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Camping with a Baby In Cold Weather: 8 Necessities

  • BY Nick Bulanda

    Published March 17, 2019

Camping with your baby is an absolute delight. Mostly because you enjoy time with them that is not interrupted by distractions. Escape from work and escape from your phone. Those obligations are left behind. It is you, your partner, your baby, and the great outdoors. Do not let anything stand in the way of a fun time. Proper preparation trumps all. You can even go camping with a baby in cold weather, with the right sleeping bag. All you need to do is follow our 8 tips below. Then, enjoy the best camping trip with your little baby.

Prepare For The Unexpected

Life happens. You know this by now. The unexpected might be waiting for your right around the corner. Bring a medical kit for yourself and the baby. This is just the start. Bring some flares, car oil and equipment, basic tools, a flashlight, and even a portable battery charger for your phone.

Whatever you think you need, bring it. Never hurts to slightly overpack if you are taking along important items. Make a big list too. This always helps. For your baby, bring formula and diapers. You might deal with a delay out on the road. So be prepared for a day of stoppage!

Pack Warm Clothes

This is obvious. But, it is a bit different for your baby. Yes, you need coats and warm clothing. Most importantly, you need layers. Whatever clothes you pack for yourself, pack the same for your baby. That way, they are properly equipped for the cold weather.

Pack gloves and hats for yourself and your baby. Bring double the clothing as well. That way, you have layers. At night, double up the layers. Babies cannot regulate their temperature yet. So provide them with enough layers to trap in their heat.

Warm clothing is absolutely essential when camping with a baby in cold weather.
Warm clothing is absolutely essential when camping with a baby in cold weather.

Pack Sleeping Bags & Blankets

At night, the sun sets. As a result, there is less warmth. The sun obviously provides heat to the Earth. Therefore, the night is inherently colder than the day. Especially during the season of winter. Therefore, you need the right sleeping equipment.

Bring a warm, insulated sleeping bag for your baby. Also, bring a toddler camping bed along for the trip. Wrap them up next to your own camping bed. That way, they are close to you and can keep warm. Not to mention they feel the comfort of being in close proximity to their parents!

Constantly Check Temperature

As we mentioned earlier, babies are not yet able to regulate body temperature, unlike adults. When you get cold, your body temperature warms up. When you get hot, your body sweats to naturally cool down. Therefore, you do not necessarily stress about wearing multiple layers. Babies, on the other hand, need attention.

Always check your baby’s temperature. That way, you know how they are doing. If they are super sweaty, change their clothes before night time. That way, they are not humid and uncomfortable. If they are cold, give them more layers!

Lip-Balm & Lotion

As you know by now, baby’s bodies are not as advanced as adults. Well, cold weather is a problem for adult skin. As a result, it is dangerous for babies. They might deal with skin irritation and dryness. So you need to bring along both good lotion and good lip-balm. But, you also need to properly apply it to their skin and lips often. Bring some for yourself too. That way, you keep your skin and lips healthy. Plus, you combat against potential irritations and excessive itching.

Surprisingly, lip balm is an essential item for any camping trip, especially a cold weather camping trip!
Surprisingly, lip balm is an essential item for any camping trip, especially a cold weather camping trip!

Provide Them With Rest Time

You and your baby both need rest time. Without rest time, you will both become cranky and exhausted. Exhaustion is the source of displeasure for many campers. So always sleep through the night. Provide them with restful sleep. That way, you both wake up fully refreshed.

Rest time is just as important during the day. Camping with a baby in cold weather is like living at home with a baby. They need naps all throughout the day. If not, you know what happens. They scream and throw intense temper tantrums. Put them down for a nap at multiple points in the day. Enjoy some one on one time with your partner.

Bring Gear For Everyone

We already mentioned bringing along a camping bed for yourself and your baby. Likewise, bring a camping chair for yourself and a camping chair for your baby. You both need a place to sit and relax. Especially during the day as you just simply take in the great outdoors. Plus, camping chairs are the best place to sit while cooking food.

Obviously, camping gear extends beyond just a simple camping chair. But, we did mention most of the gear earlier in our very first section. We highly recommend making that list. That way, you properly pack for the trip. Always double check too.

Bring The Right Food

There are so many easy camping meals for large groups. Not to mention all of the great snacks available. But, there are also warm meals made specifically for camping in the cold. Certain ingredients and meals actively warm your body temperature. The best example is coffee. Hot coffee warms your body almost instantaneously. other examples include cayenne pepper and even peanuts. Do not foolishly think that alcohol is a way to warm your body. It is not. Alcohol actually decreases your body temperature.

Camp food is delicious and might be able to naturally warm your body!
Camp food is delicious and might be able to naturally warm your body!

Last Thoughts On Camping with a Baby In Cold Weather

Do not let camping stand in the way of a fun camping experience with your baby. It does not need to be this way. Instead, proper preparation delivers the best results. This is true for even camping without your baby. Always prepare for your trip weeks in advance. That way, you can actually enjoy the camping trip without a bunch of stress.

If possible, plan camping when it is not brutally cold in the winter. This makes the experience a bit easier for all. Not to mention it delivers more activities. Likewise, pick a popular camping site with lots of other campers. You might even be around other camping families that you can bond with!

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