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How to Keep Baby Warm While Camping Tips and Important Information

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published May 11, 2020

If you love camping, it’s only natural to want to share that experience with your children. There are so many benefits to taking your family out to experience the joy of nature. Bringing along a young child on your next camping getaway should pose no problem as long as you are properly prepared. As you already know that toddler camping chairs are important. There are certain things you might need to take into consideration that wouldn’t necessarily be an issue for a trip with older children or only adults. If you’re planning a camping trip and hope to bring your young one along, or you just feel the need to be prepared for the future, we’ve put together this quick and easy guide on how to keep baby warm while camping.

Layers, Layers, Layers

One important thing to remember when packing for your trip with your baby is to bring enough warm clothing, even if you don’t anticipate strong cold weather. You might be surprised at how cold it can get at night even during the summer, and you never want to be without warmer clothing when you need it. In this case, it’s better to prepare for the worst even if it might mean bringing along a few unnecessary pieces of clothing. They are baby sized, after all, so they shouldn’t take up too much precious packing space.

With the right gear and preparation, the whole family can enjoy an adventure in the great outdoors.
With the right gear and preparation, the whole family can enjoy an adventure in the great outdoors.

Some of the clothing items you’ll want to make sure you bring along are a hat, mittens, thick socks or baby boots and a thicker layer of outerwear such as a sweater or coat. Oh, and don’t forget how useful it can be to have some sort of thick protective blanket for your child as well. Depending on where and for how long you’re going out, what you’ll have to bring can change, but it’s safe to say that these are the bare essentials you will likely need to bring along if you’re looking for how to keep baby warm while camping. Infants are not able to easily regular their body temperature like adults can, so these items are important to keep your child safe and comfortable through the night.

How to Keep Baby Warm While Camping in a Tent

Speaking of through the night, now is a good time to talk about how to make sure your baby is warm during sleep. There are sleeping bags out there made specifically for babies, making it a much more simple prospect to take your infant camping. All that it comes down to is finding the best sleeping bags for babies to bring along on your next trip. In addition on learning how to keep baby warm while camping, it’s important that they get a good night’s rest as well. Otherwise you’ll find yourself with a cranky baby on your hands that can make enjoying your trip much more difficult.

Ideally you will want your baby to be as comfortable in the tent as they are at home. If they’re in a pattern of sleeping through the night, with some good fortune and a quality sleeping bag for a baby, you, the baby and all your fellow campers will be able to get through the night without a disturbance. However, don’t be surprised if your child fusses in the night; just be ready to support their needs, and with the right tender love and care they should fall back asleep in no time.

Sleeping Soundly: Safety Tips for Baby Sleep Setup

As we all know, making sure that a baby is fully supported and unable to roll onto their stomach during sleep in very important, as it can cause suffocation. One of the biggest benefits of using a baby sleeping bag, in addition to the warmth they are able to provide, is that they can ensure your baby stays in the right sleeping position through the entire night. That means you can sleep stress free, enjoying your vacation the way you should. A happier baby means happier parents!

It’s also important to remember to make sure your baby has enough space apart from everyone else sleeping in the tent. Make sure, in addition on finding out how to keep baby warm while camping, you create a dedicated space for your child to sleep where no one else can accidentally wind up. It can be useful to do this by making a makeshift barrier of pillows in a space away from everyone else. It’s not necessary to get your own tent for you, your child and potentially your partner, but it could be useful for a few reasons. It will be far easier to maintain a dedicated sleep area for your baby in your own tent, as well as spare your fellow campers from being awoken by any potential crying from the baby. That being said, if you want to share a tent, it’s not the end of the world and they’ll certainly get over it.

Can you think of a more American method of sibling bonding than the classic family camping trip?
Can you think of a more American method of sibling bonding than the classic family camping trip?

Final Thoughts

The fact that you’ve taken the step to learn how to keep baby warm while camping is inspiring to see, as it shows that the love of recreational camping is alive and well. It’s so important for us to pass the tradition on, and family trips are an incredible way to do just that. So many of us have early memories of trips to the woods summer after summer with our family. It’s where we learn the camping skills we take into adulthood so we can pass them onto our children.

Making sure you’ve thoroughly planned out how to keep baby warm while camping is an important step in preparation for a trip when you plan on taking an infant. There are many other things to learn about taking your kids out camping, and thankfully there are an abundance of resources available both online and often in the parks or campgrounds themselves.

Do you have any thoughts or recommendations on how to keep baby warm while camping? Go ahead and share them down in the comments, and keep on raising those happy campers!

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