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12 Camping Activities For Toddlers

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 18, 2019

Camping is a great family activity. Time away from home bonds together a family. All the while, you create memorable experiences. But, you need to properly plan out this trip. This includes packing the proper camping chair and planning fun activities. So here are 12 great camping activities for toddlers.

Nature Walk

A nature walk is one of the simpler activities. As a result, it is the number one activity for you and your toddler. Not to mention your partner as well. Pack some lunch up for the hike. Plan out a nice walk that is fun but not too difficult. Remember, toddlers have a short attention span. So base the walk around spotting animals, landmarks, and plants. Also, you can plant the walk to end at a nice little creek for other water-based activities.

Family hikes are a great way to bond with your toddler over scenic views and animal sightings.

Cards & Board Games

This is another super simple option. Especially if your toddler has a few favorite board games. Now, options range from lengthy board games like Monolopy to something super simple like Candy Land. All the while, there are plenty of fun card games available. Play a standard card game like Go Fish or something special like Uno.

Play Catch

Is your toddler a big sports fan? Do they like Football or Baseball? Playing catch is a great time killer as you wait for the sun to set. After all, some of the best activities take place at night. Toss the pigskin or throw around a baseball. Both allow great conversations and great parent-child bonding. Plus, it is relatively easy to do and requires no planning.

Cook A Meal Over The Campfire

Camping is a lengthy trip. It is not a 24-hour activity. As a result, you and your family require meals. Why not cook a meal with your toddler. Now, you do not let them handle the pots or pans. But, they can pour in an ingredient or two. Let them pretend to oversee the process. They will absolutely love it. All the while, you cook up some delicious food.

Camping activities for toddlers can benefit the entire camp group. Like cooking up a scrumptious meal!
Camping activities for toddlers can benefit the entire camp group. Like cooking up a scrumptious meal!

Watch Clouds

Another super simple activity for you and your toddler. Watching clouds is a nice and relaxing camping activity. Literally lay back and look right up at the sky. Point out funny shapes. Point out clouds that look like animals. This is one of the many camping activities for toddlers that spur imagination.  All the while, you relax and take it easy after setting up your camp. Not to mention your toddler might nap after a good session of cloud watching.

Teach Them To Fish

Fishing is a little more complex. First, you need to know how to fish yourself. Second, you need to have patience. Toddlers might not fall in love with fishing their first time. However, over time it will rise in terms of their favorite activities. Especially after catching a few fish. One successful fishing experience can create a huge interest in fashing. Also, it allows great conversations between yourself and your kid.

Skip Stones

Again, this is another relaxing and calming activity. Best of all, adults and children love to skip stones just the same. Are you good at skipping stones? Teach your kid how to do it. This simple tutorial is a great bonding experience. Luckily enough, there are tutorials available for anyone unaware of how to skip a stone. Not to mention it is much easier than you think.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are not too complex for toddlers. Especially if you keep it simple. Bring some scavenger hunt items. Items toddlers are familiar with. Have your partner hide the items. Then, hunt for them with your toddler!

Campfire Songs/Stories

Can you sing? If not, do not fret. However, campfire songs are great. Artists, rejoice! Flex your talents and impress your kids. All the while, provide a nice and relaxing atmosphere. Everyone loves great tunes as the sun sets or late at night. Best of all, it can become a request session too. Let your kids pick their favorite songs. On the other hands, campfire stories are exciting for you and your kids. Scare your children with a haunted story or read them their favorite book. Either is a great option!

Flashlight Tag

The sun sets and the night is upon your campsite. Time to break out the flashlights. Flashlights are fun for toddlers in general. Let alone involving an intense game of flashlight tag. Now, this is ideal for large groups of campers. So get together with your friends and their families. Flashlight tag is literally just tag with flashlights. As a result, everyone should understand the rules with ease. Bring extra batteries just in case.


Many campers think smores need to be done late at night. This is not true. Smores can be made at any given moment. All you need is the ingredients and a fire and a camping chair for your toddler. This includes graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Everyone loves smores. Especially little toddlers. Kids love smores. You love smores. Best of all, this can be done while also singing campfire songs or telling stories! Plus, you can even enjoy our last idea below while making smores.

S’mores are simple, fun, and yummy.


Stargazing is one of the more relaxing camping activities for toddlers. But, it is still incredibly engaging and exciting. Especially if you know anything about constellations. Luckily, there are plenty of constellation maps available. Print out a guide to all of the constellations and then apply it to the stargazing experience. You might create a long-lasting love of astronomy in your toddler. Anything is possible!

Final Advice On Camping Activities With Toddlers

Camping trips are not complete without fun activities. Especially camping with little toddlers. You need to plan a few fun activities. Also, have a few backup plans. You never know when things might go awry or your child might not like it.

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