other camping gear

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