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Sleeping Bag For Babies Advice

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    Published March 17, 2019

Camping with your baby is an absolute delight. Especially if you properly prepare and plan out your trip. A big part of this involves packing away the right gear and equipment. Like their own toddler sleeping bag. But, what if they do not like the sleeping bag? Well, this leads to a night filled with crying and tears. This leaves you exhausted and tired all during the next day. In turn, it is more difficult to enjoy your outdoor activities. Do not worry. The Camping Chair is here to help. We have all the best sleeping bag for babies advice available. That way, your trip is easier and so much more fun!

Keep Them Cool

The temperature of a baby is incredibly significant. Especially when it comes to sleeping at night. Unfortunately, baby’s temperature fluctuates all throughout the day. During the day, they become sweaty. Even if it is a day with fair-weather. They are bound to become a little bit sweaty in their clothes. Therefore, it is wise to bring a bunch of different clothes.

At night, babies might get cold. But, too much heat might cause them to profusely sweat. A sweaty baby is prone to cry at night which is obviously, a big problem. This keeps you up all through the night and is incredibly obnoxious. Put them in some quick-dry clothing or moisture-wicking clothing.

The best sleeping bag for babies advice can deliver a restful night of sleep.
The best sleeping bag for babies advice can deliver a restful night of sleep.

Find The Right Size

Size means everything. Especially since it is the most important factor that you can control. If you buy the wrong sized sleeping bag, it is not anyone else’s fault. Luckily enough, finding the right size is not a difficult task. It is one of the easier pieces of sleeping bags for babies for advice. You do not need to stress out. Sizes are limited and relatively easy to navigate.

Generally speaking, there only a few sleeping bags sizes available. Best of all, the sizes pertain directly to their age. So simply apply your baby’s age to this process. This is the easiest way to determine the size. Now, your baby might be significantly smaller or larger. If so, then upsize or downsize accordingly.

Tog Rating

Simply put, tog measures thermal insulance or thermal resistance. As a result, it plays a big role in the making of a sleeping bag. Especially a special bag made for winter weather camping scenarios. So you need some type of knowledge on this subject. If not, then you are likely to buy a sleeping bag not warm enough for camping.

Now, tog rating all depends on the camping conditions. Traveling in the summer requires a 3.0 to 4.5 tog rating. Winter traveling requires a higher rating, between 12.0 to 13.5 tog rating. However, traveling in the fall requires something in the middle. This should be just about between 7.5 to 10.5 tog rating. Properly navigate the tog rating for the best results possible.


There are all kinds of materials used in the making of baby sleeping bags. As a result, you have so many choices to look through. This can include micro-fleece material, cotton, fabric and more. Each material is just as great as the last. What separates each material from one another? Simple. It all comes down to where you are camping and which part of the year.

While camping, you need a sleeping bag that is made for babies. Thus, you need it to be both comfortable for babies and also durable. Durability plays a big factor in your overall decision. Camping involves a certain type of wear and tear. This leads to our next piece of sleeping bag for babies advice.

Material means everything when it comes to sleeping bags for babies.
Material means everything when it comes to sleeping bags for babies.

Buy Two Bags

Yes, buy two bags. This seems simple in concept. But, it is incredibly important. You need to sit down and pick two sleepings bags to buy. Buy the same type of sleeping bag twice if you want. However, it might be wise to buy sleeping bags for different conditions. That way, you benefit from versatility and durability all at once.

Sleeping bags for toddlers are not going to last forever. Buy two sleeping bags and have a back up at any given moment. Babies have accidents. One bad accident can ruin a sleeping bag away from home. Do not fear. You have a backup handy just in case of an emergency.

Overall Design

There are so many great options available when it comes to baby sleeping bags. As a result, you need to find the right sleeping bag for them. For example, there are grobag designs available that act as a travel sleeping bag. You do not completely wrap up the baby inside of the sleeping bag though. Rather, their arms are free to hang out on the sides. This is great for the summer as it provides them with some ventilation. Let them be calm and comfy at night and even during the day.

Some sleeping bags are made for transportation. You can fit them onto a stroller or carry them in your hands. This is ideal for camping. You do not want something super heavy and cumbersome. Unless you are traveling with your baby during the winter. In that case, you definitely need to properly bundle up. Again, always take into consideration the location and time of year in which you decide to travel. You cannot overlook the importance of these factors while traveling!

Last Words On Sleeping Bag For Babies Advice

A baby does not mean the end of fun with the family. Rather, it means the beginning of a lifetime of fulfillment and joy. You spend essential time with your baby and your partner. All the while, you get to enjoy the great outdoors.

Preparation is key to any great camping trips. Let alone a camping trip with the toddler. Always take time to plan out everything. There is no such thing as being over prepared. Instead, the best results always come from hours of packing and hours of preparation. Get the best results for your next camping trip with your baby!

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