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What To Take Camping With A Baby: The Full List

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published March 31, 2019

Are you planning a camping trip with your family? Is it your baby’s first time camping. Well, prepare for some potential frustration. A baby develops a daily schedule and regiment. Taking them away from the schedule can cause some discomfort. But, eventually, they open up and enjoy the trip. This is easier with the right equipment, gear, and items. Knowing what to take camping with a baby separates a good trip from a bad trip. So here is everything you need to know!

What To Take Camping With A Baby: The Full List

Camping with your family requires proper gear, like your own camping chair. All of the helpful tips and reasoning can wait. You need a full list with all of the baby essentials. Here is that list, ranking from the most important to the least important items!

  • Baby Food/Formula
  • Diapers
  • Extra diapers
  • Baby Wipes
  • Extra Baby Wipes
  • First Aid Kit
  • Medication
  • Diaper Cream
  • Toilet Paper
  • Toddler Camping Bed
  • Toddler Camping Chair
  • Infant Camping Chair
  • Suntan Lotion
  • Baby Lotion
  • Baby Powder
  • Sweaters
  • Shirts
  • Shoes
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Little Boots
  • Night Time Socks
  • Outdoor Gear
  • Swimsuits
  • Carrying Bags
  • Toys
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Wash Cloths
  • Towels
  • Books
  • Games
  • Music
  • DVD Player & DVDs

There is the full list. Pack every single item and pack additional items. Childhood 101 has a complete family packing list too. Check this list out for extra recommendations.

The right-sized tent is just the start of all camping essentials with a baby.
The right-sized tent is just the start of all camping essentials with a baby.

What To Take Camping With A Baby: The Why

Why do you need all of these items? Because camping with a baby without each item is a nightmare. Certain items crossover to all camping trips in general. For instance, you need a first aid kit for adult camping trips too. This is a requirement, no matter what. Always take a first aid kit, the proper medication, and other health equipment. You never know when you might need it!

All of the diapers and wipes are obvious. However, it comes down to how much you pack. Now, do not pack to the point where your trunk is filled with diapers. Remember, you need space for your reclining camping chair or camping bed. Not to mention a possible camping chair for your family dog. Be mindful while packing these essentials.

The toilet paper is for yourself. But, it does come in handy with little babies. Plus, all the extra baby wipes surely alleviates stress levels. Do not fret over a mess in a chair or in the tent. Baby wipes can handle that. All the while, use baby wipes to clean up baby puke too!

Camping With A Baby: Patience & Love

Some of the most important essentials are not actually physical items. Instead, this extends to your emotions and compassion. Remember, baby’s are a handful in general. They cry all through the night even in their own bed. Other times, they fuss and fight and refuse to eat. This all takes place in your own home. Therefore, they are likely to do the same at the campsite. Switch off baby duty with your partner so neither of you goes crazy.

Provide your baby with a nice little spot to sleep. Meanwhile, provide them with a lounge spot as well. A toddler camp chair and camp bed are great for camping trips. Plus, it allows the baby a sleeping space in your own tent. Keep them close and keep them cozy. That way, a restful night of sleep is possible for both you and your baby!

Keep The Baby Warm

Proper planning is key to any successful camping trip. Always check the weather before you pack. That way, you understand the highs and lows for each and every day. Pack accordingly based on the weather range. Prepare for the lows and highs alike. This means packing clothing for both warm and chilly weather. Remember, these conditions are much more intense for a little baby. Especially when it comes to staying warm.

Children lack adult body heat. Therefore, they require thicker and warmer clothing. Do not hesitate to pack extra layers and really thick clothes. Yes, you do need to properly pack your trunk. That way, you fit everything without any problem. But, the convenient packing process pales in comparison to protecting your child.

What to take camping with a baby? All the proper gear that helps them sleep at night.
What to take camping with a baby? All the proper gear that helps them sleep at night.

Final Advice On What To Take Camping With A Baby

Look back over this list for all camping essentials with a baby. Also, pack the daily essentials. Think about what you use every day. Pack it all for the best possible camping trip.

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