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Camping Activities For Youth: Four Simple Ideas

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published February 18, 2019

Family camping trips are a great time for bonding and growth. Especially for your kids. However, camping in 2019 is not easy. Given kids use of technology, parents now struggle to entertain them during long camping trips. But, this can be easy with a few simple ideas. The Camping Chair provides quality information for all campers. That way, your next trip is as fun as possible! Read through three great camping activities for youth below.


1. Flashlight Tag

Flashlight tag is the simplest game to play. All you need is a bunch of flashlights and you are all set. The game is all in the name. Wait until the sun sets at night. Do not start a campfire just yet. Instead, pass out flashlights to one or two kids who are, “it”. Then, all of the fun starts up!

Tag is not a complex game. Even when it comes to the flashlight version. One person is “it”. They close their eyes while you count for thirty seconds. Then, they need to tag others, making them “it”. This is repeated until everyone is exhausted. It allows endless hours of play late at night. Tag is great before bedtime to calm everyone down. Kids work out all of their energy then sit by the campfire for some smores. A restful night of sleep awaits!

2. Water-Based Activities

Water-based activities are arguably the most fun activity for young campers. Why? Because mostly everyone loves water. Plus, water activities are super easy on parents. What do you need? You need some life jackets for the kids and any other water accessories. It helps to also have a camping chair with shade. Be ready for some fun under the sun with suntan lotion as well. Protect your children from the potential dangers of UV rays.

Some of the most popular water activities include fishing, swimming, and even kayaking. Now, this all depends on where you camp. After all, you need a natural body of water. But, you can take gear with you for some fun. This includes a large raft, one of the fun things to bring camping. Set it up in ten minutes and your kids enjoy plenty of fun!

Fishing is great for patience. Plus, it is very calm and relaxing. Camping activities for youth usually focus on high-paced activity. That is fine. But, you should balance this out with some downtime. Best of all, it can provide one on one time with a parent and a child!

The best camping youth activities provide unforgettable memories and hours of fun.

3. Earn Your S’more

This idea comes from the Student Conservation Association. First, you need all of the s’more ingredients. Second, you need to start a fire. Be careful starting a fire on your own. Safety is number one before anything else. Third, you need paper and a marker. Once the sun sets, get a fire going and you are ready for this fun game.

Earn your s’more is a lot like flashlight tag. The game is in the name. Write down tasks or challenges on a slip of paper. Be goofy and outrageous. Then, kids must perform the challenges. This ranges from singing to dancing to telling a funny joke! Plus, it helps everyone unwind and enjoy themselves.

Everyone loves s’mores and they are easy to make!

4. Hiking

Now, do not go overboard with hiking. This is not supposed to be a hiking trek for adults. Instead, find a shorter trail that provides a nice, 20-minute hike. Your kids will love it. Especially if there is a nice natural landmark at the end. Take them on a hike that leads to a waterfall, a creek, or a river. Then, you can enjoy one of the water-based activities after a nice hike!

Hikes are a great source of physical activity. As mentioned earlier, parents often struggle with their children and outdoor activities. Yes, this is a problem even during camping trips. Especially given how many kids own their own tablet or smartphone. Put the phones away in the tent or the car. Go for a scenic hike with your family and create long-lasting memories and experiences.

Wrapping It Up

There are plenty of great camping activities for youth available. But, you need the right gear before you plan out activities. This includes your own camping chair as well as a toddler camping chair. Not to mention extra items like a camping chair for a dog. Prepare with the proper gear. Then, plan out fun activities for your family.

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