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How To Plan A Bonfire Night Party: 6 Keys To Success

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published March 17, 2019

Bonfire parties are wildly popular across the country. Especially when properly planned. Are you hosting your first ever bonfire party? Well, this requires planning for success. As a result, the Camping Chair has put together 6 keys to a successful bonfire party.  Here is how to plan a bonfire night party right in your backyard!

First and foremost, assess the situation. Are there only adults attending the party? Or are there young toddlers coming too? Account for every age group. After all, adult beverages are not for children. Likewise, kids activities are not always best for adults. Always start with the age group of party attendees. Then, follow each key below!

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks are the number one key to a fun bonfire party. Why? This is due to a number of reasons. First, you need drinks and food. There is no way around it. Furthermore, it needs to be good food and popular drinks. Again, assess the age here. Get adult drinks for adults and pop for kids.

Next, food is a little more complex than drinks. Keep it simple when it comes to dinner. Stick to hot dogs, sausage, and burgers. You can even throw in a salad for any vegan or vegetarian friends. These foods are the simplest to cook. Meanwhile, they are super popular amongst guests!

Food and drinks are the most important keys to a successful bonfire party.
Food and drinks are the most important keys to a successful bonfire party.

Proper Equipment

Obviously, you need the right gear. This includes camping chairs to put around the bonfire. Make sure you have both adult camping chairs and kids camping chairs. Likewise, you need a table or two four plates and cooking equipment. Especially if you plan on grilling up some food.

The right equipment goes beyond just simple chairs and tables. Think about mosquito repellent. No one wants to get eaten up by mosquitoes late at night. Instead, just buy some mosquito repellent and provide it to your guests. That way, they remember a fun experience rather than a bunch of mosquito bites. Finally, get all the proper fire equipment. A bonfire party is only as much fun as the actual fire. So get great firewood and build the fire with patience.


If you want to learn how to plan a bonfire night party, think about entertainment. Entertainment separates a fun party from a lame party. Luckily, entertainment comes from a number of different areas. Use modern technology to your advantage. Bluetooth® speakers connect directly to smartphones. As a result, hosts play their favorite tunes all through the night. This is great for both adults and kids alike.

Kids in attendance? Bust out the fun games. This can range from card games to glow in the dark capture the flag. Even a flashlight tag is a fun option at a bonfire party. Anything that provides fast-paced fun for the children.

Great entertainment provides effortless funs. Crank up the tunes all night long!
Great entertainment provides effortless funs. Crank up the tunes all night long!


This may not seem like a deal breaker. But, blankets are a huge deal. At night, the weather lowers. As a result, it gets chilly. Therefore, blankets truly come in handy. Get a bunch of blankets and put them by your patio. That way, you can access the blankets at any given time. Specifically, look for wool blankets. Wool is one of the warmest types of blankets available. Furthermore, look for large blankets that completely cover legs.


Decorations might not mean a big deal to you. However, guests will notice. Set up some nice little decorations all throughout your backyard. Buy special plates and skewers for the food. Likewise, find festive cups for all the drinks. Put up stylish decorations all over for a fun and memorable party.


Last but nowhere near least, s’mores are the final key on how to plan a bonfire night party. Everyone loves s’mores. This is not just limited to children. Even adults love s’mores. Therefore, it is a great idea for your next bonfire party. Especially since both adults and children can make their own s’mores.

Get all of the right ingredients for s’mores. They are all rather inexpensive and cheap. This includes marshmallows, chocolate (Hershey’s usually), and graham crackers. Feel free to variate this in fun ways with different types of graham crackers and chocolates. But, just make sure the chocolate comes in a bar design!

Want to know how to plan a bonfire night party? Supply S'mores.
Want to know how to plan a bonfire night party? Supply S’mores.

Wrapping It Up

Each key is just as important as the last when it comes to planning a fun bonfire night party. Still need help on how to plan a fun bonfire night party? Read back over this list. Follow each step and enjoy a great time with your friends.

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