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What To Bring To A Bonfire Party: 10 Essentials

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 9, 2019

Bonfires are a fun time for everyone involved. This includes both the host and guests as well. However, a fun bonfire is not possible without proper planning. Again, this involves both the host and the guest. Yes, posts are responsible for a majority of the preparation. But, guess can provide some serious flavor to the bonfire experience you just need to know what to bring to a bonfire party.

Thinking of ideas is not easy. Plus, you want to make sure you bring something unique and different. Luckily enough, we have gathered 10 essentials to bring to your next bonfire party.

Camping Chair

You need a place to sit. Bring a camping chair for yourself and your partner. Furthermore, bring a toddler camping chair too. Provide a good spot to sit for everyone in the family. Chances are the host will not have seating for everyone. Plus, it is just convenient to bring your own chairs!


S’mores are an absolute guaranteed great item to bring. Why? Because literally everyone loves s’mores. It is one of the most popular treats for any bonfire party. All the while, it is rather inexpensive. Now, the host might have some s’more ingredients on hand. Why not bring more? Get some chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. Everyone will love the extra snacks.

S'mores are amongst the best items to bring to a bonfire party.
S’mores are amongst the best items to bring to a bonfire party.

Adults Beverages & Soda

Usually, bonfire guests are a mix of adults and kids. Obviously, children and adults enjoying different kinds of beverages. As a result, it pays off to bring beverages for all. Buy a  popular soda for the kids. On the other hand, get something special for the adults. Ask your friends what they prefer to drink. Then go and buy it. Arrived with a drink everyone loves and be the hero of the party.

A Dish

Is the host supplying food? Is so, you might not need a dish. However, many bonfires operate like a potluck. Simply put, everyone brings a dish. Ask the host if they have anything in mind. If not, come up with something creative. Not a creative cooker? Find a simple recipe online for a fun dish.

Extra Food Supplies

Bring some disposable cups, extra skewers, or napkins. Any and all food supplies are super helpful. Especially if you are without a clue on what to bring to a bonfire party. Plastic cups prevent the host from using all of their normal dishes. Skewers are handy while making s’mores. Especially at a large party with lots of people.


Inexperienced bonfire guests do not understand the value of a blanket. At night, the temperature always drops. Even in warm areas. Even during the summer season. It does not matter if you are sitting by the fire. Bring some blankets to the party. That way, you do not need to ask for the host for any blankets. You are all ready to go.

The warmer the blanket, the better it is for a late night bonfire party!
The warmer the blanket, the better it is for a late night bonfire party!

Long Sleeve Clothing

This is a lot like bringing blankets. Basically, long sleeve clothing is like an insurance policy. Just in case it gets too chilly. Throw on some sweats and a hoody to avoid any crisp weather. Bring a backpack or a little bag with long sleeve clothing for everyone.

Bug Spray

Maybe the host already has some bug spray. That does not necessarily matter. Bring some bug spray, no matter what. At the very least, there is some extra bug spray on deck. After all, you do not want to get did not by mosquitoes. Things get so much worse when your kids are bitten too.  That is a worst-case scenario. Instead, stop by the store or bring your own supply of mosquito-repellent spray.

Bring bug spray to a bonfire party to prevent pesky mosquito bites.
Bring bug spray to a bonfire party to prevent pesky mosquito bites.


Firewood is a 100% great idea. First and foremost, there is no bonfire without firewood. Sure, the host probably has some firewood. But, they appreciate the extra resources. That way, they do not burn through their entire inventory in one night. Not to mention firewood is relatively inexpensive.


Finally, speakers are a great addition to any single party. Let alone a nighttime bonfire party. But, the host might already have a set of Bluetooth® speakers. Take time to contact the host and ask questions. That way, you know what to bring and not to bring. A nice speaker can take things up a notch at the bonfire party.

What To Bring To A Bonfire Party: Tying It All Together

Bringing great essentials to a bonfire does wonders for you and the host. This is likely to get you a future invitation back if this is your first time over. All the while, you enhance the overall excitement of the night!

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